You Might Get Scammed…

I put in over 500 thousand dollars into one account. Now I have lost everything. This fake account said they could turn $2500 into over $100K. If anyone is promising you that kind of return, do not jump into it. I kind of want to talk about crypto scams and fake accounts. A lot of creators, specifically in the financial space, are going through this problem where a lot of scammers will create fake accounts. They’ll impersonate us. They’ll contact our friends, family, and people that we may know, specifically with my fake accounts. If they’re asking questions about crypto investing or finance, they’ll try to have them click a link and try to sign up for things. If you’ve ever been reached out by a fake account, please help report them. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we report these accounts and how much they get closed, they always end up opening up a new one.

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For example, if you scroll down the comments on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of comments, but there are times when people will reply. For example, in this comment, if you click on view to replies, you’ll see:

I’ve never used WhatsApp. I do not have WhatsApp, so if you’ve ever talked to me on WhatsApp, that was not me. It was probably an impersonator trying to have you sign up for something to steal your money. If you’ve ever gotten a reply or will get a future reply from these WhatsApp fake accounts, please report them now. No matter how many times I delete these comments, block these accounts, and hide users from the channel, they seem to pop up over and over again. Youtube also has this feature where you can filter out words, so I filtered out the words WhatsApp and Telegram and all that stuff and even some emojis, but no matter how many times we try to block out these words and comments, they seem to come back in a new and unique and clever way.

Then there are fake accounts among Twitter’s:

40.4k followers since February 2014. It looks really real, but this is not my account. I do have a Twitter account. I do not use it and haven’t used it for years. If I’ve ever reached out to you on Twitter, just know that it was not me. Also, if you’re new to cryptocurrency, just know that there are a lot of scams on YouTube, especially during ads or videos of people of influence speaking about crypto:

They’ll have like an address saying something like “Hey, if you send x amount of crypto over, we’ll send you x amount back.” Just know that those are all fake. The moment you send them over, you’ll never receive anything. Just be very careful before you sign up for any account with any exchange. Make sure you google it. Research it. Do your due diligence.

Avoid things like the word “forex.” A lot of scammers like to use that word to get people to sign up, but most of the time those types of accounts are scams, so just be very careful what you sign up for. You should always do your research before you use any sort of platform. Even if anyone recommend it, avoid websites that offer ridiculous amounts of gain. It just makes no sense, right? Like, you trade two to three hundred dollars and you make twenty-four to three hundred dollars. It doesn’t work that way. Someone sent me a screenshot of this and asked me: ‘Hey Eddie, Is this real?’ No, this is clearly a scam, and stories like this really hurt me,” I said.

I am not sure if you will get this message. I just want to share my story about the crypto scam. I put my money in an account called CME Group, which sounds very scammy. All my money has gone. This is a fake crypto. All Chinese people work on this website. I am Chinese too. I put in over $500,000 into this account. Now I have lost everything. This person can’t pull out the money. The money was for a house and for the person’s son’s school. I lost everything. This person wanted to share their stories in the hopes that no one else would fall for a scam like they did.

The next one really sucked because this person lost $2,500. They impersonated me. This fake account said they could turn twenty-five hundred dollars into over a hundred thousand. If anyone is promising you that kind of return, do not jump into it. This one really sucked. Like, hey, I’m a desperate mother. I lost $60k on my whole crypto portfolio. So this sounds so scammy, so this is a really good example of what a scammy type of website sounds like.

All I’m asking is if you can help me learn how to trade crypto so I can get my back. You know, if you’ve ever lost a significant amount of money through crypto or through a scam, you know the best way to make back your losses is to get a job that can pay back what you lost. Learning how to trade It takes a while to adapt to it and get used to it, especially with volatility on the downside. So those are some things that may be out of your control sometimes, but the way that you spend your days, your weeks, your life and the jobs that you can take, the income that you receive, and how you manage that is something that you are in control of, so that is something that you should focus on first. If you want to learn to trade on the side, sure, but getting a job, having proper cash flow, and being able to save and increase your income should be your priority first.

The last scam that I want to talk about is this. I got an email from PayPal saying:

I was like, “What the heck?” I did not pay or give Coinbase any amount of money. There’s a part of me that wanted to call this number, but that’s when it clicked. Hey Eddie, you should google it. Is this a ruse? So, if I, you, or anyone else is wondering, “What the heck is this all about?”, dial this number. Talk to another person on the other line. You go through this process where you will end up giving them money and they will leave you hanging. If you’ve ever gotten an invoice through an email that made no sense and your bank is totally fine and no transactions went out, just throw it in the trash, don’t even worry about it.

[This article is a transcription of a video made by Eddie Moon]

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