“You Are Being LIED To!” — Robert Kiyosaki’s Last WARNING

Well one of the best things about doing these calls is I get to be a student because I love learning and anybody who says they know everything is probably a school teacher. I’m always excited about learning about money because they don’t teach that at school. Andy Tanner is my go-to guy, not just on how to make cash flow from paper assets but everybody knows stock markets go up and stock all markets go up and down gold goes up and down. Andy is really what we would call a technical trader. He understands the charts he looks at the charts you can see trends and things like this.

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So, every time there’s a trend going on in the marketplace. I just call Andy man. I don’t have to sit there and look at those charts because I was always a CNF student. I never understood that stuff and I’m very happy to have met many friends because she is also a real teacher. She traveled the world checking out the Central Banks. I mean she doesn’t sit on Wall Street and some used to. But, she also went and traveled the world to check them out. Nomi is my go-to person when I have a question on Quepasa.

What is happening not only in the Fed. But, in the central banking system, it’s all repeated again. I love working in a rich dad’s world and this is because I’m a student. Anybody says they know all the answers. They must be a school teacher because only in school does a teacher have the answers. Every time I study something I just find out. How much I don’t know. So, anyway, welcome to the program Andy, and get to know me and Andy. Let’s have Nomi first. Can you explain why you started but why did you travel the world looking at these operations called central banks. Can I close this real simple picture? This is the way I see it. You have the Fed and then you have the government treasury. If that’s your picture on how money is created that’s right in very simple terms because this is the rich dad show. We don’t want to keep it simple and then the other thing that I thought was interesting was Janet Yellen was here.

Today she’s over here, so where it affects Andy Tanner is that fake money goes into the CEOs of Wall Street and they buy back their stock which makes the stock market boom. But, that money does not go into increased production, see true money comes from production like if I’m a farmer and I produce cabbages that’s production. But what the fed does against the money and these boys in corporate America take that money. They buy back their stock and they parachute out under capital gains not. What I mean it’s a total collusion with Wall Street. What Andy is saying he says you gotta prepare for if it goes up and prepare it when it comes down. The lie they told all the baby boomers invest for the long term in a well-diversified portfolio of stock spots mutual funds and ETFS that could be the most stupid thing. 

We do, so the reason we have Andy is part of our team is he explains to people. How you can make it goes up. But, you’ve also been prepared when it comes down. We don’t give financial advice. You want financial advice, call a financial planner or a stock broker or a real estate broker or a golden silver broker. They’ll tell you what to do, give me your money and the reason I’m saying this right now. I know many of you are confused saying that while you say the stock market’s going that’s probably going down. 

The Fed’s doing this tell me what to do and that’s the problem with going to school. You got used to having an idiot tell you what to do or don’t listen to idiots start using the best asset. You got six inches between your left ear and start to learn because what you have here is infinite. You can learn as much as you like. But, we’re not here to tell you what to do if you want to invest in a 401k to help yourself. You want to invest in gold and silver to help yourself. We didn’t tell you what to do, we played the cash. We created the cash flow game Kim and in 1996 which is sitting behind him right now because your brain is infinite. Your brain can create its own assets. It’s like over here we create our own assets, we build our own businesses here. I don’t need to be on this side, but if you’re on this side, then you have to find somebody to tell you what to do. They’re called brokers. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by Jamie Tree

Original video: https://youtu.be/O8qwa8ShPoo