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Again, there’s been a lot of coins that have done better than others in the past 13 years, but now we’re looking at 2022, looking forward to what your top three to five altcoins are.

I think Bitshares needs to have a comeback. I’m just kidding. Maybe Aurora Coin. I mean honestly, if Elon Musk does have a swollen brain and he’s autistic enough, maybe he will make those coins the currency of the world.

If you’re serious about Dogecoin, what three to five coins do you think are like halfway decent? Not that you’re not that you’re encouraging it, but I don’t think you invest in some of these old coins unless you’re serious about Dogecoin. You think it’s like could have potential.

Well, dude, if Elon Musk actually puts his efforts towards it, I don’t think he will, but like that has a chance to go down another, you know, go down to a penny by the time this cycle’s done and then go to a dollar in the next cycle, and do 100x like it’s possible. You know, like Doge always has this crazy capitulative like negative 95% and then it rips again. If you’re talking about the next cycle, it’s probably going to be Dogecoin again. Right?

So, Dogecoin is number one. I like it.

You don’t want to play that too early though, because it could always go down another 90 percent.

I feel you. So we got Dogecoin. How about two at least more top alt coins for 2022 and forward.

I don’t think anything’s good for 2022. I think we’re talking about 20:23.

Okay, 2023.

Is there anything that gives you a yield in bitcoin, like Thor chain or something? But you have to run a node for that, right? It’s risky.

I’m not sure if it pays out yield in bitcoin or what it is, but I know that it is uh no KYC and you can do stuff with bitcoin.

… So it’s tough like this Monero, like Monero is always a good one for privacy advocacy, but it never does well, like it doesn’t do good.

So it’s okay, we got Doge and Monero. Doge and Monero just one more time. At least I know this is hard.

If finance continues on its domination of cryptocurrency users signing up to cryptocurrency trading exchanges, then the BNB token should do really well eventually. It’s going to get wrecked, probably in the bear market, but then CZ’s a powerhouse, so he’s probably going to continue pouring most of his energy into BNB. But there’s going to be new launches, I think. The opportunity is going to be probably in whatever the new bubble meme is in the next cycle.

I feel like later in type games or like extern.

Yeah, or like quantum coin, or alien coin coins again, no like when the aliens come down and give us the technology. They’re going to be like, “There’s going to be a cryptocurrency that they have.” So whatever the alien coin is, let’s get you some of that.

I like it. I like it. All right, Brad. And that’s my final question.

Oh wait, when Ripple defeats the SCC and the banks all adopt Ripple and they move on to the ISO 2 standard, Ripple’s going to go to $521.

[This article is a transcription of a video made by Altcoin Daily]

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