Will BABY DOGE Reach 1 Cent?

Will BABY DOGE Reach 1 Cent?

I’m going to explain to you how high can actually Baby Dogecoin go. Doing a lot of calculations and comparing it with some cryptos and doing a lot of other calculations.

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Will baby doge reach .00001?

A quick thing at the start is the Baby Dogecoin. Now Baby Dogecoin screen is a hyper deflectionary coin that is basically designed to become the most curious of all time. The more time passes, basically, in general the more value the coin gets because a lot of it gets burned. As you can see from here already in 21 days, basically 30% of the total supply was burned. So that’s really good, in my opinion, and they probably will continue to do so. I really expect this coin to have burned even about 70 or 80 percent of the total supply now. Also it rewards holding why because five percent of each transaction. So, for example, let’s say I sell 100 coins or let’s say I buy 100 coins five coins will be redistributed to all the token holders. So, this means that just by holding you get a lot of coins and also there is a wallet with 2.2 percent of the supply. All the coins that get retributed to this wallet will go into dog shelters. So, they basically step dogs now down here.

Comparison Baby Dogecoin with other Coins

We have this quick comparison with Baby Doshker in Baby Dogecoin and Shiba Inu now. I don’t think Baby Dogecoin. Then we’re going to go through the math. Now I don’t think the Baby Dogecoin is actually comparable to dodge green, but just because the touchscreen has been out for a lot of days, a lot more days like around 10 years (like a little bit less than 10 years). But, also the most important thing is that deutsche green is actually based on a complete other core. Doge coin actually has an utility while Baby Dogecoin is more of a meme coin with an order taking the word that, for example, Shiba Inu doesn’t have and they actually save dogs. 

So, it’s actually useful, that’s the point. The current market cap is 0.5 billion while Shiba Inus is around 3 billion and though the screen is about 25 billion now, I’m going to do the math. So, how high can actually Baby Dogecoin go now to do this i’ve actually compared it first of all to Shiba Inu and then I’m gonna do another analysis that is based on the catalyst that are coming because this coin is really really new and as you can see here the volume is already super high. So, this means that we might see this coin actually getting added. As you can see from here, if we go under twitter. We can see that it’s basically getting at it – so many minor exchanges. So, we might see it getting added onto big exchanges. But, I’m going to talk about these later on so the current supply of this. The Baby Dogecoin is 195 quadrillion coins, that’s a high number – it’s true.

Will BABY DOGE Reach 1 Cent? graphics

But, it doesn’t mean that the coin doesn’t have any value. It has the value compared to the number of the coins. But, also remember that it’s super high deflectionary. So, I’m really expecting this number to go down while, for example, Shiba Inu has a Korean supply of 400 trillion. So, the difference between the supply. It’s 48 750 percent.

What about Baby Doge prices: will it reach 1 cent?

Now going to the current prices. Shiba Inu price is 0.50 87.04, Baby Dogecoin is 0.80 21.78. So, there is a 400 000 different or 400 percent difference in the prices now. Why is that simple? Shiba Inu has been out for more because if we look at the actual usefulness even right here. Shiba Inu is really comparable to Baby Dogecoin, that’s the point. As I said, Baby Dogecoin actually rewards you for holding now. A lot of people will say but Shiba Inu is going to have its own Shiba Swap. But, Shiba Swap should have gone out in a lot of time and yet it didn’t and that’s it.

Baby Dogecoin Crypto: potential? 

So, right now it doesn’t really matter and Baby Dogecoin also should be having later on. As you can see right here in the face for a run. It should be having right here baby those Coin Swap. So that’s really good, in my opinion, they also want to get NFTs. They also want to donate a lot of money to charity. They’re also going for an influencer marketing push, so large influencer marketing bush and the pushes are really important. So, this coin has a lot of catalysts that are coming. But, again we’re going to talk about a little bit more of these later now there is a difference in the current price of Shiba Inu and Baby Dogecoin of 400 000 while the current supply difference is only 48 000 percent. So, in my opinion, at the moment how high can a baby doesn’t go? At the moment with the market being in a downtrend or I mean in a consolidation phase. It’s 0.70 17 85 44, so this means an 819 from the current price or an 80x. So, this means that if you invest 100 right now. You might get 800 dollars considering the all-time highs of Shiba Inu when it was added on magnets. As you can see from here just a few days. It was added on Binance. It just skyrocketed and remember binance is one of the exchanges that really adds fast coins. Especially, if they know that they can make a lot of profits with Baby Dogecoin, in my opinion, and they can make a lot of profit that’s the point right here.

Will BABY DOGE Reach 1 Cent? today

As you can see at the moment they outrank or by BSG. The BSC Delhi is the first one. It is also based on the BS Binary smart chain. So, it’s a different chain from Shiba Inu that is based on the Ethereum one, this gives a lot of advantages. In my opinion, Baby Dogecoin at the moment and it is going really well. Right now they have 217 thousand dollars. This is an insane number. 

How high will Baby Dogecoin go?

So, back to the calculation, how high can it actually go? This is my number, in my opinion, why is it really simple? I really think that from probably September, but even October and going from there. We will have another bull run. Bull run means that after the bull run. It will be time for the altcoins. As soon as, for example, Elon Musk is going to tweet something or some major exchange is going to add Baby Dogecoin. This is a number that with my opinion, we can reach 2 825. So, this means a 285x, so this means that if you put hundred dollars right now on this coin, you have a possibility of getting two thousand eight hundred and twenty five dollars.

Will BABY DOGE Reach 1 Cent?  this day

If you put one thousand you can get twenty eight thousand dollars from one thousand dollars investment. This could be even more let me explain why in the past months. We’ve seen a lot of exchanges, for example, coinbase pro actually adding, for example, Shiba inu. Why? Because they said that they really want to add new coins. As you can see from here, if it gets added on any major exchange. It’s going to blow up and a lot of major exchanges are going to add it really soon. In my opinion, also right now they’re studying the minor one but binance is going to add pretty soon. Then a lot of other coins, maybe Elon Musk is going to go with other tweets. This is really the coin that has so much potential now. Again this coin is just a speculative investment – it’s not. It’s more of a Shiba Inu. It’s not like Baby Dogecoin, it’s different from Doge coin. Dogecoin has actual usefulness as a catalyst. This coin is more of a speculative investment, but still again do it with money.

This article is a transcription of a video made by Investing With Artu

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