Watch out CPI numbers today!

Watch out CPI numbers today!

Dear traders,
Today Is the day CPI reports today. Stay out of market until numbers come out.

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BTC consolidating in range 21.500$-22.000$ and preparing for next move with CPI results. Under
21.300$ is bearish continuation. If break 22.300$ we could see next leg up. Big swing is coming trade
with small leverage. Today is big day for next market move.


ETH stil under 1530$ if CPI come bullish we could see next leg up. For now no strength is shown for
leg up.


XRP can’t break 0.37$, and it is still in a downtrend. Trade with small leverage CPI numbers will come hot.


LINK is push back from 7$ resistance and looking for next leg down for support. Still consolidating
under 7$. Dangerous to trade enter long only if hold above 7$.


SOL show some small strength to hold above 20$ and pushing to 22$ resistance. Still dangerous to
trade. Long only if break and hold above 22$.


DXY at support and consolidating before CPI numbers. If inflation comes lower than expected, dollar
will bring back under the 100 range.

Crypto/stock daily news:

The U.S Air Force (USAF) has been shooting down a lot of problems recently… Spy balloons. UFOs.
You name it.
It should be called the USFF (U.S Fuckaroundfindout Force) from now on.

But there’s one problem it hasn’t been able to get rid of. And some say it’s scarier than any alien
invasion or spying device…
Supply chain management. Well, USAF recently partnered with & invested $30M into SIMBA Chain
to help shoot down its supply chain problems.
SIMBA Chain helps builds blockchain solutions for gov’t agencies
SIMBA Chain will build blockchain-based apps that make supply chain management more efficient
The blockchain-based solution will also be used by other gov’t agencies like the Navy, Army and
Defense Logistics Agency
It isn’t the first time SIMBA Chain and USAF are teaming up to take down a target either. They’ve
worked on seven other projects, the most recent being a budgeting & accounting platform called
DiBaT is a blockchain solution that tokenized all dollars within the U.S Air Force supply chain
budget and tracked those funds across multiple suppliers, purchasing teams, and billing centres. (It
also kinda looks like my AIM username in middle school – DaBoSs)
Now USAF wants to build a similar blockchain solution to target supply chain management
problems. We’ll have to wait & see if it’s a direct hit…

P.S – Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the blockchain can save us from Independence Day
happening IRL. The U.S Air Force will need to assemble Will Smith (aka Captain Hiller), Tom Cruise
(aka Captain Maverick) for help on that one.

Final words:

Today is day stay safe and don’t trade into Cpi results It will be a big swing in both directions.

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Good luck with trades!


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