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A real-life example of how 1000x and higher is possible

Today I’m going to teach you how to turn as little as $50 into literally $50,000. In fact, one of the cryptocurrency coins that did absolutely incredible numbers is one called HEX. In fact, it went up more than 10,000 times. So let me share with you exactly how this happened and how you can get these ridiculous numbers. You can see the price went up 9481x so far. The current price is sitting at 12 cents, but it went all the way up to 50 cents.

The reason why I’m sharing this example with you is to show you proof that cryptocurrencies that do these mind-blowing numbers actually exist and they are real. If you go ahead, you can see right now that Uniswap is going to be one of the best places for you to buy, sell, and trade this cryptocurrency as it has the most liquidity. As you can see, there are literally millions of dollars in volume being traded on a daily basis, so this isn’t some meme coin or some coin that you just can’t even trade in and out of. This is a real cryptocurrency coin that if you had bought and just held on, you would have taken $50 and turned it into approximately $50,000.

Now, I personally am a holder of HEX, and no, this is not sponsored content. But many of you have been very successful with this cryptocurrency coin ever since I started talking about it back right around the five to six dollar mark. If you got into PulseX or PulseChain in the early sacrifice phase, I really do believe these could be your next potential 10 000x or a 1000x cryptocurrency coins. If you did not get into the sacrifice phase, don’t worry, you still have an opportunity when these coins hit the market.

How I was able to capture incredible gains

I now want to teach you how I was able to capture some incredible gains with hex. The truth of the matter is that if you take a look at the price chart back here in November, there was this massive top right around a penny. I remember this because something called “Big Pay Day” was happening right at this mark, and all of a sudden the price went down, dropping all the way to $0.0032. I remember the day the chart was so red it was literally minus 77%, or 80%, and this is when I bought hex for the very first time. I then continued to dollar cost average into this cryptocurrency right around $0.004 more at $0.005 and then even more all the way up to around a penny or two, and you can see there were millions of dollars being traded in volume at this time for this cryptocurrency.

First key

Now here’s the key to getting these crazy gains. Number one, you have to be able to recognize when there is a new cryptocurrency project, and if it’s a good one, it is one that can last and stand the test of time. A lot of these cryptocurrencies, especially the new altcoins, are very risky, like HEX was back here. I remember so many people back in the day saying that this cryptocurrency wasn’t going to make it, that this was not going to be a good investment, and I went against the grain on this. I saw the vision, I saw that the founder was somebody who to me was a very intelligent human being, and so I said to myself, all right, this seems like it is the answer.

While turning the clocks to time forward, you can see now that yes, this was definitely a good investment to make because hex went up a mind-boggling 84% from its all-time low and I am still in some massive profits, even sitting at a massive 70 to 80 percent dip of this cryptocurrency coin.

The amazing thing about HEX is that if you stake it, you can earn even more HEX, which generates even more income for you, which is absolutely crazy. What’s my point? My point is that if you want to get these ridiculous gains, you have to go against the grain sometimes, and you have to really do your homework and research, and also never risk more than you can afford to lose.

The reason why I say this is because all the way back here in November, a few thousand dollars to me hex could have gone from $0.0035 all the way back down to $0.00007 and I could have lost a substantial amount of money. However, this wasn’t my entire life savings, it was just a few thousand dollars that I continued to average in on it and I also did a ton of research by watching videos, studying the website, understanding how the project worked, playing around with the website, doing a couple of stakes to begin with. It took me time to fully grasp and understand what this project was all about. You’re probably not going to be able to make very good, solid investments if you don’t truly understand what you’re investing in.

Another example

Let me share with you another example: Polygon (MATIC). I ended up vesting $2000 all the way back here, right around $0.07 back in November of 2020, right when I was investing in HEX. From there, I just bought, held, and continued to earn a yield on this cryptocurrency coin, and it went up a ridiculous amount, to its all-time high of approximately $3. That’s over 150 times my money, and just a small dollar investment would have turned into more than $7,500.

Now that might not be exactly life-changing, but still, for 50 bucks, you turn it into close to 10 grand. That’s literally pretty crazy, and all you would have had to do is just buy the cryptocurrency and hold it and do nothing else and then sell it at its all-time high.

Of course, it’s very hard to time the peaks and valleys, but truth be told, the people who just buy and hold for the long run, I’m talking years on end, you can see this back in 2020. It’s now 2022 and the prices have come down significantly, down to $1.42, but still, you’re making crazy profits here, up approximately 100 times your money. If this cryptocurrency coin continues to develop in the next couple of years, this is where you can hit thousands of times your money, or even tens of thousands of times your money.


Probably the greatest example of this is Bitcoin. Bitcoin today, at the time of this recording, is sitting at $41,500. However, when bitcoin was first listed, you could get it for a fraction of a penny. That is literally millions of times return on your investment. People who invested in Bitcoin early and just simply held on to it and did nothing else literally made hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.

So now that I’ve given you a few different examples of this actually happening in cryptocurrency, so that you know these gains are out there and are real.

5 undervalued Altcoins

Let me now share with you five projects that I think have massive potential that could help you take as little as $50 to $100 and turn it into tens of thousands of dollars. Now please do understand that what I’m about to share with you is very high risk, but because it’s a higher risk, that means there are higher rewards. And with a range of 50 to 100, if that’s all the money that you have to invest with, I would recommend building up a portfolio of at least a few thousand dollars that way. If you make mistakes or some cryptocurrency coins go to zero or do not develop, you can still play this game and that’s the really big key to investing here.


But the next 10 000x coin in my mind is going to be PulseX. The sacrifice phase is over. Do not do any more sacrifices because you will not receive credit for it and literally your money will be worth nothing.

My point is that you can see billions of dollars have actually gone into this but I also believe the Pulse token has that potential. The reason why is that when cryptocurrencies are very small and they are just starting out, this offers the most opportunity. If you go back and look at the chart of Bitcoin, if you take a look at the max chart, all the way back here at $100 or $200 or even at a penny, this is when you would have wanted to buy Bitcoin for hundreds of dollars today. You’d be a multi-millionaire sitting at $40,000. That’s when the opportunity is — in the beginning. But nobody’s talking about it. Nobody wants it. Nobody even knows that it even exists. This is where if you just buy and hold these cryptocurrency coins, you could potentially find yourself the next Bitcoin.

Although a lot of these cryptocurrency coins, a lot of the altcoins will not make it now, I believe that PulseX will make it, I believe the Pulse token will make it, just because I believe that does not guarantee anything and this is why taking a small amount of money and just holding it, literally setting it and forgetting it, this is where you’re able to capture those potential life-changing gains.

A second example

Let me share with you yet another example of Ethereum. When ethereum was first listed, if you take a look at the chart, it was all the way back here at $2 or $3. In fact, it was right around 30 cents when it was listed. Imagine buying Ethereum today for a dollar. Look at how long you had to buy it for, 10 to 20 years. Like literally months to years, you could have been accumulating and buying Ethereum. If we take a look at the chart right back, you can see that we had literally 80 cents to 30 cents. It’s crazy, right? Then there was a massive blow-off at $3, and it went all the way back down to approximately 40 cents. That’s a huge negative minus of approximately 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80%.

People would have been saying Ethereum is dead. Nobody’s buying this. This is a bad investment. Imagine being back here. You would have bought it maybe for three bucks, and then it went all the way down to 30 cents or a dollar. You would be like, “This was a horrible investment. What am I doing? This is not very smart of me. I can’t believe I bought this cryptocurrency. This was silly.” But then Ethereum went all the way as high as $80 to $100. You would have literally done 100x, if not more, for a dollar. That’s crazy.

Looking back at the chart today from $3 all the way to a thousand dollars is absolutely crazy, but then again, Ethereum’s blow off the top of $1,300 came crashing all the way back down to $80. Ethereum, the number two cryptocurrency coin, did this. That’s what I’m saying. There is so much volatility.

Imagine if you’re getting into these new cryptocurrency projects, you can see major highs and lows, but the volatility is a good thing. Here’s why, if the project actually lasts, this is where you could be a buyer all the way down here and recognize that buying in the red could potentially be one of the smartest things that you can do now. This is not financial advice. You need to do your research, but I’ve seen this so many times with these cryptocurrency coins and I myself have already made the mistakes. I lost thousands of dollars, so I have learned that the people who really make it in this cryptocurrency game are the ones who just hold on. They are the ones who hold for years on end. That’s how you get these crazy gains.

In fact, I also ended up buying Ethereum right around $350-450 back in November of 2020. I started re-accumulating and buying a lot of cryptocurrency coins. I diversified my portfolio. I bought HEX, Ethereum and all these other coins. Why? Because you don’t know which one is going to go from 400 bucks all the way to $5,000. That’s a tenfold increase. don’t know when that’s going to happen or if it’s going to happen. So what you’re doing is you’re taking a risk reward ratio, which is managing risk. So this is what you really need to be doing. This is how you can get these crazy gains and also you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to work really hard to earn money.

The smartest people in the world are investors. People like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and all the sharks on Shark Tank. What do they do? They put their money to work. This is what smart people do with their investments in crypto.

First undervalued coin

So let’s get into five more coins that I believe have massive potential besides PulseX and Pulse. Your first is going to be Aioz. I personally do own some Aioz tokens. This isn’t sponsored content. I just want to share with you an opportunity in my mind. The network price is at 20 cents and has a market cap of a hundred million dollars. This is the key. You have to look at the market cap because the smaller the market cap, that means the higher that it can go if it potentially develops into something. It’s already been down right around $2 or $3. It’s sitting at 10 times lower at 20 cents. It also had a nice bump up to a dollar and now has been trading sideways to me.

If you took 50 right and you got yourself 250 Aioz tokens, this could turn into thousands of dollars in the future. I truly do believe that it could turn into thousands of dollars in the future. All you have to do is just buy it, set it and forget it, like literally move on with your life, continue to keep working or building passive income sources, just set it and forget it. That is the strategy here with a lot of these projects and with 50 bucks. If Aioz from 20 cents down to 10 cents or five cents, maybe it goes to zero, you don’t really care that much. Because it’s only $50, it’s unlikely to be life-changing money in any case, but I wanted to share this project with you again because I believe it has the potential to be the next Theta. I really truly believe that this team is in it for the long run. This coin is also on a lot of major exchanges. You got Coinbase, PancakeSwap, Gate.io. Moreover, I think that if they get more tier 1 exchanges and this continues to develop, this is one of those projects that could go from 100 million to a billion or 5 billion or even 10 billion just like a Polygon (MATIC), just like a HEX. This is one that I personally do think has that potential.

Second undervalued coin

Your number two rapid fire altcoin is Splinterlends. Right now Splinterlends is one of the most active played games right now, and if you take a look at the chart, it’s been all the way as high as almost a dollar here. Actually, it was over a dollar at its all-time high, but it’s sitting right now at 10 to 12 cents. This is crazy, absolutely crazy. The market cap is 61 million dollars.

 I do not see this game going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s why: if you go to splinterlands.com, you can see that people are actually playing this game. There are different quests, there are different pools and if you go ahead to the different cards, they’re continuing to innovate. You can see they have just created a new CHAOS LEGION, which is $4 per pack. You can see how many packs are left. You can also unlock characters. I personally think that this project is incredibly undervalued for what it’s worth today. That doesn’t mean that it can’t go down another 50% to 60%, to 70%. It could go to 5 cents. It could go to 30 million market cap. But again, this is just me sharing my own personal opinions. And yes, I do own some Splinterlands tokens in full disclosure as they are being airdropped to me because I was an early investor in these cards and the cards have done fantastic.

If you take a look at the cards here, one of these cards is now worth $300. I got it in a booster pack that I paid $2 for, so to me with a low market cap. Again, this is the formula. What are you saying? $50 would get you approximately 400 of these tokens, and if this cryptocurrency coin does something like an Axie Infinity. If we take a look at its price chart, it was all the way back here right around 13 or 14 cents. It has a very similar market cap, but this went to a three-billion dollar market cap.

Is Splinterlands going to take off just like Axie Infinity? Maybe, maybe not. This is why it’s high risk. Let’s say you would have gotten 400 of these tokens. Your $50 today if it followed the exact path of Axie Infinity would now be worth $19,000. That’s absolutely insane. All you would have done is just bought and held onto them. In fact, your $50 would have turned into more than $60,000 at Axie Infinity’s all-time high.

Third undervalued coin

Now let me share with you your third undervalued coin and one. Let’s take a look at the market cap again. It went all the way as high as $7. And if you take a look, it was right around 14 cents. This is what I’m saying like these cryptocurrency coins can do this and this could be the start of years to come of an incredible project, but again, they’re high risk. Nobody knew that Axie Infinity, Ethereum, Solana Polygon, or any of these cryptocurrencies were going to do what they were going to do. This is why if you just take small investments and you buy maybe a little bit of this cryptocurrency coin, you set it and forget it. You’re not worried about trading or actually winning or losing this game right now. This metaverse play appears extremely appealing to me, which is why it is your third undervalued altcoin.

Fourth undervalued coin

Your fourth undervalued altcoin and yet again another 100 million dollar market cap is one called “My Neighbor Alice.” It is another farming builder game and while there are many others out there, this pre-sale did incredibly well for its investors. I’m going to be sharing with you yet again a bonus here with My Neighbor Alice. You can see “My Neighbor Alice” was incubated by DAO Maker and its all-time high hit over 327x times your money.

A simple $100 investment would have been worth more than $30,000. So a $50 investment, if you had just bought and sold at the all-time high, would have netted you literally 15 grand. Again, all you would have done is just gotten into this pre-sale. The Launchpad did 87x, Seascape did 61x, and many of these others have done very well for their investors.

Some ridiculous gains can be made with a token like my neighbor Alice’s, but you can also buy a spot right now. Just a few hundred dollars can turn into thousands, but you have to know exactly what you’re investing in and also be patient. That is the key here.

Fifth undervalued coin

Your fifth and final cryptocurrency that I believe is undervalued and can help you turn $50 into $50 000, potentially even and beyond, is one called UFO Gaming. Now this one does have a higher market cap at this time. If you take a look at the chart, it looks very similar to all the other charts that I’ve been sharing with you. And this is because right now we’re in a bear market. I truly do believe, or at least some sort of a consolidation bear market. Could this go down even more? Of course it could, but my point is that like look at its blow off top was all the way up and it is sitting at literally 85% down from what it was.

Lots of trading volume, which shows me that people are still trading this cryptocurrency coin, but I wanted to share with you more about UFO Gaming. It is a dark metaverse and I truly do think some of these metaverse game fight games are going to absolutely explode in the years to come, but it will take time in my opinion, so please be patient with a lot of these cryptocurrency coins and also do your research. Know what you’re investing in. Don’t just blindly copy these coins because I’ve shared them with you.

There are certain cryptocurrencies like Polygon, like HEX, like Ethereum that I invested in because I understood them and I didn’t invest in other cryptocurrency coins. So please do what is best for you. To me, that is the ultimate key. You have to learn more about crypto. You have to learn and study the projects. This is not a game for lazy people. This is a game for those who are simply willing to take chances on small bets and then just relax and sit back and forget about it. But you have to do the research. You have to put in the work. You have to understand how to buy the coins, how to sell them, how to get in, how to get out. There are a lot of details.

[This article is a transcription of a video made by Joe Parys]

Original video: https://youtu.be/Oy245deWt3c ]