I want to do a big update on some exciting Metaverse projects. We’ve spoken about it before on the channel so I want to talk a little bit about Everdome, the cryptocurrency. We’ll have a chat also about medi-hero the cryptocurrency and also talk about Luna one. So, I know a lot of you guys are fans of those three cryptos.

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There is a lot of potential and you can see the article right here, so Metaverse may be worth 13 trillion dollars. Citibank says and so there’s a lot of bullish speculation on the Metaverse. Even though, the crypto market today. It’s a little bit rocky, there’s a lot of things happening in the world. I do want to just take that big picture look at the metaverse, so I do think if the metaverse does take off and ultimately it does get constructed. It does get built. There is a lot of potential right there and that one crypt I want to do an update on is Everdome. So, how is evident tracking in the market currently? This crypt you are holding has bought more. Have you taken some profits on Everdome?

Let’s have a look at this update and it says right here, we’re kicking the month of May off with a four part series of our world building efforts part one Everdome, international spaceport Hata UAE space pioneers, hall rocket, silos space – inspired NFT art galleries. Let’s look at the artwork here, so that is really cool there’s some futuristic graphics right there. You can see the big news announcement for Everdome right here. So, again long-term vision and it’s all about learning about the spaceport and it also says right here up next in our four-part product and world-building series. Everyone is a cycler first-ever view of Everdome city, Everdome world-building white paper one of the most important parts of any game is creating the story. All our team have put in thousands of dollars to deliver this for Everdome and all of its users hashtag the journey has just begun. So that is a pretty exciting update right there and I do consider Everdome as a bit of a long-term crypto project. So, it’s in the construction phase.

I think in the future it’s going to be really exciting, if it does get mass adoption and how’s the price been going for evidence. We have a look at the price chart. Forever dome has been a little bit of a decrease in price. But again the whole crypto market has been going down recently still at about 32x from the pre-sale level, which is good to see and the market cap. Currently, is around 182 million and the fully diluted market cap is around 3.2 billion dollars right there. But in the long run I do think this one has some nice potential for another crypto, I want to do an update on Luna one. So, I know a lot of you are excited about Luna once we had the bonuses. If you want to get early into this crypto project.

Let’s talk about some news about Luna one before we get into too much news. Let’s just have a quick recap of this crypto, so it is a very exciting metaverse crypto play and this one does have a good quality team. So, you can see the team behind this crypto project. They’ve all got LinkedIn accounts, they’ve all got NBA experience, very smart guys right there. The metaverse itself does look very exciting too. So, they’re building out a blockchain, they have a really big vision unreal engine 5 and a lot of exciting information about this metaverse project -so another highly exciting Metaverse crypto project that is coming up. It is getting constructed right now. So, it’s not ready just yet. It is in the pre-launch phase currently and if we do look at some exciting news for these, have a look at this upcoming super rugby league advertising beamed out to 130 countries with Luna one featured on 200 million led sideline banners. See the first two upcoming matches on sky sports UK time, please, adjust for your time zone right there. So, already these have some nice advertising. I commented right here and said: “Wow! Nice advertising!”, already and we have seen other big plays from evident, getting some really high-end advertising could Luna. One do the same thing – we will find out in the future and it is just another exciting one.

So, some nice updates going on right there, and also you can see them from this tweet right here. The token is now in the regular distribution phase. The price is now 25 cents to get into this project. They did have some buying bonuses earlier this week. But again some exciting things are happening right here. They’ve also released an audit which is really good. I want to do an update on his meta hero. So, how is meta hero going in the market and I do like these crypto 3d scanners, 3d Avada’s high-quality stuff, and something exciting about. This is because they’ve actually got a partnership going with MMA TV. So, if you tuned in to the pre-self or ten set about fame another exciting crypto got to do with mixed martial arts tokenizing the ecosystem and metahero do have a bit of a partnership up with them. Have a look at this they’re going to be scanning. Some of the fighters from MMA fame put the metahero into the metaverse using metahero’s equipment. 

We do know metahero has a very high-quality scanning system and this is pretty cool. So, again some more long-term partnerships happening for meta hero in the crypto space and it says right here. You can be sure that all of the NFTS from our collaborations will be tradable on our marketplace only via the hero token of the services. We can provide game developers with our token as well as future token utility will be implemented into these games. 

We are the gateway into the metaverse, be your own hero. So, many heroes is another crypto, I do think is open to evolution in the future and if we do take a look at meta hero’s price. It has definitely been up at highs around 24-25 cents right there and again I do think if rob and the team can increase the utility of this crypto so reinvigorate the use case increase the demand for the crypto. It potentially could do a reversal in the price currently but again it’s still very early for this cryptocurrency, so if you look at the chart right here. It’s only been on coins for less than a year. So, July 2021 that’s when it was launched it’s currently around April. It’s apparently around May 2022, so less than a year for meta hero and we’ll see what happens to meta heroes in the future. But that is a look at some exciting metaverse crypto for someone. I want to keep on the radar to see how they go in the market? 

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