Top Meme Coin to Invest in August 2022 | 50x Potential?

Top Meme Coin to Invest in August 2022 | 50x Potential?

In this crypto world there is no shortage of coins that are taking on the interests of the investors. There is a flood of many amazing coins that are riding the crypto wave. But out of all only few of them are able to make the cut and make a distinction in this crypto universe. And out of those I have brought an amazing coin for you that has the potential and capability of reaching the top trends in the meme coin race.

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Top Meme Coins to Buy: Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

Yes, guys it is a meme coin and by the track record of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. I’m pretty sure that it will be having an incredible run too. Talking about the coin of the day, it is Marshall Inu. And yes, by hearing the name Marshall Inu, if MMA comes to your mind, then you are definitely in the right direction. So, what is this coin all about and what relation it shares with MMA and why am I crazy bullish for this particular coin? You will find the answer to all these questions in this video itself. Before moving further, please subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon so that you don’t miss out on any of the notifications. 

Marshall Inu or MRI coin: Top Meme Coin to invest in and why

Now that you have done that, the Marshall Inu or MRI coin is a meme token that was initially based on Joe Rogan’s famous dog. But now this MRI token has emerged as a cryptocurrency movement that sponsors Mixed Martial Arts fighters and pays them in crypto. This is definitely a cool way of using the crypto wave for the benefit of the MMA fighters and building a community based on the emotion that the fighters can rely upon. The mission of the developers behind this coin is to support the fighters across the globe. And we are talking fighters here, it is of no matter what stage they are at in their career. As viewers it might seem easy for you but let me tell you that getting to the top in the fight world is extremely hard. The situation gets even harder when a fighter is not financially sound. Taking care of the comps, training and other living expenses like proper diet, house, gym, kits and so on, becomes really tough and expensive for the fighters to manage. And this is the grey area where Marshall Inu wants to chip in and help the fighters. And we have numbers to back this up. More than $5 million have been donated to over 500 MMA fighters till the recording of this video. Marshall Inu is a project created by dedicated MMA fans to help fighters with that extra bit of income with no strings attached, so they can focus on what they do best! Marshall Inu is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is a direct fork of another meme token called Clifford Inu.

Buying top Meme coin in summer 2022: Clifford Inu

This project is built by a large, completely decentralized and anonymous group of MMA enthusiasts from all around the world. More on this group later in the video. The code of Marshall Inu is an entirely open-source project whereby anyone is able to volunteer and contribute. The network is coded, designed, and run by volunteers from all around the globe. And that is really amazing in my opinion as anyone in their own capacity can contribute to this awesome cause. But you might be wondering why they have chosen a dog to represent MMA fans in the crypto world. The logic here is really simple and at the same time its an amazing marketing tactic, so that they can get more publicity in much less time. In the world of crypto, dog coins and meme coins are the gateway to the mainstream. And we have all witnessed this. Doge coin, Shiba Inu and now Baby dogecoin. You can name it all. We have seen the case of Doge Coin, that has been a viral sensation for the last years.

The richest person on the earth and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk was not able to held himself back and was openly supporting it on major social media platforms. Then we have seen the case of Shiba Inu, which in 2021 had the greatest single return on investment in the history of cryptocurrency. It surpassed its value by over 1,000,000x in a single year. And that is bonkers guys. And that is the very reason why these MMA fans have created their token in the name of Marshall. It is a lovable dog that is designed to help out fighters with an extra source of income. In my opinion it is a great job of combining the world of MMA and Meme coins to do something good in the world. They also claim that where most other projects use the taxes for pointless marketing that makes the rich richer, these guys are gifting fighters. These MMA fans believe that these fighters deserve it more than anyone as these amazing fighters have put their bodies through a lot just for our entertainment. According to me that makes sense as well. The majority of mixed martial art fighters around the world are incredibly under paid and live paycheck to paycheck. And Marshall Inu is here to support them via donations.

Marshall Inu: Meme coin support the MMA fighters

They also plan to support the fighters by teaching or introducing fighters to the world of crypto. This will further help them in creating an additional wealth for them to support them with their training and fighting. Now, talking about the team that is handling the Marshall Inu token, we don’t have much details as they are completely a group and want to help the mixed martial art fighters. Although I was able to recollect a few details of the team’s background. This team consists of Ethereum developers, Expert marketers, Top tier twitter influencers, Day traders, Bloggers and Web developers of course. Overall, a solid team that can support the project in the long run. Not only that, the entire code is open-source and thus any volunteer can also chip in and handle the operations. Not only that it also brings along the benefits of BSC chain pairing, FIAT on-ramp on the site and live staking features as well. But before investing in Marshall Inu, it is important to understand its tokenomics and also have a look at how these guys have supported the MMA fighters. So, the best thing is that there are no taxes in buying the token and you need to pay the tax only when you are selling the token. And this sell tax will also be put into good use to refuel this initiative. 10% sell tax will be utilised for the marketing of Marshall Inu, while 3% is dedicated to liquidity and an additional 2% is for the development of the coin, which for now is being added into the liquidity pool.

So, a total of 15% sell tax is applicable on the Marshall Inu token. It will be used for working on growing our treasury to ensure more stable funds to not be reliant on volume through partnerships with other projects that have a farming focus. They have been listed in almost 15 exchanges including MEXC, HotBit, BitMart, LBANK, XT, Bitrue, BitForex and more are yet to come. And talking about their contribution to the game and the fighters, even I was pretty surprised and overwhelmed with their contribution at this stage of the project. Marshall Inu has been active inside out of MMA. Athlete endorsements of MMA ambassadors like Kamaru Usman, Chael Sonnen, Ian Heinisch and Event sponsorships along with takeover of MMA events like LFA, Cage Warriors, and Battlegrounds are some of the few achievements under their belt. They have also made donations for medical treatments are several things they are covering under their umbrella.

Meme coins that assist MMA fighters is Marshall Inu

And let me tell you they are very visible across the globe. They have already received shoutouts from the MMA fighters belonging to different parts of the planet. You can even find their logo across various gyms, cages and merchandise. They are also active at various social media platforms, attending podcasts and hosting regular twitter spaces with their verified twitter account with over 27k followers. Apart from holding the MRI token you can even use it for buying goods from cryptocart. Users can even gamble their Marshall Inu tokens on sports bets with mysticbets. Apart from all this if we talk about what they are looking to achieve in future, they have a clear road map for that as well. They want to launch our own fight promotion channel and along with that they are planning to get listed on Tier 1 exchanges. Secondly, they are aiming to grow more on social media via YouTube and also mainstream media as well. And lastly the most important thing is that to work on growing their treasury to ensure more stable funds to not be reliant on mere volume.

So, there is a lot to it and it has amazing benefits apart from just holding and letting it grow and providing awesome returns. And all these reasons point to a direction which I cannot dare to ignore and that is huge returns if we go bullish on it. That’s what I am going to do for it as well. But, at this point of time, you might be thinking that this coin must be associated with the UFC or Joe Rogan. But that is not the case and there is proper disclaimer mentioned on their website itself. It clearly mentions that Marshall Inu has absolutely no association with UFC or Joe Rogan and its related entities. And to be honest that is very justified as well, as I have already mentioned that it is developed by volunteers and fans to support the incredible fighters of the industry.

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