Top Five Crypto DEX Aggregators in 2022

The crypto sphere is a prime example of what happens when we stop relying on obsolete centralized schemes and welcome decentralization and innovation: its growth is, by any measurement, a truly remarkable phenomenon. However, such a promising industry also presents many challenges to the investors, the most significant of which are liquidity and control.

The nature of the first obstacle is obvious — the market is expanding: growth requires resources, and the faster the growth is, the more liquidity it burns. The second challenge is more complicated. Even though one can argue that, given the initial concept of cryptocurrency, it has always been about decentralization and autonomy, both the authorities and centralized token exchange platforms steadily increase the number of restrictions and place limits on the number of sources of crypto assets.

DEXs and crypto DEX aggregators provide a sought-for solution to both of these troubles.

What is DEX Aggregator? DEX Aggregator List

It is a sophisticated data-processing protocol for analysis, comparison, and selection of the best prices and liquidity sources. From the investors’ viewpoint, it is a handy search engine, designed specifically for decentralized platforms of token exchange.

This protocol automatically gathers data about all available DEXs (including new ones, which is a giant advantage, considering how many decentralized exchange platforms appear every week), aggregates liquidities from diverse sources, and provides users with relevant data. Secure and anonymous, the best of these aggregators do not charge transaction fees.

These mechanisms have a lot in common with other automated crypto trading tools, such as Jet-Bot and similar platforms. This bot automatically mirrors the trading and/or investment strategies of top traders, making it possible to earn profit even if you have no experience in crypto trading.

Of course, such a tool represents the next stage of evolution in terms of convenient trading: the system makes decisions based on the data from other traders, whereas DEX aggregators excel in gathering relevant data for the client. However, in terms of efficiency even advanced copy trading leaves a little margin for maneuver, which may limit its usefulness for seasoned veterans of crypto trading.

Here is a DEX aggregator list, which provides a brief description of the best options available in 2022.

Top Five Crypto DEX Aggregators photo

1. 1Inch Exchange

1Inch Exchange is the current leader in the market. Firstly, it comes with a unique option — its Pathfinder algorithm is considered better than similar search engines. Secondly, it is a good platform for the exchange of altcoins, since it supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and several others. Thirdly, it has a proprietary wallet option, thanks to which its clients may buy coins using their credit cards and store them safely in their accounts. Finally, its clients may also stake their holding in the platform by trading with its on-site coin (1inch).

Special features:

·         An unparalleled number of coin pairs (2491).

·         A special in-house coin that reduces the cost of transactions.

·         Efficient pricing (no trading or deposit fees).

·         Has never been hacked or compromised.

·         Non-custodial exchange.

·         Advanced opportunities for mining of liquidity.

·         Perfectly suitable for inexperienced cryptocurrency traders.

·         Time-tested community.

2. ParaSwap

ParaSwap is yet another prominent aggregator with many useful features. One of its advantages is an optimized swapping algorithm, which provides data from various liquidity pools much faster. Founded in 2019, this platform is still in its early developmental stage: as of 2021, it had attracted almost 1.5 million clients — a significant number of users that very well may double in a few years. It works just fine with Polygon and Ethereum. This versatile aggregator is compatible with six wallets (Ledger, MetaMask, Zerion, and so on).

It also has a Multipath option, which facilitates tracking down various paths of exchanges.

Special features:

·         Many token pairs (144).

·         Optimized search and exchange protocols.

·         No fees for selling/purchasing coins when trading via

·         Comes with an in-house liquidity pool.

·         Price alerts and other useful options.

·         Reliable security measures and ecosystem integration (including, for instance, the hardware Ledger wallet for better protection).

3. OpenOcean

OpenOcean holds a special place among other tools of the trade: it is the first complete aggregator in the market that allows users to work with both CEXs and DEXs. It also relies on advanced machine learning and enhanced routing for better customer support. The platform offers relevant data on pricing and crypto deals from various chains.

In addition, it features a considerable number of unique technical solutions, such as various custom APIs for better time-management, and profit/loss monitoring, as well as charting and transaction tools.

Special features:

·         Works with nine networks, including also several relatively overlooked ones, such as Solana, Heco, or Tron, in addition to almost customary Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

·         Allows mining of liquidity with its on-site coin.

·         Extensive support of clients with many available options for intelligent trading.

·         Features 88 pairs of coins.

·         Comes with two trading platforms (Pro and Classic).

·         VIP services for large holders of coins (including also trading fee subsidies and premiums).

4. Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol represents another successful attempt to establish dominance over both centralized and decentralized structures, gathering data from the entire crypto sphere: CEXs, DEXs, and swap pools. It offers its clients lower fees, a variety of real-time trading and analytic tools, and various options for coin making, including also staking and liquidity mining. As of today, it supports only two chains (Ethereum and Binance); however, this will surely change with time.

Special features:

·         Provides four wallets, including hardware Ledger.

·         Supports mining and staking with its on-site coin.

·         Unique benefits to the holders of coins.

·         Various arbitrage opportunities.

·         Enhanced security measures and smart contracts.

·         Optimized portfolio management.

·         Growing community.

5. Matcha

Matcha is a user-friendly aggregator with an emphasis on simplicity. Suffice to say that its creators viewed it as a sort of Robin Hood of the crypto-verse: an efficient yet intuitively comprehensible tool for quick and reliable analysis and price comparison. In addition to the Ethereum network, which should be viewed as obligatory, since Matcha is itself an Ethereum-based solution, it supports Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Special features:

·         Simple yet informative interface.

·         Easy to use: no sign-up required.

·         Exceptionally peer-to-peer deals without the involvement of third parties.

·         Safe transactions with an emphasis on complete control of all coins through all operations.

·         No fees except for the fee of the liquidity provider and the gas fee.

·         Probably the most comfortable learning curve among all available in the cryptocurrency market with an emphasis on diverse educational projects.

Final Thoughts on DEX Aggregators

Considering the swiftly growing number of diverse decentralized exchange platforms along with the equally evident need for reliable analytic tools for timely investments, it becomes obvious that the future of the industry depends on the development of DEX aggregators. They offer investors many important benefits, such as full access to the most suitable rates across different chains, an opportunity to swap crypto assets with minimal slippage, and better liquidity. Although these systems are relatively new, there is no doubt that they will continue growing and developing.