Top Crypto YouTubers Fight in the Metaverse (#1 Fitness App)

– My name is Ben. I’m here joined with the guys from Meta Money, Bryan and Justin. Do they call you JChains or Justin these days? It’s JChains. You know, it’s both. You tried to rebrand one time.

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– To Ruthless_J?

-Yeah. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people liked it, but here at the office, it didn’t quite hit. No. JChains is permanent. That’s a great nickname. Yeah. So, look. Metaverse, today, we’re going to get into it. Not literally. We’re going to discuss some big stuff happening with sports in the midst. Sports, right? I mean, you’re a sports guy. You like sports ball. I like to play sports more than watch it.

– But, so that’s why it’s going to be interesting because I don’t know where this is going to go today because sports in the metaverse is kind of a weird thing because to me, sports is an experience and it’s something you play, but, like, as technology advances, we’re starting to see, like, actually be able to do things in the metaverse as well.

– So then let’s start with this. Where you said, you know, like, obviously, there’s some big changes going on. Now, like, with what’s going on with the NBA, and a lot of other sports are going to do this, they can put you in courtside. So say you’re paralyzed. Say you’re poor. Say whatever your situation is. And you can’t ever get down to a courtside.

-“Poor people should not be allowed in the metaverse.” Okay, Anna.

– But you get where I’m going with that, right?

– So it opens up the door to opportunities that people might not have had otherwise.

– But like, why do people want to sit courtside? Do people want to sit courtside because they are the closest to the court? They have the best view? No. People like to sit courtside because it’s seen as like a glamorous thing that people that are sitting courtside. Really and truly, the seats that are, you know, above the courtside are wider.

– It’s a better view. You see more of the court. Like, we sat courtside at the Hawks-Heat game. And Nate McMillan, the coach of the Hawks, was standing in front of me. It was the whole time. Like, I could barely even see because I was too close. And I think that that’s the appeal of the courtside. So here is where things would really get interesting would be. Kind of, like, you know, if you would have said 10 years ago, “Hey, I got this picture of this monkey.” Okay? “I’ll give you this right now. One day, it’s going to be worth $400,000.” Or, like, “Here’s the Mona Lisa.” Something equivalent that’s in that $400K. Obviously, not the Mona Lisa itself, but “Here’s this incredible artwork that’s worth $400,000.” Which one would you rather have? People would rather take the artwork. Obviously, 10 years ago. But now, what would people rather take? Because having an NFT and, like, having clout in the digital world mean something. So, when will we see a courtside experience in there, in the metaverse, equal clout? Because that’s what people are after with experience. So, you’re saying would you rather be next to a digital celebrity or real-life life celebrity?

 -That’s interesting. Well, I think you get the Gen Z. A lot of these people don’t even know how to have conversations. No offense. I mean, there’s plenty of smart Gen Z people that watch this channel, but there’s a science to that. Because of cell phones. They’ve actually conducted studies that, you know, show that people’s ability to communicate in real life is going down significantly because, you know. You’re a different person when you communicate digitally with someone than you are in real life. In a positive or negative way.

 – I mean, obviously, we know about-It’s just different.

– There’s keyboard cowboys, you know?  There’s people that can be themselves. They can be more true to who they are. Yeah. And I think it’s, you really see it with, cause, you know, I come from the addiction world. I was in charge of recovery of a teenage boys program. And I would see this with a lot when they would be talking to me about their relationships, you know, before they got to the program. And, you know, the way that those text communications go back and forth, it’s like, they are like Superman when they’re texting. But they get in real life,

– And they couldn’t even talk.

-Right. There have been times where people have met digitally, and they get in real life, and they have all these conversations, texting, and they don’t even know how to engage each other because they’re so dependent on that virtual digital conversation. I love where that goes. And maybe down the road of kind of what we do here, we can talk about this because, you know, when we were out in California, we asked people about finding love. Is there room for love in the metaverse? And that, you know, the whole– kind of the summary of our answers, it’s the next level of a dating app, right? So it gives you the opportunity to go on maybe a couple first dates

– That maybe aren’t going to be as awkward. We might call it second base. There you go. It’s the same thing with sports though, too. Like, I don’t think people are going to replace going to games by going in the metaverse, but they will replace maybe watching it on TV, instead of watching it in their Oculus and then going to a VR experience, Like, it’s just an upgrade of what they’re already watching because maybe they can get a different angle, or they can walk around the field and see what it looks like. But I still don’t think the technology is there for it to be quite accurate like as much like what’s going on, like, in real time, but it could eventually. We actually went to the Hawks game over at.

– You can check it out on the Meta Money channel, where we wore our VR goggles on the courtside.

– We look like idiots.They’re ridiculous.

– These guys are weird. The whole stadium was like, “What are these guys doing?” But it was a lot of fun. So check that out if you get a chance. Y’all are way better content creators than me. Like, I would not do the stuff you guys do. Wear an Oculus in public? I would be so embarrassed. We’ve done a lot of plays. We have no shame.

– We’re having fun with it though. You have no shame.

 – Yeah, it was fun. I was talking about you guys. It was fun. Another thing. Okay, so sports in the metaverse. Let’s talk about now physical activity you know yourself. You were a few weeks ago, you had said that your stepfather, right?

– Got the Oculus so he could do golf training. You know, we did a little fun thing where we were going to do boxing. You know, there’s all sorts of sports that you can do to get yourself active within the VR/AR, you know, whatever metaverse the Oculus. We want to box each other so bad, and we just could not make it work. So I knocked out a guy online.

– But, we will revisit this.

– And we will. We will. I’ll get my revenge. I haven’t done it yet. Is it, like, tiring?

– Yes. Oh, God, it’s so tiring. Yeah, it’s really tiring.

– But they’re short rounds. Okay. So, you know, it’s spurts, but, I mean, this is the interesting thing when it comes to physical activity in the metaverse. Like, it can be just as effective as real-life activities. Because you’re burning calories. You’re doing cardio. If you’re training for a sport, you know, like, you know, even the US Olympic team, they do a lot of their training digitally, because it’s virtually because it’s easier to mimic, you know, certain tracks or certain stadiums or certain elevations if you’re running whatever the case may be. So, you know, I think really the first true application we’re going to see of sports in the metaverse is physical fitness group classes.

– People like that.

– Okay. Correct me if I’m wrong Beachbody kind of stuff? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the kind of guy that I am, you walk into the gym, and you see the group class, that’s the Zumba of everybody dancing, and it looks so cool and you’d love to do it, but you never do it in real life because you’d be so embarrassed that you just want to dance. But virtually, you’re in an avatar. So everyone wants to know right now, do you just want to dance? No, no. Zumba in the metaverse? Zumba in the metaverse. You know, but there are those group classes at gyms, especially for people who are newer to go to the gym, like, they’re a little intimidating because you’re like, “I don’t want to get in there and act like “you know, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” or whatever. Same thing Peloton has done for people.

– That’s revolutionized that. The whole thing. Well, they went a little too hard. Now, it’s failing. But the idea was right. But I do think metaverse is a better spot for something like that. But it does take away that intimidation of a group class because you feel like, you know, you’re able to be social in a sense but also stay introverted in a sense with something that you’re not comfortable with. And I think that is really, you know, I don’t really want to do Zumba, but, you know, there are people that, you know. I know my wife at one time, she kind of wanted to. She’s like, “I don’t really know how to do it,” and she was intimidated by the group class, and, you know, she did do it, but, you know, that takes that away. That, you know, hesitation. So back to the metaverse and then we can wrap it up for this week, sporting events, attending sporting events, doing things lik,e I think Everdome is getting ready to have Floyd Mayweather box some guy. And you can, you know, get in there. You can check it out in VR. It’s happening somewhere in the UAE.

 – I don’t know if it’s Real boxing?

– Real boxing. They’re going to do box. Did that happen already or no? I think it’s happening in May. So they’re actually boxing on top of a building.

– And it’s going to be broadcasted Mortal Kombat! Finish him! And by the way, we have a video that came out this morning on the Meta Money channel about Fame MMA. It’s a token. And they really kind of bring a lot of pay-per-view events to the metaverses spaces. It’s like, “Hey, if you and I wanted to box some people in the crypto world” Oh, like famous people?

– Yeah, they can set that kind of thing up. It becomes a pay-per-view event. So, do you think that that’s got legs to run within the metaverse? Yeah, I would say so. Because if you really think about when it comes to pay-per-view events and boxing, specifically boxing, I feel like UFC is so oversaturated. I feel like there’s so many UFC events. I don’t even watch UFC really anymore because it’s just like, there’s so every week, there’s, you know, you got to know 7 billion different fighters. With boxing, there’s only a few big names, you know? There’s probably 10 names that might draw people at this point. And so the draw is, the people are the fighters, and so anything that gets behind that in a way that’s pay-per-view or event driven, they’re going to be able to pull people in there. And so I do think that’s a great way to do. Especially as more people are cutting the cable and you’re having to already figure out different ways to kind of watch some of this stuff. I think that definitely does have some potential there. And, you know, maybe we can bring back boxing.

– I like boxing so much more than UFC.  So if you had, it’s the last question and then we are done. If you had to box someone from the crypto ecosystem in a pay-per-view match, who are you going to fight? And you could say me if you don’t want to, like, cause beef. If I don’t want to.

– I would say I can pick a couple of names for you.

– Well. But we don’t want to cause beef. The No. 1 name I’m not allowed to mention on the channel legally. But I would say, look, I said Crypto Crow before because I think, you know, he’s seven feet tall. Like, I win either way there. Because if I lose, okay, I got beat up by a seven-foot-tall guy. – If you win, you beat up a seven-foot-tall guy! If I win, I beat up a seven-foot-tall guy, you know? So that’s a good option. He actually asked the other day on Twitter, – “Hey, who should I step into the ring with from crypto?”

– I would like to go toe to toe with Elon Musk.

 – Hmmm. Interesting.

– I think that would be cool. I’d like to do that. I think I could win.

– I think you would mop the floor with he. I think I would destroy him. But he wouldn’t do that. Richard Heart.

– Look. I don’t dislike.

-Come on, man. Come on, man! I don’t dislike Richard. I like Richard, you know? So I’m not saying I’d want to fight him because I have an issue with him.

– But that would be a really good celebrity crypto boxing act. It would be.

– Could you imagine the two of us were coming in? Oh, my gosh! That would sell. He’s got a cape on.

– You know? He’s probably wearing a masquerade mask.

– I’m telling you one thing.

– If that fight was set and I was in the building, like, during his walk in,

 – I would go clobber him.

-Oh, God! When we did Beards & Bitcoins, man, he said some stupid things to me.

– And I was

– I just held it against him ever since.

– I see. I don’t like the guy. Richard, I’m coming for you, man.

– Well-

– The fight would be over before it started. That’d be real sad. I really look forward to doing that. That would be good, though. 

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