Top 5 best Altcoins June 2022 ( Making Billionaires )

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As a matter of fact, the markets do fall much faster than they grow, and shorting to multiply your crypto holdings will keep you prepared for the next bull run.So now that you’re on the safer side of the game, let’s see what the best altcoins are that you should keep an eye out for this June 2022.

Binance coin

Starting off with the Binance coin, in my opinion, this is a game-changing altcoin that you should add to your watch list in June. Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. When it comes to trading volumes and user base, the BNB, or Binance coin, is the native crypto asset of this exchange. BNB allows users of its exchange to benefit from paying fewer commissions.

Payment processing and booking travel arrangements can be done using Binance coins. It can also be exchanged for other forms of cryptocurrency assets, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

BNB is also the digital token used to support the Binance Smart Chain, which is home to a range of undervalued crypto tokens. With that being said, the price of the Binance Coin has taken a beating in recent months like the rest of the major crypto coins. The token has already dropped below the $410 mark several times in 2022, representing a discounted purchase price of over 45%.


Next in the queue, we have Cardano. Although Cardano has taken a tough beating for the last few months, this open-source blockchain network does have excellent prospects, making it a worthy choice for the upcoming month. Like Ethereum, Cardano acts as a platform for developers to build dApps and launch smart contracts.However, Cardano’s system is designed by expert academics and uses peer-reviewed literature. Due to this, businesses will likely find Cardano a “safer” option than other blockchain networks. Cardano is up 20% from the May swing low of $0.40. It is trading around $0.50-$0.55 and the converging resistance and support suggest a beakout to the upside is likely.The Cardano price is currently in a symmetrical triangle trading pattern. 

The capitulation wick on May 12th also suggests a support level and buying pressure around the $0.40 level. Cardano will soon have a hard fork, known as the Vasil hard fork. This is scheduled to go live on June 29th, and holders have a huge amount of anticipation for this event. The hard fork should bring huge improvements to the ecosystem and across the smart contract platforms. The technical names for this improvement proposal are CIP-31 and CIP-33. Effectively, this is designed to reduce transaction sizes and eliminate the time needed by smart contracts to perform normal operations. So, keep your eyes peeled for the Cardano price around mid-June in the run-up to that event on the roadmap.


Now moving on to VeChain. It is a blockchain-based platform that aims to improve the supply chain management of companies and organizations. It has partnered with various household names in different sectors. Some of these include BMW, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Odoxford University. It was launched in 2017 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain before its own mainnet was launched in 2018.

VeChain remains one of the most aggressive cryptocurrencies nowadays. According to CoinMarketCap, VeChain is trading at $0.0314. In terms of its market standing, VeChain market capitalization amounts to almost $2,020,603,642, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $183,837,265. As a result, the crypto ranks as one of the top 40 cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap. With all these achievements, we can say that VeChain has come a long way in developing its technology throughout the years and looks like it will have a great summer this year.


Another one that made it to my list is Verasity, Verasity (VRA) is the next generation of the video-sharing platform that is aimed at creating a fair system for creators to earn from their work and for advertisers to gain value for their ad spend. It achieves this through its proof-of-value protocol, its product layers, and its platform which is a pro-gaming streaming platform that features esports tournaments like PUBG Mobile. And this is Verasity’s most important use case, according to their whitepaper.

The website combines all of Verasity’s products into one platform owned and controlled by Verasity. With a growing number of users, the platforms offer rewards in VRA for watching, subscribing and winning.Veracity is trading at $0.00726 with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,304,367. Veracity is down 2.66% in the last 24 hours.Veracity ranks 506 in the CoinMarketCap ranking with a market cap of $32,489,069 with a circulating supply of 4,470,185,346 VRA coins and a max. supply of 10,356,466,695 VRA coins. Putting all the data on the table, this trend seems to bring a great fortune this summer.


Finally, we have Solana. Solana is a functional open-source project that utilizes blockchain technology’s permissionless nature to provide decentralized financial solutions. Although the idea behind the Solana project began five years ago, the official launch of Solana was in March 2020.

SOL is the native cryptocurrency that oversees all transactions on the network. Solana is one of the hottest cryptotokens, rising rapidly over the last year. The price of the coin has been continually reaching new all-time highs, gaining the attention of investors worldwide. If you had invested $100 in Solana when it launched in 2020, when it was trading at $0.78, you would have made over 410000% return.

Solana was trading at $48.58 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,320,500,617. Solana is down 1.44% in the last 24 hours. The CurrentCoinMarketCap ranking is #9, with a live market cap of $16,471,740,029 and a circulating supply of 339,268,001.36 SOL coins. According to many crypto enthusiasts, Solana is expected to increase by over 440% in 2022 and reach above $450 per token.

So, keeping an eye on it is really important. And by the data we have right now, it looks like it is something that could be achieved. So guys, these were the five major coins that I’m really pumped for. These coins can turn the crypto market upside down by the next month, and it is a great opportunity that I don’t think you would like to miss. 

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