Is it Too Late to Buy?

Is it Too Late to Buy?

Dear traders,
Today more market news are coming and dollar show some strength. We could see the possible push
back before next leg up.


BTC test resistance line on 24.000$ and get rejected. Need to hold 23.300$ as support or push back
will be in play. Trade with small leverage more market news are coming.


ETH broke and retest 1700$ but push back with market. Now holding on resistance line 1650$ and
push back to 1500$ zone is possible. ETH is slowly following BTC and there is still space to move


XRP try to push 0.42$ but push back to support od 0.409$ and now waiting for market response for
next big move.


LINK make big push to 7.5$ zone and been push back to 7$ support now looking for next try to break
up resistance.


SOL hit 26.2$ in fast push and gets back to resistance line of 24.2$ this need to hold for next leg up
or we could revisit lower target.


DXY make great pump from lower low and holds above resistance. If market news come in favour of
dollar we could see next push up to 102 range.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Toyotathon → Hackathon. The automotive giant is partnering up with Astar to support their
inaugural Web3 hackathon. The goal? Develop the first proof-of-concept DAO tool for Toyota
employees to help make operations more efficient.
A first for crypto! Hamilton Lane has launched the crypto tokenized crypto fund to make private
market funds available to a broader set of investors. More people can invest and the minimum
investment amount drops from $5M → $20K.
One step closer to unstaking. Ethereum developers launched a testnet that let users simulate
staked ETH withdrawals ahead of the big Shanghai update coming up later this year. The
simulation helped users get used to withdrawal features and developers could monitor usage for
any potential issues. It was practice before game day.
Subpoenas on subpoenas. FTX debtors have requested subpoenas for Samuel Bankman-Fried’s
inner circle to provide documents and info for the ongoing investigations. SBF’s mom, dad, bro,
dog, and pet hamster have all been requested to be subpoenaed. Jk on the last two…

Final words:

More market news coming today and dollar show strength and recalculate push back in your trades
or rade with tight stop loss.

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Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


TOP Trader