Today is a day!!!

Today is a day!!!

Dear traders,

After FED increase interest rates by 0.25 and hawkish news in speak market drop from resistance to support lines. And there is still momentum in market for push up but news are not so good.

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BTC hit resistance line 29.000$ and drop hardly to support of 26.600$. Now show some strength and small bounce back but still need big push up to break strongly 29k. Test of 25k support is still option.


ETH hit 1850$ resistance and drop back to retest push up. Im still bullish on ETH and it could bounce strongly up to 2k.


XRP turn back to 0.41$ support and now pushing 0.423$ for break out. Showing strength and strong momentum.


LINK retest 7$ support and now trying to break out to 7.4$ for bullish continuation. Looking good on bigger time frame.


SOL drop to 21$ and now need to reclaim 22$ for bullish continuation or it could drop even more.


DXY drop hard after rate increase and show no strength for push up. Not looking good if fall under 102.

Crypto/stock daily news:


Celsius is bankrupt, and its users are owed billions.
But the lawyers working on the company’s bankruptcy proceedings? They’re due to be paid a cool ~$140M in fees so far.
A software developer added up all the reported and projected fees that the lender will have to pay:

So what? All of the lawyer’s fees will be taken from the funds owed to the victims of Celsius’ fraud. Celsius is estimated to owe its customers ~$4.7B.
Unfortunately, that’s how it works across the gaggle of crypto companies that have gone belly up.
As of early February, FTX lawyers and advisors had billed $35M+… for just 51 days of working out the company’s bankruptcy mess.
BHB (billable hours, baby) is crypto lawyers’ newest fav token.

Final words:

FED rate increase and hawkish yearly prediction bring market down and slow up trend. Momentum is still bullish for crypto but there is still supports to be tested.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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