The Best USA Digital Asset Exchanges for US Residents in 2022

More than 27 million Americans have already invested in cryptocurrency. What seemed too risky only some years ago has become a routine for many people. The risks for investors haven’t become smaller. But by choosing the best digital asset exchanges and sticking to the rule of investing not more than 5% of your portfolio in crypto, you can make a profit with minimum risks of losing the assets.

Some of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, like Binance, are restricted for US users, but this doesn’t mean that there are no US digital asset exchange companies. The market adapts to the needs of users regardless of their location. On our top list, you’ll find out what digital asset exchanges allow US customers and why you should choose one of them.

Binance.US – International Giant’s Subsidiary

Binance.US comes first on our rating, as it is a subsidiary of the global giant Binance – the largest digital asset exchange in the world. The residents of the United States are restricted from the use of the services provided by the parent company. To overcome the restriction, Binance presented Binance.US to the market in 2019. Still, the service is not available to users from Texas, Vermont, New York, Idaho, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Connecticut.

The platform works with more than 50 coins. This crypto assets exchange service equally fits beginners and advanced traders. New investors can trade digital assets using a form-based platform. It’s simple and allows for intuitive use by people who have little-to-no experience in crypto trading. Experienced investors can switch to the advanced version of the website where the technical data is available, including the trading volume, 24-hours highs and lows, and the spot price of the cryptocurrency.

Binance.US enables several types of orders, including market, limit, and stop-limit. Neither margin nor futures trading is offered on the platform.

Like its parenting company, Binance.US has the most favorable trading fees on the market. The base trading fee is 0.1%, but you can still reduce it by 25% by paying with the BNB tokens – native to Binance. 

Coinbase – the Largest Exchange Platform in the USA

Probably the best known to American investors is Coinbase. This platform was launched in 2012 and became the first to come public on NASDAQ, which happened in 2021. Covering more than one hundred countries, Coinbase has over 98 million users.

Coinbase is perfect for beginner traders due to the user-friendly interface. Experienced investors may like the Coinbase Pro version better because of the access to the technical interface. Besides, the Pro version charges fewer fees than the original. By the way, the fee is the major drawback of this digital assets trading platform. The fees charged by the service put it on the pricy end. 

Still, the benefits of this digital asset exchange outweigh. With over a hundred cryptocurrencies, the investors have a variety of trading options. The clients of the service can obtain a Visa crypto debit card, which allows using crypto for purchasing goods and services.

Coinbase also deserves trust for the security measures it applies to keep its clients’ crypto assets safe. About 98% of the currency is kept in cold storage offline. This protects the money of the investors from hacker attacks.

Gemini – the Best for Beginners

Where can I trade cryptocurrency in the USA? We say: why don’t you try Gemini? This crypto trading platform was launched in 2015. Due to the interactive web interface, it can become a perfect choice for both beginner crypto investors and experienced traders. 

The trading platform offers 50+ tokens, which will cover the needs of most traders. The orders available on Gemini include the limit and the market order. There’s also a stop-loss trigger price feature.

The service applies a lot of effort to keep its clients’ assets safe. Most of them are stored offline to prevent theft via hacks, fraudulent transfers, etc. 

As for the fees, they include the convenience fee and the transaction fee. The former stays within the range of 0.5% of the market price for the trade, while the latter ranges depending on the amount you buy. – Crypto Exchange for High-Volume Investors

Founded in 2016, continues our top list. It is open for users in 49 out of 50 states and offers a variety of features that might improve your crypto trading experience. 

The service connects more than 10 million people from 150 countries. One of the main benefits of is a broad variety of cryptocurrencies offered – more than 170. Besides, this platform is famous for its high security standards, making it safe for investors. is one of the few US available platforms where one can trade crypto on margin with a leverage up to 10X. Spot and derivative trading are also available on this digital asset exchange website.

Kraken for Experienced Users

We can’t leave out Kraken from our top list, as this is the oldest crypto exchange open to US investors. It was founded in 2011 and is now considered one of the most competitive in the US market. 

Kraken offers a solid range of tokens for trading (over 90) on spot, margin, and futures. Aside from this, the platform also has a range of other features, such as short-sell particular tokens, and an on-chain staking feature.

The trading fees are rather low. Along with high liquidity and an advanced security system, Kraken is one of the most appealing crypto trading platforms.

Bitstamp – One of the Oldest in Operation

Like Kraken, Bitstamp was founded in 2011. The good news is this platform is available to crypto investors all over the United States. The bad news is the staking feature is not available for American users. Anyway, you can still trade 54 currencies offered on Bitstamp. 

It’s an easy-to-use platform with advanced charting capabilities. Further, Bitstamp offers competitive fees, thus standing out among others. This cryptocurrency exchange will suit best to beginner and casual traders as it lacks the features and capabilities essential for advanced traders. 

eToro – New Approach in Crypto Trading

Although eToro is available in 44 states only, it deserves a place on our rating. This cryptocurrency exchange opened to US customers in 2018. The platform is unique due to the feature that allows traders to copy the trades of advanced investors, learning the necessary knowledge in crypto copy trading. Those sharing their strategies receive exclusive perks. This makes such an approach profitable on both sides.

eToro supports more than 40 crypto tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

FTX.US – One of the Best for US Traders

FTX.US is a platform for US crypto traders created by one of the world’s best crypto exchanges FTX. It’s not available for New York residents only. 

Unlike its parent company, which supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies, the FTX.US platform offers 24 tokens only. Aside from spot trading, trading futures, and stocks, the exchange has an NFT market.

Final Word

From an array of digital asset exchanges available on the US market, we’ve chosen the ones that seem to be the best for us. None of them is perfect, but they all have a zest that makes them worth getting on this top list. And which are the best digital assets exchanges for the residents of the USA, in your opinion?