Tezos Price Prediction 2025 – XTZ Tezos Cryptocurrency

Tezos cryptocurrency price forecast for 2025: might have already heard that recently, Tezos has become a hot topic in the headlines of crypto, but have you heard about its price prediction for 2025? Do you know how much it’s going to grow within the next three years? Today we’re going to tell you every prediction made on this crypto, some of which might be accurate in 2025 when the time comes. Don’t you want to wait for income till 2025, then register at Jet-Bot copy trading platform.  The platform is official broker of the Binance exchange. Copy trading is the best way for passive income on your crypto.

Before that, here’s a word from our friends at Golden Schmeckle SMH. It’s actually a fan and community based decentralized token based around Rick and Morty. Yeah, the famous animated series Rick and Morty. I bet your childhood has also been spent with the memories of this cartoon just like mine. Also, thanks to the creator and the team of animation, we are going to give away 10% of the total circulation of SHM to the amazing folks behind Rick and Morty for bringing us the interesting animated series.

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 To understand how Tazos might do in the future, we must study its past trends. The project launched in 2017 and the earliest recorded price of Tazos was $1.66 during the last 2017s. The boom around crypto took XTZ to new heights and its value in December averaged around $10 a pop, but this boom didn’t last forever. By early 2018, the price varied between two to four dollars, which in late July settled around one to two dollars. Nothing interesting happened for the rest of 2018 and 2019. It wasn’t much better either. The coin price slowly dwindled and even dipped below one dollar in 2019. The curse finally broke in 2020 when its value slowly started recovering and the average price overall the year hovered around two dollars and two cents.

Finally, 2021 started a positive run for XTZ. The first month saw the tokens’ growth of more than 40%. By January 23rd, XTZ was trading at around $3.50. This growth trend stayed strong into February when the token hit a monthly high of $5.58 on February 14th and a monthly average of $3.40. Similarly, the gains continued even in March when the token was consistently above $4 and closed March at $4.91, the much anticipated five-five breakthrough cream in April, and XDZ also had a monthly high of $7.67.

The start of May was extremely positive for the coin, with it even reaching $8 on May 7th. Then it happened: the crash of May 19th. The whole cryptoers took a hit, and so did Tazos by the end of May. The token was only worth $3. The damage was already done, but Tazos fared better than many other cryptocurrencies that didn’t lose much value after the initial crash, and through the month of June, it averaged $3.04.

By August 25th, the token was already showing signs of recovery, and by August 25th, it was back above the five dollar mark. September and October were also very encouraging, with the token gaining even more value and trading in the neighborhood of seven to eight dollars. XTZ even peaked at $9.18 on the 4th of October. The following couple of months were plagued by the uncertainty of omicron, and investors were reluctant to make any more investments, fearing another major crash. Due to this, the value of XTZ dipped and settled around $5. January of 2022 wasn’t any better either, as XTZ closed the month at $3/50, which is considerably lower than the 2021 January close of $4.31. On February 1st, the state of the network report revealed that smart contract activity and transactions on the Taizos chain have considerably increased due to the popularity of NFTs.

Coinmetrics said daily transactions jumped in August or 2021 as Tazos launched an upgrade that cut average block times in half. Following this report, over 300,000 wallets held more than one XTZ, which was over the double of the previous year’s metric of 120,000.

Following this breaking news, the value of XTZ started to rise and investors again started to be optimistic about the project. But even this last source of hope was snuffed out when a war broke out between Ukraine and Russia. XTZ values soon started to drop to $4, $3, and even below that, somewhere amidst the war. The news of Swiss FinTech company Mt Pelerin’s plans to launch a mobile wallet on Tazos network got lost and did not have much effort on the declining value of the coin. The value of Tazos has slightly appreciated and is currently trading at around $3.22. Now that we understand how Tazos trends with global events, let’s take a look at future predictions regarding the coin trading piece.

Forecast by the end of 2022, this cryptocurrency would be worth 6.2 USD. In the long run, the price will remain extremely positive according to digital coin prices. The price of XTZ is likely to break through the $6.24.

Furthermore, the XTZ price has the potential to reach a high of $6.33 in the financial year, but that’s all for this year. What about 2024, 2025, or even five years in the future?

But algorithmic price prediction website wallet investor is even more optimistic about the future of the XTZ price. They expect the coin to reach $6.68 in 2022 with peaks well above $7. This source also claimed that in five years the price of XTZ would be around $15.18 per coin. A more optimistic estimate was provided by Trading Education, where they said, according to recent long-term forecasts, the price of Tazos XTZ will cross $13.58 by the end of 2022, $9.81 by the end of 2023 and $59.88 by the end of 2025. Tazos will then be worth $48.18 in 2027 and $168.68 in 2030, yes, almost $60 by the end of 2025.

If these predictions sound too good to be true, let me tell you that they were also supported by Captain Altcoin and their algorithm prediction also came to a similar conclusion. They predicted that XTZ will withstand the test of time, deliver on the planned products, and even have a stable user base. According to Captain Altcoin, Tazos would be trading for an average of $55 by 2025, with lows hitting $38 and peaks above $60.

Is it too late to get into Tazos? Nope, I don’t think so. So far in 2022, the token has shown a total increase of 9% in value and attracted a lot of attention. Many people attribute this increased attention to Vitalik Buterin’s podcast support for the coin. According to coin market cap, this bullish trend for Tazos is likely to continue through the rest of 2022. So if you want to take advantage of this trend, do so while it lasts.

Please note that these were predictions which were made according to data analysts. The cryptoverse is very volatile and things can take an ugly turn very quickly, so always do your own research before making any investments. So how do you think Tazos will fare in the future? Well, will they be able to break the $40 mark by 2025?

[This article is a transcription of a video made by Crypto Diary]

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