Luna is pumping. Why? We have an extreme fear that it’s altcoin season? What’s happening to everyone? “Terra 2.0” is up 15%. Why is Terra Classic only up 4%? Let’s be sure to talk about this as other cryptos are down, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. What exactly is happening to make this such a huge pump? And why it’s trending, like a lot of people are trending when Terra is trending? Terra Classic is right behind it.

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So a lot of whales have now started to see. If Terra is going to be working and if Terra Classic is taking a step forward and working on development, guess what? We, as a community, probably decided to buy a little more, maybe a few million extra, and it definitely makes a difference.


Also, ether raised $2,400 pump or all season. It’s your emerging confirmation for September. There are plenty of reasons why Terra Luna has tons of potential. First off is a burn. Second, we haven’t even started. Yes, we haven’t even started with the development. You heard it correctly, for the Tara Classic. We’re still taking the first few steps, and it’s already such a huge head start, along with other tokens. You know, lots of tokens don’t have this chance in this community. It’s $ 1 billion, but in the future it’s a 86 million mark cap compared to Shiba. So if we check over here, Shiba Inu is actually 6 billion, so it can potentially be more than a 6x-7x if it reaches the market cap of Shiba. Terra Classic is basically the baby token of this. It’s not what it used to be before, it’s not looking great and it crashed to zero. It’s in test net right now to burn to burn crypto like it’s one of those rare tokens that burns it. It’s a test, not the actual mainland.

That’s why total supply has not been reduced yet. They are tested each month and once a year. These are very good levels for training, and a lot of people are saying to one dollar in 2023, hopefully, please go to one dollar. I want to build my own house. I’ve been a renter for the last 24 to 28 years.


 Basically, the Terra Classic got into testnet and what is happening with Luna is basically what we saw with Terra Luna Classic. Now when Binance CEO talks about Terra Classic, the tokens, they talk about Terra Classic, and that’s what’s really important. A lot of people have been really afraid, but Luna is the shining light that we need to see the strength of this statement. The strength of this statement is that the occasionally used fear and greed index, which is meant to show the market sentiment in crypto markets, has been in extreme fear territory for 72 days in a row.

So a lot of people are afraid, and the fear and greed index has been basically I don’t care. Everything is down. Terra Classic has that burn and it’s in the early stages of taking huge burns, which is exactly what we need. It’s exactly what we need, guys. We need a huge burn and Terra Classic is taking steps forward, and that’s causing 12% is actually quite all right. Sure, it’s not what it’s been before, but there are plenty of people who could potentially sell their Terra.

Estera is one of those tokens that have basically the most returns. All of the tokens have seen the same rise, except Ethereum, which has been confirmed to merge, which is very bullish news. In my personal opinion, Ethereum is going to stay around. A lot of people have been, for example, not playing axe infinity, but it’s still here. It’s still alive and as Terra Classic gets developed, Terra 2.0 will get developed with different projects, and that’s what matters. You know, the terror 2.0 and Terra Classic, as long as they’re alive; the developers of Luna Foundation Guard want to help terror classic holders whenever they want to because it’s good for their token guys. People are saying, “Oh, they are only focusing on 2.0.” Of course they’re focusing on what the developers are focusing on, and Terra Classic is mostly up to the community, and that’s okay with me. I’m okay with having developers that are from the community. There’s no problem with that. There’s a difference between company developers and developers from the community.

 [This article is a transcription of a video made by Coin Central]

Original video: https://youtu.be/nO7_9C8b5ZI]