We have some massive crypto news to talk about in the market today. So, some big things have happened in the crypto space. We’re going to talk about them and then on top of that. We’re going to talk about the latest about the burn of Terra Luna the cryptocurrency. So, Terra Luna classic: what is that doing with the burn? Is there secretly a Binance burn taking place right now. We’re gonna have a chat about that.

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Let’s kick it off with some big security news in the crypto space. So, important things you do need to be aware of so move to earn game step in hit with DDOS attacks again. So, if you don’t know, this game is all about moving to Hearn which is a new aspect of cryptocurrency. They are getting hit from distributed denial of service attacks so that is not good. It says right here we have been under multiple DDOS attacks in the past hours securing the service and recovery may take anywhere from 1 to 12 hours. We recommend you take some rest during the maintenance or otherwise the workouts may not be recorded properly. So, this is definitely unfortunate in the crypto space. And it does show you that there are some bad people out there who are out to ruin fun and potentially you know harm networks and also potentially still money that we’ll see in the next article because of the board of a yacht club. The discord was exploited and NFT is worth 200 Ethereum. Ethereum is worth eighteen hundred two thousand. So, that is a lot of money they were stolen in an exploit over discord. And the Border Yacht Club community is not happy. You can see Gordon gonna say right here over on Twitter discord isn’t working for web3 communities.

 We need a better platform that puts security first so unfortunately, you know malicious actors. They are going to find all types of platforms discord Twitter telegram is rampant with scammers. So, always just be extra careful what you’re connecting to in the crypto space. I guess the good news here is they have created a contact email so discord at yugolabs.io for those people impacted by the hacks maybe. They have a recovery plan in place I’m not exactly sure. But, definitely just watch out for scammers on YouTube as well. They’re out of control and it’s a big problem that hasn’t been resolved just yet. We have some interesting updates about Binance CZ and have a look at this watch though so that was an interesting watch and that was reposted from CZ of Binance some interesting things are happening with Caesar to Binance.

So, I want to talk to you about the Luna classic now as well. It’s a cryptocurrency that we have been having a big focus on recently. We do know there are other crypto exchanges out there. So, Mex C global has actually implemented proper burning of Luna Classic which was really good to see. So, you may or may not know of Mexi Global. It’s a big crypto exchange. It’s a good one they have implemented some

But back to this topic of burning up Luna classic. So, what I’ve seen is there’s a lot of chatter right now on the web in the crypto space about possibly is Binance. There are lots of wallets out there and there is speculation and the research has been done by someone called Happycaddycrypto over on Twitter. So, this has been spoken about on YouTube and other platforms as well. So, potentially is there Binance wallets connected to secretly burning up Luna classic right now that is the big question. So, you can see a whole web of wallets basically. But potentially there could be a possibility that Binance CZ is secretly burning up some Luna classic right now. I’m not exactly sure but I just wanted to put that out there for you. I can’t confirm this story in its completeness, but it’s an interesting one. So, I just wanted to bring it to your attention because again. If she’s out of Binance, if he’s secretly burning up some Luna classic that is pretty exciting. We do know Caesar Binance was very influential. If you follow the B and B chain how much burn ups does he do of the BNB coin. It’s in the hundreds of millions it’s out of control if he was to get behind lunar classic that would be pretty interesting. So, where are we up to with the Luna classic burn right now. So, I do have the statistics from Terrarity. We’re closing in on one billion total Luna classic burns, but I know that we need to get this up much higher, so it is good that we’re closing in on that one billion Luna classic but realistically. This needs to get up into the trillion, so people have spoken about Binance potentially do they hold trillions of Luna classic are. Are they owned by the users of Binance or is that something CZ personally holds himself because if Binance could personally burn trillions of Luna classic that’s going to have a big impact on the price of Terra Luna classic.

The cryptocurrency and it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens with this one in the future. We also have some other updates for Do Kwon as well as the other update. We’ve had is his Twitter account has apparently gone private. I can’t see it because I am following Do Kwon on Twitter. But, apparently from the outside. You cannot see Do Kwon’s Twitter account. But, right now. I know Do Kwon, he is running Terra 2.0 completely separate to Terra Luna classic. T here hasn’t been too many tweets coming out of Do Kwon himself, but what we know at the moment is he is working on Terra 2.0 building on that ecosystem. But, I still know there is a lot of interest in Luna classics.

You can the ecosystem of Terra Luna classic can this one flourish like a new cryptocurrency can people start to build on this chain can the burn go up for Luna Classic and can the price go up for Luna Classic that is what people want to know. Yesterday we talked about the potential of Luna Classic becoming a dow which I do think is important for the cryptocurrency in its future. We’re going to find out where this one goes but just watch out for this development of potentially Binance looking to burn up some Luna Classic. So, it’d be interesting Mexi is openly doing it. So, Mexi the crypto exchange, they are openly burning up Luna Classic. I think it’d be great if other crypto exchanges do it as well. But, I just want to just want to put that one out there for you.

Let’s talk about the crypto prices today. So, what is going on with the crypto marketing. Guess what you know whether in the crypto land. It changes every day, so today is a green day. You can see all the green on the chart today. So, congratulations, if you have crypto in the crypto market. Today it’s a good day and what are some big winners. We are seeing a bit of a rally in Bitcoin so at the time of making this Bitcoin is up four percent which is great to see, Ethereum’s up four percent. And what are the other cryptos doing? Cardano is up 5.3 percent, the Celina’s up seven percent and Polka Dots at four point one percent and that ships up two point three percent and eight coins up two point six percent as well. And, so what are we seeing in the crypto space right now? 

You can see this big green candle. So, for the first time in many weeks the cryptocurrency Bitcoin it closed out with a green candle right here. And what we are seeing is just recently in the last couple of hours? You can see a nice pump in the price of Bitcoin. So, nice pump right there and but realistically to keep it real with you. What we are seeing is we are seeing this kind of prolonged battle right here. It’s going for nearly a month or so potentially a month. You can see it right there. We are still within the battle for 30 000 for Bitcoin. So, we do want to see BTC break out of this range. There is still to keep it realistic as well. There is still a ton of global economic fud out there. So, you know about the supply chains, you know about Russia-Ukraine, you know about inflation as well. So, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the global economy and what we do want to see though is we do want to see the Bitcoin price break out of 30 000. Currently, it’s nearly 31 000. It’d be good to see it go up northwards. But again, if it does retrace, I’m not too worried about that because at the end of the day.

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