Do we potentially have some crazy new news, some crazy new plans for Terra Luna version two that is what we’re going to be talking about because there has been some breaking news that I want to talk to you about? What is Do Kwon potentially up to? People are talking about these new plans. We’re also going to take a look at Luna version 2’s price, we’re going to take a look at Luna classics price and some other important news for Terra Luna.

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What happened was we have Luna version two. It’s now live. Do Kwon is working on this and it’s the new chain. It’s a completely new chain and we have some breaking news. It has been tweeted out by watcher guru have a look at this just in Do Kwon’s Terra labs is reportedly working on a new decentralized stable stablecoin built on Terra 2.0, so is this groundhog day? Are we seeing a new stablecoin getting kicked off on Luna version two? Interested to see what happens here and we do have the article from watcher guru right here.

So, have a look at this. We do know the history of Terra Luna, so there are two Terra Luna right now. There’s Luna classics which we’ll talk about soon and there’s also Terra Luna version two. What we have is some news and this is coming from no other than a fat man over on Twitter. So, according to a guru. It says here a member of the terror community going by the name of fat man took to Twitter and gave the cryptoverse inside information a verified source revealed that Kwon was in the process of designing plans for a brand new decentralized stablecoin that would be built on top of Terra 2.0. You can see right here the tweet from fat man and he says a verified insider close to TFL has confirmed that Do Kwon is currently working on design plans for a new decentralized stablecoin that will be built atop Terra too for me. This is really interesting stuff. 

There isn’t much more information about exactly what these plans for a new stable coin is. Is it under collateral? How does it work? What do you think? Should terra 2 have another stable coin as Terra one did? I do think for now personally and again this is just my opinion. As someone who kind of has followed the journey of Terra Luna, I do think if these rumors are true Do Kwon should really just be focusing on ecosystem growth right now, adapt development just to steady the ship on Terra Luna because people might freak out they might be like oh this is just going to happen again. He’s going to create another stable coin and it’s going to collapse on Terra 2.0. So, it could potentially create some funds. If these sources are true according to the fat man according to watchu guru right there. I’m not exactly sure, but I just want to bring you this information and that is a really interesting piece of information that is breaking for Terra too. So, we’re going to find out whether this is true or not. True time will tell us what happens right here.

What else is important to understand is that the trading on Binance is going to go live very soon. So, probably, there’s going to be an announcement for Binance. You can see if you go to Binance the countdown timer. So, this is going to be live trading on Binance, so it looks like the airdrop is going through for Luna. It’s going to go through your Luna classic and will most likely be tradable right now. It does actually look like Luna classic has resumed trading early. So, Luna classic is actually up for trading right now on Binance. So that is another important piece of information. If you have had your crypto on Binance that is now go time and look. If we do take a look at the prices of both Luna and Luna classic, let’s have a look right here.

What’s interesting to know is there has been a bit of a pump in the price of Luna version two. So, we did see a bit of a flaw the last time. We did an update on v2 around the five dollars to six dollar range, but have a look at this the market is saying: “No”. The price has now gone up to a high of around 11.50 and that is pretty high so around the 11 mark. It has retraced down to around 8.80, but this is still putting Luna version 2 as a very big cryptocurrency. So, again a price of 8 to 9 that is a really big crypto. So, don’t underestimate this eight to nine times one billion that is the supply of Luna version two. That’s going to give us a market cap to eight to nine billion and if we go to the crypto prices today.

The prices are pumping again Bitcoin is pumping up Ethereum is looking very juicy at the moment. If we go down to around the eight-to-nine-billion-dollar mark. This is going to put Terra Luna at around the 12 mark, so around 12-13 that is where Terra Luna version 2 is sitting. So, it’s still a monster cryptocurrency, the fully diluted value of that crypto looks like a reasonable price prediction. And as always not financial advice, but I did say Luna right now, if it does get some really nice app development, you could possibly look at 15 Luna again in the future. If the crypto market continues to go up, possibly 20 would be reasonable as well. But, again, you could also see the downside. If the crypto market does go a little bit bearish but right now. We’re seeing some good prices, this is good news.

Let’s take a look at Luna classics price and uh Luna classic where it is trading right now. There was a bit of a spike yesterday. There is a lot of interest in the lunar classic and it’s trading at around the 0.0001 level currently and that Luna classic is a total beast in itself. So, this crypto it’s still in the top 100. If you look on the coin gecko charts, you’re going to find Luna classic. It’s currently ranked at around number 77, but you know crazy things can happen in the crypto space. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by Crypto ZEUS

Original video: https://youtu.be/kCdbazLFvCg