Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022?

Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022?

It’s safe to say that meme coins have a very unique and integral value within the cryptocurrency community. I mean think about Elon Musk when he was blaring Dogecoin. It went completely viral. He helped aid hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to enter the blockchain space and learn more about blockchain technology. We can see here even during bear market meme coins are in an uptrend right now we can see some of the top ones such as Monaco. Kishu Inu Dojalon is still sitting at a rather healthy market capitalization Dogecoin leaning at 8.84 billion.

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Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022?

What`s Tamadoge?

So, today I want to announce or introduce you to a new exciting Meme coin project which is actually gonna be released very soon. It’s in pre-sale at the moment and I do think it could be the next Shiba Inu or even Dogecoin because it’s just got massive upside potential. It’s another deflationary taxless fun immersive play to iron project.

So, let’s have a look at it today. We can see it’s Tamadoge. The native token will be Tama which is capital T-A-M-A and this is the play to earn Dogecoin for a limited time, made a sale by today for a discount on what crypto publications say will become the world’s biggest meme coin. You can see it’s already featured in lots of articles as well. So, they’re already hammering on the marketing and public relations front 100 secure. So, it’s rugball-proof as well, so that gives you confidence as an investor.

Tamadoge Ecosystem

 Let’s have a look at the ecosystem here. So, Tamadoge is the newest entry into the doge ecosystem and it’s coming on the scene with a woof unlike its predecessors. 

Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022? photo

Tamadoge is coming out of the gate barking, pushing the boundaries of play to earn space in order to provide a game that people will be climbing over each other to use. So, it’s got that replayability and lots of lifetime value. There’s going to be NFTs as well lots of amazing stuff like that and I suppose it’s just going to keep people coming back. There’s longevity attached with the vision as well. We can see on their roadmap, we’ve also got Tamadoge pets which will probably be NFTs really exciting. There’s going to be Tamadoge leaderboards to drop a bit of competition. You’ve got the Tamiverse as well and I think it’s really nice. It’s another deflationary meme coin that we’re going to see enter the memecoin space and come in a bear market. That’s really good as well because it’s got the potential to grow massively. I mean think about it Shiba Inu already did a 10 to 100x right. It’s not really going to see another 10 to 100 x. Again it already hit a peak euphoria and threw in an overextended greedy market.

Tamadoge: price prediction 2022-2023

But this is going to launch a very low market cap and if something has a two-million-dollar market cap. It’s very likely that it can actually hit 200 million dollars and therefore do a 100x. So the pre-sale that we’re seeing right now could offer a real privilege that you can get in at a really early price before it’s launched on any centralized or decentralized exchanges. We can see here the roadmap, we’ve got q4 2022 we’ve also got Q1 2023. So, really bullish to see that they’ve got a vision for the future as well. So, they can create a nice community and add value for the community and investors as well because a lot of these light-hearted fun vibrant projects are very much reliant on the community and how the community drives the project as well. There’s also rumors that this is actually going to launch on the Elle bank centralized exchange shortly following the pre-sale. So, that’s going to bring in a healthy surge of volume and then they’ll be focusing on trying to actually launch on tier 1 centralized exchanges as well. So, really bullish for this project  – it’s Tamadoge, the play to earn Dogecoin.

Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022? today

Tamadoge pre-sale

You can see that currently, they are in a pre-sale so the beta sale and soon we can actually buy this today. You see there’s only 34 days left so far. 25 774 dollars has been raised for this project and you can buy this with USD DDT or Etherium. So, it’s an erc20 token meaning you can buy it on metamask or the Trust wallet on the Ethereum Mainner. The gas fees are super low, high throughput, and really easy transactions for transparency as well. So, I’m super super bullish about this one guy. I think we are going to see a massive ball rally for this project once it does launch. As you see, time is ticking. There are only 4 34 days until the 25 price increase, so gets in while you can before they go through with some of the bigger marketing and influencer marketing as well as the public relations stuff because right now is a great time to be investing or dollar cost averaging into these projects. Now you can buy as little as 10 to 15 dollars’ worth so you don’t need to have massive bags.

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Tamadoge social medias

If you are a risk-aversee investor and you don’t want to put too much capital in – that’s completely fine. I am averaging in on this one. So, you can explore and do a bit of research. Have a look at the tokenomics of the Tamadoge seriously and just learn more about what’s going to happen with this project and what the future of it will be because it’s in pre-sale right now and it’s looking very good. Here is the token address. So, you can import that into your Metamask wallet token. Symbol Tamadoge is really easy to do. You just simply copy and paste that and put it into your metamask on the Ethereum Mainnet. It will list Tamadoge for you, so here is the Instagram for Tamadoge. I love it already. They’re sticking Elon Musk’s face right here. So, I do expect we’re gonna see a lot of hype drumming up around here and over time we will see more social engagements here on Twitter with 16 300 followers.

Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022? image

You can already see it just by looking at it. They’re already putting doge to shame look at this image. Just being a dog holder with Tamadoge. At least, you can play with it as it will become an NFT that you can look after in the app. So, there’s also a teaser that is going to be an application as well it could be Android, IOS. I’m not 100% sure but this site sort of stuff is what you really want to see for a play-to-earn project in the future. Realistically, I imagine seeing Tamadoge right here on this heat map of the top um meme coins in space. If we look at the top 10 I think it’s very realistic. We could see Tamadoge sail its way through to these positions here because it’s actually a project that I’m slightly affiliated with.

Tamadoge Next Crypto Meme Coin To Explode Like Dogecoin in 2022? graphics

Is it worth?

But they’ve done pre-sales in the past and they’ve been very successful. If we look at the trends of all of these meme coins usually after their pre-sales. They do perform very well and naturally just being altcoins sometimes you do get those retracements after the euphoria as there’s so much volatility. So, let’s see what happens. If you are an investor that likes to ride the volatility waves and go for the low-cap projects, you can capitalize more on cryptocurrency in a bear market. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage if you want to go and you know increase the stack on your blue chips like Bitcoin and Ethereum whilst they’re not really doing much right now. So, we’re getting these exciting projects to come up in the bear market and that’s why we’re looking at this Plato iron pre-sale right now because it’s happening in a bear market whilst everything else is sleeping. Really big news, so let’s see what’s going to happen with this one. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by Jacob Crypto Bury

Original video: https://youtu.be/OM-nmQIH1tM