Solana day trading strategy 

Solana day trading strategy 

It’s going to go through the trading system and some lovely inches here on Solana and use the same system. I’ve been taking trades on XRP and now on Solana. I’ve just closed this little trade here with a nice little profit and we took about seven percent on that trade same again earlier. It’s been a lovely day, nice training trading ranger in, so just do some simple technical analysis using a simple development system over the years. I used to trade Forex. Now I’m on the cryptocurrencies because they move more and then like any other tool. It’s just an asset you can use to make very good money and very good returns especially with the leverage that you can get with some brokers. You can use leverage carefully if you’ve got the right system. You can take trades with confidence, so this is my trading system that I use.

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Solana day trading strategy and risk management

It’s a strategy on Solana that works very well because we get some nice movement, there’s some nice spikes and we get some good moves. You can see the uh averages here that i use gives you an indication when the market’s coming to an end the momentum is changing we’ve also got uh some indicators down here tell us roughly the movies when it’s oversold over bulks and when that momentum is changing so together it forms a lovely system and it’s going to be used to develop this but it’s paying off here these trades here you can see absolutely perfect trader took here on the 14th. It was beautiful right down to the bottom. I came out when these crossed the bottom. We’re going green, absolutely amazing trade, absolutely amazing crazy money. But, here we’ve got a nice move away we’ve crossed at the bottom.

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Solana day trading strategy forex

We’re coming over sold, so I just took some short movements back up again. Then we entered and we entered on this range that’s gone into now. Is it absolutely foolproof like anything absolutely? Not. But it gives you a lot of confidence and an indication on which trades. You can see the greens over the red, for example, and however you can see clearly this is bearish momentum the market’s leveled off. It’s coming down, so I wouldn’t be entering trades here. It’s just it keeps you out of trades whereas normally any moving average strategy something like that you’d want to get straight into that. I know these charts I’ve been trading for 16 years and I do stuff for crypto just to offer life-changing, completely life-changing opportunities for people. If only they realize that what they’ve got available to them at the minute now the banks have got involved in all the cryptos. However, they’re still moving very nicely. They’re a lot easier to trade than the forex and where I come from the forex industry. So, people don’t know exactly what they’ve got available to them and anyone can trade these simple tools with a little bit of training. You can come and you can do this stuff. But, you need to know what you’re doing and what to look for. But, if you put the hours in the chats and do a bit of study. It’s perfectly achievable for anyone.

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Solana day trading strategy key points

But, this is a day trading strategy, I use it on a one minute chart, I specialize in one minute chart i always have done. But, you need to be used to that that kind of movement i mean it’s not necessarily quick. But, it’s still a speed of trading that some people struggle with but in day trading that’s what I use gives you awesome entries and keeps you busy during the day. I trade full time, so it’s something I’m doing on a daily basis. So, very enjoyable though I just want to talk about day trading. The kind of psychology depends on what people are into. You can obviously trade crypto seven days a week which is an amazing benefit for people. I get to trade every day. But, you can trade when the time suits you. But, it’s the mentality around that your day trading isn’t for everyone. I mean there’s a level of stress and you can get fatigued over time. But, in the same thing, you really do need to just stick to one strategy. I can’t say that enough, it doesn’t matter what strategy you have. You just need to stick to it. People jump around, they see new videos on youtube and they’re not treating it like a business. It’s just a bit of fun especially with cryptos. Just people give us a bit of fun so we can become a millionaire. That’s not the way that I’ve saved the world, you can invest long term in cryptos you really like.

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Solana day trading strategy on trading view

If you’re careful with what you want to do with your money. But, by trading them each day you can build your money then invest that money you’ve made, your money then invest that money and if you invest the profits. The stress is gone, you don’t worry so much. It’s all money you’ve made if then you make even more money on the money you’ve already made happy days. It’s a simple strategy to make wealth over time and you just gotta stay focused repeatedly. It does become boring. It can be a very boring lonely time when you’re trading it all day every day. But, that’s the deal, that’s day trading. I absolutely love it. I love doing it every day. It’s challenging. It’s got lots of moves at the end of the day you do something you love in life if you’re doing it just to make money there will be more pressure on you. If you don’t enjoy it, you find looking at these charts and picking out the signals that aren’t exactly clear and taking those and people are going to get cleaned out.

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Solana day trading strategy: cryptocurrency

It’s just the way every market works the same. You can see when things aren’t exactly clear you get flat range like we’ve got here. Lines are flat, everything’s flat and the signal’s there, but people aren’t really sure you stay out of it. You don’t need to take those trades. This is early hours obviously coming into the morning here a beautiful opportunity came and took it re-entered in the day and actually done it for the day that’s just on one. I took trades on xrp as well um happy days keeps you busy all day long different equipped social media different rates. But, just dangerous even on its own, a fantastic mover is fantastic.

Solana day trading strategy  this month

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