I’d like to highlight a very exciting and magical way to play a card-based game to earn money. It’s a no-brainer that play-to-earn games will be the next big thing in crypto. People play games anyway, so why wouldn’t you want to earn some tokens or NFTs while you play? A good game is more than just playing to earn dynamics; it must be magical and exciting. It needs to be fun.

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Shiryo is a play and earn game 5 project powered by the Ethereum and Matic blockchains with an NFT trading card game in development. The game takes place in a world called Edria, which is divided into four regions. Each region of Edria is a domain for one of the four elements: earth, fire, thunder, and water. This will all be a part of the Shiryo metaverse in the future.

The story of Shiryo starts after the continent was ravaged by a curse that made wolves violent and turned people into werewolves, fueled by the elemental powers of each region. The ecosystem of the Shiryoverse revolves around its token Shiryo, which is used as a currency for various actions, including staking, card sales, deck renting, game DAO, and wagering against other players. Shiryo’s main focus is to create an NFT trading card game that will be enjoyable but will also give players the opportunity to earn money while playing. Shiryo’s approach is focused more on play and earn instead of play to earn because the game’s primary purpose is to be fun and not to be played only for profit.

Let’s talk about the game creators’ objectives. Let’s talk about the market for these types of games. Let’s talk about the trading card game itself. First of all, the aim of the Shiryo team is to make a game that will not only be enjoyable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts but also for non-crypto gamers. When looking at the market, the market for collectible card games in 2019 was valued at about 10 billion dollars and is expected to reach $26 billion by 2026. The number of active Hearthstone players in 2020 was 23 million. If you’re familiar with Hearthstone, NFTs are the perfect use case for trading cards as they bridge the gap between computer card games, i.e. Hearthstone Legends of Runterra, Gwent, where players don’t own their cards, and physical card games like Magic the Gathering or Pokemon. The huge trading card game player base. The ability to take true ownership of the cards gives Shiryo plenty of room to grow.

What does any good fantasy game need? Great story. Fascinating lore. The rich lore of the Shiryo world is an open gateway to expand the universe by potentially creating a metaverse comic book animated series. The team has been working on these things already, but in addition, there is a strong possibility of branching out and exploring different game genres in the future.

Let’s look towards the future, in fact, the future of this project. As we finish out Q2, we will see. We do see:

Let’s talk about the token. With the token you will get if you own the token. What do you get auto rewards through reflections. If you stake the tokens, you can receive card packs. With mint cards, you can wager against other players with the token. You can participate in the game balance. You can borrow decks from the game with the token. You can enter tournament mode with the token. The token serves as the space’s utility token. The popularity of the game grows, hopefully, so does the price of the token.

As it has a decreasing supply, the developers of the project do use 10% of the different game asset sales to buy back and burn the Shiryo tokens. A percentage of each transaction is redistributed back to holders, which includes the burnt wallet and the staking wallet.

All reflections from the staking wallet are going to the burnt wallet, meaning the circulating supply is decreasing every day. The Shiryo token is available on UniSwap, Max C, Bitmart, and Elbank.

The community is growing by the day, with over 40,000 token holders, nearly 40,000 twitter followers, and nearly 20,000 Telegram members.

Looking at the main app, you can see:

This is what the main marketplace looks like. You can click on any of this stuff and go more in depth as to what each card will do for you. A lot of different cards do a lot of different things. Plenty of different cards. Check them out for yourself and you know feel free to farm or mint or you know whatever you like.

The core team is assembled of highly experienced individuals who are carefully vetted as experts in their appropriate field. We have Jordan Fung, the CEO and online business expert, with extensive knowledge of web development and design. His experience and passion for both blockchain and trading card games means no expense is spared throughout both the design and development of Shiryo.

Then, of course, the marketing officer, CMO, Marcin, has extensive contacts in both the DeFi space and social media marketing space. Shiryo’s sole responsibility is to ensure that every single person who falls under our target audience has heard of Shiryo.

Jordan, can you tell us a little bit more about how it works?

Yeah, so our project is a trading card game and the trading cards utilize NFTs to be the collectible in-game items. Trading cards are kind of the perfect utility for NFTs because people like to collect NFTs as a collector’s item anyway. So why not to pair that with something that is already an established thing that people collect and then give it utility by building a whole game around the NFTs?

 Crypto Expo, Dubai, 2022.

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