Shinja Price Predictions

Shinja Price Predictions

As for the recent calculation Shinja has full potential to trade with 12 zeros but we need to increase the market cap to around three points. It looks like Shinja’s time has finally started. We are going to discuss everything in detail in this video.

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Shinja Price Predictions

Pump cycle follows a similar circle?

Now let’s start. So, at the time of recording this video. We have seen this huge spike where shinja are going crazy at the moment. This is because of many reasons. I will explain one by one in this video. But, whales are coming back into Shinja. A whale just bought 100k worth of shinji tokens. Now if you haven’t watched this video of mine. I would recommend you guys to go and watch this video because I have explained everything in detail with examples on the chart pattern of Shinja. Its pump cycles basically in short the shinja follows a similar chart cycle now from the past month we are in the downward cycle. But, from next week that is from 11 to 14.

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Why Shinji is pumping?

The pump cycle will begin. You can just go and watch the video. So, you will get exactly what I am talking about now. Let’s talk about a few reasons why Shinji is pumping. So, the first update we have is from dojo swap so dojo swap is almost ready. I think we might see it go live in a week or two and just two hours back these guys just tested it live. You can go to their youtube channel and check the full video. So, this is one of the reasons the next update is the best update as many people were eagerly waiting for this. So, in yesterday’s ama cliff mentioned that there may be a new exchange listing sooner than the one expected.

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Shinja`s price this month

This means that we have a new exchange listing right around the corner. Obviously, the DEV team is not allowed to reveal anything because the exchanges are the ones who are going to reveal first. But, it looks like we have found which exchange it could be. Check this out bk ex global is teasing us with something they have shared a tweet guess which listing coming soon now here. You can see a Shinja in Shiba dog. So, it looks like bk ex global will be listing us soon now this exchange ranks somewhere around 65 to 80 in the exchange ranking list it has a daily trading volume of roughly 1 billion. So, we can expect a decent pump and that is the reason whales are jumping into shinjan now. This month we also have a tier one exchange listing. So, this month could turn out to be crazy for Shinja. So, in terms of price prediction as for the recent calculation.

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Has Shinja full potential to trade? 

Shinja has full potential to trade with 12 zeros. But, we need to increase the market cap to around 3.5 billion or reduce the supply by three to four sextillion during the highest point of shinja. It has a market cap of one billion without any major exchanges. So, in crypto anything is possible it’s all about luck right now. Only thing we need is that Shinji should stay in hype once the fear of missing out starts. People are going to jump in now. This is my suggestion for those of you who have bought during the pump. You have to average your buying cost now otherwise you’re not going to make profit. Personally, I feel the pump cycle has started now. Unless there is some bad news. I don’t think shinju will stop. I am hoping shinji to reach back to near its all-time high.

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But, I would suggest you guys do your own research because even though I am an investor like you, I have my own strategies and each one of you should come out with your own strategies. So, guys that’s all about it for this short and quick Shinja update. Once I get more updates I will be posting it on my twitter account  

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