I want to do an update on safe mode because I’ve noticed some strange but good things happening with the price of Safe. You can see there is a huge amount of biops happening currently with the Safe Moon price and you can actually see the numbers go through for this, so have a look at this every couple of minutes. Someone’s buying up 32 units of safe room which was about 9b before on the charts. They were buying up 32 BB worth of Safe Moon. So some really big buy-ups of Safe Moon and this is good so what’s happening.

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You can see the price basically take off like a rocket ship right now. The prices went from the 0.00028 level now, it’s sitting at about a 0.0075 level. So, that is roughly 3x in the space of like half a day which is crazy to see. So, why is this happening? I want to give you an update why this is happening and it has to do with this tweet right now. Have a look at this in connection with the migration of Safe Moon v1 to safe mode v2. Safe moon is seeking to migrate being held in LPS associated with safe mode version 1 into LPS associated with safe mode version 2. In connection with that migration Safe mode may from time to time acquire safe mode v2 in the open market subject to market conditions and other factors. This is really good news. So, what is happening is Safe moon they figured out how to move some of the LP across to Safe Moon v2. 

But they’re doing it differently. They’re doing a buy up of the crypto currency, so I love this stuff. I think most cryptos should do buy-ups of their own crypto because at the end of the day. If you’re a holder in a cryptocurrency, let’s be honest what’s there’s nothing better than seeing the price chart go up. We’re here to make money and we want to see green on the chart and the Safe Moon is showing a lot of green and I think it’s important we recognize this. The team is doing buy-ups to safe moon buying up the crypto on the open market and you can just see these buy orders go through so the big question right now is how long will these buy-ups go for because it is looking pretty nice right now. If it goes on for another day or two days you know the price could be very high. But we’ll see in the market. If we zoom out on the price chart right here since when they re-added liquidity to the swap back in late March and April. You can see the safe moon has recovered a bit in price. If the buy-ups continue the price obviously will just keep going up. So, it depends on how much liquidity they are moving from v1 over to v2, so if there’s any number of sleuths out there on how much more money they have to move across.

It’s about 2400-2500 USD per buy going through right now and that is just sending the price upwards on the chart. Really good price movements for Safe moon currently. This is amid a very tumultuous market right now. So, you can see if you’ve been following the crypto news updates the market is extremely volatile right now. But I do think there are plenty of gems out there on the market. If you do have dry powder on the side I want to give a shout out to AAX exchange.

I just want to give a shout-out to the safe moon today. So, some really nice movement from the team doing these Biops. I do like this stuff and I think with Safe Moon, the crypto at the end of the day, a lot of cryptocurrencies out there. We spoke about it yesterday in Mark Cuban’s update about what he thinks of the crypto market. But it will come down to your utility use case rewarding the community and mass adoption.

 Some always remember cryptocurrency. One of the hardest things to do is actually build up a community. Community is super hard to do. If you have a big community and then you start to deliver good products and services for that community that is where crypto can get very exciting and that’s why some of the big cryptos on the market have massive cap. So, even though the market is down right now. Have a look at them, look at the market cap of some of these big ones. Look at XRP 20 billion right there, BNB 46 billion, Solana 17 billion. So, the market caps are still massive. You got your Meme coins like Dogecoin 11.5 billion. So, I do think there’s an opportunity in the crypto space for good quality cryptos to rise up in the charts. But today, just wanted to give a quick shout out to explain exactly what is happening with the Safe Moon price. It’s going to be interesting to see how much higher. We also had an update for Mandela exchange as well. Safe Moon’s been listed on Mandela exchange good to see you. 

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