Robert Kiyosaki’s Last WARNING Is Bitcoin The Answer?

So. I’m just saying that we’re in serious trouble seriously – it’s getting worse that’s. What terrifies me is that inflation goes up and the average American doesn’t have a thousand bucks. 40% of Americans don’t have a thousand bucks. So, when does inflation go up? We’re going to wipe out 50 percent of the U.S population and that is when the revolution starts, if and when it will come down the stock market crashes the 401k. The old guys like me are toast – we don’t have a retirement. Our pensions are but best-selling author and financial expert Robert Kiyosaki in his latest interview gives a grave warning to investors that the market will crash. 

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We are witnessing just the beginning with inflation figures now at over eight percent. Kiyasaki warns that the consequences of this are going to be far more dire than anyone expects. Just today Kiyasaki tweeted that the bubble was turning into everything but could this be. The start of the biggest depression ever. I am concerned Kiyasaki explains the dire outlook and why he is turning to Bitcoin, Ethereum silver and gold to hedge his portfolio.

Also make sure to stick around to the end of the video where I will cover the latest on-chain bitcoin data to see where the price is likely to go in the short term. Well there’s Jordan Peterson. He’s a Canadian and somebody says tough men are dangerous and Trump was a tough man. But he says watch what weak men will do and this Biden is the worst I have ever seen men is senile. Today what’s happening is Russia and China are now ganging up on the US.

It’s really a dangerous world right now. It’s getting worse so every time you interview me when Trump was in power. I was a bit optimistic but now we have the weakest, most corrupt government. What happens to Hunter-Biden’s laptop if the FBI loses his laptop. There’s something really sick inside this country and so that’s kind of what I gauge all my macroeconomics on is Hunter Biden’s laptop.

I mean how can the FBI lose it if we have no financial education in our schools. So that’s what I’m concerned about. My biggest concern Danielle with Russia and China are ganging upon us. As we all know, America produces nothing anymore. We produce bubbles. We just blow air bubbles so we now have this bubble in real estate and stocks and bonds and then when Biden took the Keystone Pipeline. XL Pipeline off just wiped us out here inflation goes up and the average American doesn’t have a thousand bucks. Forty percent of Americans don’t have a thousand bucks and so when inflation goes up, we’re going to wipe out 50 percent of the U.S population. That is when the revolution starts and so if and when it will come down the stock market crashes the 401k.

 The old guys like me have three things that our treasury’s out of control. We’ve lost it, our entitlement is out of our control and now we’re at war in the defense department. Our debt to GDP is out, as we all know. There’s insiders to every deal. I don’t have any stocks. I don’t invest in the stock market but they’re my companies on the stock market. The best deals are always done early so when people say: “Do you invest in Bitcoin?” Yes, when it was six thousand dollars. So, Solana is still early and it’s a possibility it’s a long shot. It’s the same as a can of tuna that may be worth more than Solana. We’ve got to know what’s real today and that’s what I’m saying – we have the weak leadership in world history America’s in serious trouble. So, I want to find out what’s real China and Russia are now ganging up on us. We went to Venezuela and Iran to buy oil from them. Biden cuts off the oil supply everybody talks about intrinsic value. What is intrinsic value?

I can eat tuna that’s valuable and if you’re starving. I’d rather have a can of tuna than Solana and I’m always kind of a Rodney danger feel of the financial circuit. I like to make fun of things because otherwise, people can’t hear me. They get too serious about this so I’m just saying that we’re in serious trouble seriously – it’s getting worse. That’s what terrifies me for years. I’ve been buying those green canisters of silver coins because the government can’t trace them. I can use them for money so I can go anywhere in the world with a silver coin and spend. I can go with a gold coin and spend it without being traced, not that I’m hiding anything. I’m just sick and tired of this government. I don’t trust them as I said if hunter Biden’s laptop disappears in FBI custody. We have a serious internal problem here and so that’s why I tongue-in-cheek tweeted? That I’d rather have a can of tuna right now than a silver coin just to get ridiculous because I can eat tuna, I cannot eat that silver coin like a spender. Well, always remember America has stopped producing products. We produce bubbles now. 

The good thing about a bubble is when they burst everything goes on sale. So, when things went in 2008 I waited till about 2010 I borrowed 300 million because debt is money. as you know, after 71 and I began buying real estate at bargain prices so just recently the repo market inverted again which means we’re going down it means recessions ahead. But my concern is now revolution because when people can’t afford to eat tuna. We’re going to have rioting so it’s a whole different type of bubble burst when Biden took us off the pipeline oil prices went up, oil produces fertilizer, and when fertilizer is no longer. Cheap people can’t produce food. An average American has nothing forty percent of Americans have nothing. Inflation is going to make them very upset. A stock market crash will bring down the baby boomers. So, we’re in serious trouble here. So, I’m just being ridiculous in my tweets because it’s better than listening to Biden that I’d rather have a can of tuna right now. That’s what I’m saying is, at least, I can eat it.

So, there’s Robert Kiyosaki with his pessimistic outlook. I know there’s a lot of pessimism in the markets right now. The fed is tightening monetary policy, bond prices are falling and the yield curve has inverted a prime indicator for a recession on top of that the s p is down 10 year-to-date and crypto is down 20 across the board too. I, however, feel pretty confident there is a ton of innovation in the space and a host of new differentiated ways to park your earnings. After all, with the unprecedented volatility and inflation rates, JP Morgan recently stated that alternatives are no longer optional. What’s the good part about gaining access to previously illiquid alternative markets has never been easier, thanks to a bunch of smart people leveraging the power of technology. And today’s sponsor masterworks is a company that I’ve discussed and it’s doing just that they are opening up the previously exclusive art market to savvy investors like you and me.

After all, art has shown limited volatility compared to almost every other asset class while quietly outperforming the s p 500 by 164 percent from 1995 to 2021. Masterworks uses millions of data points and advanced auction theory to understand trending artist markets. They are purchasing the top of the art market the stuff selling for a million dollars and above by artists You’ve heard of like Picasso, Warhol and Banksy after purchasing the artwork. Then files a public offering with the SEC thereby securitizing the painting and allowing you to purchase shares in the artwork. It’s as easy as buying shares of Amazon or tesla on your favorite trading app. I think this is a really interesting diversification strategy and a great way to gain exposure to an alternative asset class as with all investments your capital is at risk the value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what you invested but since 2017 three paintings sold net annualized returns of 32 in 2020 and 31 in 2021. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. 

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