Robert Kiyosaki – Many Don’t Notice The Coming Crisis

‘When Biden took us off the pipeline, oil prices went up, and oil produces fertilizer, and when fertilizer is no longer cheap, people can’t produce food. The average American has nothing. percent of Americans have nothing. Inflation is going to make them very upset. A stock market crash will bring down the baby boomers, so we’re in serious trouble here.’ – Robert Kiyosaki says.

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Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has been repeating a single warning for Americans for over a month. Now, his warning is that the US dollar and economy are going to dust. He has repeated this warning in several tweets and interviews to show his conviction about the precarious situation we are in. In a recent interview with Stansberry Research Kiyosaki declares that U.S. president Joe Biden and not Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Joe Biden’s administration has tried to pin the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin, many experts, including the Rich Dad Poor Dad author, have pointed out that the problem started way before Putin invaded Russia.

Furthermore, Kiyosaki adds that he is more concerned about the tag team formed by the Russian and Chinese presidents against the United States after Biden’s ban on Russian oil imports with Xi and Putin in talks about trading with the Chinese yuan instead of the dollar. The situation could worsen faster than policy makers can handle.

Consequently, this would lead to a catastrophic event that Kiyosaki says would wipe out 50% of American citizens. Pay attention to Kiyosaki’s thoughts on how Biden is causing the rising inflation and why he has urged investors to put their wealth in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana:

‘Well, there’s a guy Jordan Peterson is a Canadian. He talks about it. He says you think tough men are dangerous and Trump was a tough man, but he says watch what weak men will do and this guy, Biden, is the worst. I have ever seen men senile and today what’s happening is that Russia and China are now ganging up on the U.S. It’s really a dangerous world right now. Every time you interviewed me when Trump was in power, I was a bit optimistic, but now we have the weakest, most corrupt government.

 You know what happened to Hunter Biden’s laptop? If the FBI loses his laptop, there’s something really sick inside this country and so that’s kind of what I gauge all my macroeconomics on. Where’s Hunter Biden’s laptop? I mean, how can the FBI lose it? We have no financial education in our schools, so that’s what I’m concerned about.

My biggest concern, Danielle, is that Russia and China are ganging up on us. As we all know, America produces nothing anymore. We produce bubbles, you know, we just blow air bubbles, so we now have this bubble in real estate, stocks, and bonds, and then when Biden took the keystone pipeline XL pipeline off, it just wiped us out here.

When inflation goes up and the average American doesn’t have a thousand dollars 40% of Americans don’t have a thousand dollars, and so when inflation goes up, we’re going to wipe out 50% of the U.S population and that is when revolution starts. If and when it comes down, the stock market crashes the 401k. Old guys like me are closed. You know, we don’t have a retirement, our pensions are bust, so what we have with three things is our treasury is out of control, we’ve lost it, our entitlements are out of control, and now we’re at war in the defense department, so our debt to GDP is out of control.

Every time I talked to Danielle, I said I wish I could have some good news, so that’s why I did the tuna can to silver eagle comparison. We’re in trouble as we all know, there are insiders in every deal. I don’t have any stocks. You know, I don’t invest in the stock market, but they’re my companies on the stock market, so the best deals are always done early. So when people say do you invest in Bitcoin, uh yes, when it was $6,000.

So Solana is still early and it’s got a possibility. It’s a long shot. It’s the same as a can of tuna. A can of tuna may be worth more than Solana. We’ve got to know what’s real today and that’s what I’m saying. We have the weakest leadership in world history. America is in serious trouble.

So I want to find out what’s real and China and Russia are now ganging up on us. We went to Venezuela and Iran to buy oil from them and this guy, Biden, cuts off our oil supply.’

 Higasaki also talks about increasing oil prices and how it may cause many American families to starve. He states that a barrel of oil has gone from $30 to $130 due to the ban. He adds that this negatively affects the production of fertilizers, resulting in the high cost of food production in America. Kiyosaki continues that Biden is on the verge of igniting the fire of revolution as the inflation he is stirring up will cause an average United States citizen to own less than a thousand dollars, which is a critical sign of revolution. The poor become poorer and the middle class drops to become poor. That’s the recipe for revolution. The rich dad, poor dad The author solemnly declares

‘Well, always remember that America has stopped producing products. We only produce bubbles now. The good thing about bubbles is that when they burst, everything goes on sale. When things went south in 2008, I waited till about 2010 before borrowing 300 million because debt is money, as you know after ‘71. and I began buying real estate at bargain prices. Just recently, the repo market inverted again, which means we’re going down. It means recessions ahead, but my concern is now revolution, because when people can’t afford to eat tuna, we’re going to have rioting. It’s a whole different type of bubble burst when Biden took us off the pipeline. When oil prices go up, oil produces fertilizer, and when fertilizer is no longer cheap, people can’t produce food and the average American has nothing. 40% of Americans have nothing. Inflation is going to make them very upset. A stock market crash will bring down the baby boomers, so we’re in serious trouble here. So I’m just being ridiculous in my tweets because it’s better than listening to Biden. I’d rather have a can of tuna right now. That’s what I’m saying is that. At least I can eat it.

Robert, um, I’m going to send you a case of tuna but before it hits 25 bucks, but what do we talk about when you talk about a revolution?

Well, I’m a U.S. marine. You know, I fought in Vietnam twice as a pilot. I’ve seen what happens when people let the communists take over. And as a marine, they sent kids and women after us, so a lot of my friends who came back with PTSD and you can see it in the Ukraine today. They’re not healing the military. Russia is not hitting military targets. They’re hitting civilian targets. When you understand communism, and you know this is my latest book here, it’s called the Capitalist Manifesto, I am a student of communism. So this here is 165. I had to read this book here 48 pages, one of the most influential books in world history, but nobody’s read the book. They don’t know what Mark said, but what Mark said was that they had to have the poor get poorer and the middle class come down and that was the recipe for revolution. The thing is, Danielle, I got richer because I produce oil. I don’t invest in oil. I don’t invest in Shell or Exxon and all that. I invest in oil wells, so when oil went from thirty dollars a barrel to a hundred thirty dollars a barrel, I got richer, but I also got more concerned for my fellow human beings. They can’t afford to live at $130 a gallon, a barrel of oil.’

According to statistics, Russia supplies 3% of America’s oil supply. an embargo on the importation of oil from Russia will undoubtedly upset the country’s economic balance and the price of things will go through the roof. Hopefully the inflation will be tamed if the war stops soon enough. What are your thoughts on Kiyosaki’s interview?

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