Push into resistance!!!

Push into resistance!!!

Dear traders,

After weekend pump Monday brings push back and now price is at resistance. Only strong buy could break resistance.

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BTC show no strength and 23.400$ holds as strong resistance. Only big buy pressure could bring price more up. Lower target is 22.300$ for long short.


ETH pushing into 1650$ resistance and show no strength for push up. We could see probably test of support at price of 1530$. Trade with small leverage.


XRP still at 0.38$ resistance and only clear break above and hold could bring price in 0.4$ range. If resistance holds we could see another test of support at 0.365$. Still big sell off XRP is still on.


LINK is still at 7.4$ resistance and still not showing strength for another push up. If resistance stay strong we could see 7$ support retest.


SOL show no strength and 22$ is holding support. Still need stronger buy pressure to bring price over 24$. Trade with small leverage.


DXY push back from 106 hunt and now holds 104.6 support. Support need to hold for next leg up.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Being an NFT investor can be tough. You gotta fight off the 4 Horsemen of NFTs: scams, rugpulls, hacks, and family members that make fun of your JPEG collection on a daily basis.

And now there’s one more thing to add to the list: IP infringement. And that’s all thanks to the recent Hermes v MetaBirkins NFT case. The luxury brand just won a case against an NFT project for using its IP.

Now investors need to keep an eye on whether collections are misusing trademarks or IP from other major brands. It can be tedious & time-consuming – two things we hate here at Milk Road.

Fortunately, one of our partners has a tool that can do it for you… bitsCrunch’s NFT Forgery Detection. It’s an AI-powered API that detects counterfeit NFTs and forged logos in existing NFTs. And it can help prevent users from investing in the next MetaBirkins.

The tool was recently used to find another questionable NFT collection – Coodles. NFT Forgery Detection found that Coodles displays the logo of a restaurant we all know & have stumbled into at 2am drunk at least once….

Yup, McDonalds. The trait is called “McDoodles” and it’s on ~5% of the entire CoodlesNFT collection…
Did the multi-billion dollar fast-food giant partner up with a tiny NFT collection to launch McDonalds sweatshirts? Highly unlikely. But that hasn’t stopped Coodles from doing ~$5.5M (3,370 ETH) in total sales volume.

Who knows if McDonalds will take legal action against Coodles but, as an investor, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Final words:

Market is slowing down and showing weakness in buy options. Still resistance lines holds but they are not unbreakable.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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