Push back or retest support!

Push back or retest support!

Dear traders,
Market pushback and retest support lines. If support doesn’t hold, we could see new lows.

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BTC is rejected from trend up line and touches support lines. If support don’t hold we could see
a retest of 21k supports. Good shorting option if 22.300$ is broken.


ETH still holds at support after pushback. If support doesn’t hold, we could see the next leg down.


XRP break into range 0.4$ but strongly push back to support line. Still possible drop down.


LINK finally makes a big push, but holds up at a long target range. If the market pumps it will continue to grow in
the up direction. Show some strength.


SOL retest support and still in channel. And again, if support doesn’t hold, we could see next drop-down.


DXY show strength and continue grow. Small push back are good for next leg up.

Crypto/stock daily news:

There’s currently 16M+ ETH being staked. This $26B+ worth of ETH helps keep the network secure,
process transactions, and store data.
But here’s the thing: it’s all locked. (aka investors can stake, but can’t unstake)
Well, developers just successfully completed the first simulation for withdrawing staked ETH. And
just like that, investors are one step closer to being able to unlock billions in ETH.

What’s next: Developers will run the same test on Sepolia and Goerli over the next few weeks. (no
those aren’t STDs, they’re test networks).
Once those are done and developers have tried out all the bells & whistles, the big Shanghai
upgrade will go live and users can start withdrawing staked ETH.
Why this matters: This will be Ethereum’s biggest upgrade since it went through the Merge last
year. Plus, billions of dollars worth of ETH will be getting unlocked, so many are wondering what
will happen to prices…
Some predict prices will soar because more people will stake their ETH once they know they can
unstake it later. More staked ETH = less sell pressure = price go
Others predict prices will crash when people rush to sell their unlocked ETH. Less staked ETH =
more sell pressure = price go
Only time will tell…

Final words:

Market show traces of pull back and still at support lines. If support is hold we could see next leg up.
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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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