We’re checking out a very new cryptocurrency that has been on the market for less than a day. This one is called SafuuRocket. So, what I’m going to do is run through this cryptocurrency. What is this crypto all about? What is it trying to achieve in the crypto space? Who is the team behind this crypto project? We’ll check out the security of the crypto project as well. Some other things to know about this crypto.

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So, what is SafuuRocket? What does it do at a very high level? So, I would classify this one as a d5 3.0 cryptocurrency, so high fixed APY. It does pay out rewards in terms of safety rocket cryptocurrency. But it also has something a bit different from your other big ones like Titano and SafuuRocket itself. You also get XRP rewards as well. So, you get XRP rewards from this crypto. There’s automatic distributions of this crypto 96 times per day and it’s all auto staking auto compound, you can see the high fixed APY right there. If we do check out the security behind this cryptocurrency, you can see links here to the audit, to the reflex finance certificate of verification and also the KYC from this project. So, this one has just been launched on reflex launchpad, which is a nice security signal right here. You can see the bronze tier verification and the KYC completed by interfy.

If we do scale down to the team section of this crypto project, it says right here the safety rocket team is composed of highly skilled, motivated and ethical individuals with years of experience in the crypto industry marketing, community management and project development. We also have a highly experienced in-house developer as part of the team in combination. We have more than a dozen years of experience in crypto entrepreneurship as well as business operations and scalability development. So that is some info behind the team right here. In addition, they’ve also done a big interview on crypto with the CEO and that is a detailed interview that goes for nearly one hour. It gives you some more information about the background and experience of the team that interviewed. They’ve also had an audit completed by Interfy network. You can see the audit behind me and you can see the auditor’s verdict of this crypto project – it is detailed. But I definitely encourage you to have a read of this audit yourself and take in all the information. But, overall some nice security signals right there with the KYC audit and interview.

If we check out some of the features of this protocol. You’ve got the token itself, so the token is automatically compounding auto staking. You do get rewards in terms of a safer rocket and also XRP as well. It does have a high fixed APY as well. There’s also an investor assurance fund right here and that’s to help out with the stability and longevity of the crypto project. There is a treasury as well. That is important because it helps mitigate some of the price volatility and also help develop the cryptocurrency. Fund some important activities and they’ve also got the perpetual liquidity mechanism. This helps with sustainability and it says here liquidity will automatically be generated from transaction fees and sent into the PLM that automatically splits the SafuuRocket stored in such and purchased BNB in order to perpetually generate liquidity. They also have a burning system too so 2-2.5 % of each transaction a Biocell is automatically removed from the supply, which is pretty exciting. So again, if you’re decreasing the supply of a cryptocurrency that really does help out with the price support so that is an exciting mechanism right there, and now if we do check out the Tokenomic features of this crypto. 

You can see there is a buy tax of 16. There is a sell tax of 16 and both the buy, sell do help out with those things we just spoke about right there. So, burning XRP rewards treasury assurance fund and liquidity, so some good Tokenomics behind the project. If we do check out the roadmap of this cryptocurrency, you can see, this is a very fresh one. It’s just been launched on the reflex launchpad. They still have a lot of things to come for this cryptocurrency, but they’ve got a nice website already. White paper is also out they’ve got lots of marketing Dex tools, Pool coin, Ads Dex listings burns happening dashboard upgrade reveal use case utility diamond hand. NFT early bird private sale for utility use real world global marketing campaign 29 days, Billboard SpaceX more press releases bridge to Ethereum deliver use case and utility. Utility marketing, utility upgrade giveaways much more. So, I do like the fact that these guys do have a focus on increasing the utility of the crypto projects. Anytime, you know crypto can really increase utility that does help out with demand and it does support the ecosystem.

So, some nice road map goals. It does look pretty exciting; they have also partnered with orphan aid Pakistan together. We will be building wells in Pakistan to provide the life-changing necessity of clean water to communities and children. They may have a better quality of life, so that is a good cause right there and a nice community partnership already. These guys already have a dashboard up, so you can see some of the statistics happening with this cryptocurrency right now. In the nice dashboard right there. They also have a big white paper as well. So, I definitely encourage you to have a read through all this information yourself. There’s a lot of info in the white paper and so if we check these out over on Twitter, they do have a lot of exciting tweets coming out all the time. So, you can see some good price movement tweets right their time for liftoff.

You can also see a tweet from Ryan, former head of product at a safe moon right there. So, congratulations on hitting the hard cap in this crypto environment! It’s definitely a lot of volatility in the crypto market, but some good news and support is happening for this cryptocurrency over on Twitter. So, definitely go check them out on Twitter. They also have a Telegram as well. So, if you’re interested in this cryptocurrency, the best place to ask questions and learn more about the crypto is on the Telegram. They have competitions in there that you can check out and on top of that they also have a discord as well. So, the discord is growing and definitely check them out over on discord as well. If we do check out this crypto it’s a very fresh one. So, it’s only been trading for a couple of hours. So less than a day of very new crypto on the radar today. Overall, what does Crypto ZEUS think about this crypto project? So, I do like this crypto project. I do think it’s a very exciting one. I do like the security signals behind this cryptocurrency, so the KYC the audit and I do look forward to what these guys are saying on the roadmap. So, some big utility development with this crypto project and overall, I would classify this one as a high reward high-risk cryptocurrency. Always make sure to do your own research, make your own decisions in the crypto space. 

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