We have a new cryptocurrency coming up for pre-sale. This one is called medics. I’ll be doing a review of this cryptocurrency, so what is medicine all about? What does it do? Who’s the team behind this crypto project? What are they trying to achieve in the crypto space?

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This one is called medics and you saw the intro trailer at the top here and it does have to do with the metaverse. I would classify this one as a metaverse cryptocurrency. It does look like they are trying to achieve a lot in the metaverse space. It looks like they’re building out lots of different worlds and I want to point out that this one is a diamond sponsor associated with ten sets. So, Iā€™m a big fan of Tencent on the channel and they are getting behind this crypto project you can see right here a bit of a look at the map of metrics and it does remind me a little bit of Dubai. 

So, if you’ve seen the photos of Dubai, how they have that kind of island city. This is kind of what medics is looking to build out in their metaverse and if you actually pay special attention to this it is uh themed in the types of cryptos out there so you got Ethereum island, Binance island, Doge park Bitcoin business city Cosmos Casino ripple party Seoul Fashion city Shiba shopping district Hex Game Plaza open sea art and museum. They are kind of creating a very inclusive cryptocurrency metaverse that is kind of themed around some of the big cryptos out there. So, if you know your Ethereum. You buy a smart chain now. It specifically has zones attached to that and it says right here the metrics NFT marketplace will provide avatars, wearables and other customizations for players to make use within the metaverse including a Matrix 3d smartwatch. It’s gonna be a layer two solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. There’s gonna be a lot of different things happening in this metaverse crypto project and that you can see right here metaverse asset tokenization integration services NFT development token development metaverse marketplaces. 

They’re going to launch the version with five theme parks in alpha right there and you can create your own masterpiece right here. So, the creators will be able to develop and test their creations using the SDK and if we do jump back to the website right here there are a lot of things happening. So, a lot of the zones right there look pretty cool, and on top of that they will be having AR and VR products which are pretty cool games as well and it does say right here. It will be running on the Binance smart chain, So, I would consider this one a finance smart chain gem and on top of that you can see some of the token allocations right here. You can see they have allocations for marketing exchange team reward campaigns bit of a partnership with 10 set company reserves launch pads and pre-sale advisors development and staking rewards too and if we do take a look at the roadmap for this cryptocurrency you guys can see it is a big road map uh it’s very fresh so this one again hasn’t launched just yet they are coming up for pre-sale soon something that did catch my eye right here is I think if they can get onto a tier-one exchange that would be pretty cool so it’s got q3 2022 t1 exchange. I think that would be pretty exciting. 

They’ve also got q3, they’ve got the metrics NFT marketplace launch the metrics virtual land pre-sale the metrics Dex launch and other things happening as well and again this road map just continues to expand. So, I would classify this one as a big kind of long-term crypto looking to achieve a lot of things.You’ve got alpha game experience to earn gaming SDK development metrics metaverse digital marketing platform integration and a lot more as well. It’s a really big road map and if we do take a look at the team of this one you can see Justin right here. I’ve seen him on Twitter doing some cool posts and others associated with this project. So, a very big team right here but backing medics and you can see they have had some strategic partners backing this project. So, you’ve got ten sets, you’ve got some other organizations back in and it does look pretty exciting. 

They’ve also had an audit completed, so on the security front. They’ve had an audit I think two of what it’s actually one done by quill audits which I’ve just got here. So, this is the most recent one and they’ve analyzed this. They’ve said here there have been no high or medium severity issues, just a few minor low severity issues which appear to be fixed right there. So, that is a good security signal with this cryptocurrency on top of that they are putting out lots of tweets all the time. If you’re interested in learning more about this project check them out over on twitter. You can see right here the pre-sale is happening very soon and you can see some videos from Justin who’s the CEO of the project. Now he’s putting out some good comms on twitter which is great. You can see some tweets about the metrics launch pad as well which does look exciting. If you are interested in learning more about this definitely check out their telegram too so the official communications will come out of the Telegram.

If we go up to this website, we click pre-sale right here, it can show you some details about how to potentially participate in the pre-sale should you wish so the pre-sale countdown is happening and it’s going to be happening very soon and it’s running on BNBC. You’ll need some BNB to participate in this and that is how you can do it. You can connect your wallet right there and overall what cryptozoos think about this one, it is a metaverse cryptocurrency. I do like the expansiveness of the project. I do like the island they are building out so I thought that was pretty cool the different zones associated with the different types of cryptos and I do think they are playing in the right space. I do think the metaverse area is a pretty exciting space to be playing in and, overall, I think it’s an exciting project as always with cryptocurrency. There is reward and risk so it always has to be a factor. Crypto is risky, so, potentially, you can make money potentially. You can also lose money and I want to give you guys that fair and balanced point of view. 

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