We’re checking out a very exciting metaverse cryptocurrency that also has a massive NFT drop coming soon. So, utility NFTS that fit within their Metaverse ecosystem. It’s a very high quality NFT project with some really high-quality animation. So, we’re gonna run through this project. What is the security who is the team behind the project and some other important information that you guys need to know about.

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Metablaze is a big metaverse crypto project that is getting launched soon. They’ve already raised over 2.1 million dollars and they’re doing different rounds of funding. If you’re interested in this one, the next round will be happening on May the 11th and they’ve already raised 2.1 million dollars. It’s a very serious project. To give you a bit of understanding about what this crypto project is at a high level. It’s all about the Metaverse .It’s all about play to earn gaming, it’s all about blockchain gaming, it’s about d5 game FI. They do have a Metablaze token which is kind of the heart of the ecosystem and it says right here. Metablaze is a blockchain-based gaming company, merging elements of both game 5 and d5 to create a synergistic ecosystem of popular web 3 technologies. The play to earn game will boast top-notch 3d graphics exclusive content and a universe full of new worlds to conquer in player vs player battles face off with mystical creatures in an engaging RPG battling, to control stunning Metaverse worlds.

They’re going to have virtual real estate, they’re going to have all types of transactions happening within their ecosystem and there’s also going to be a massive play-to-earn game. There’s going to be a play-to-end game that’s going to be developed that will be released in the future. It’s an epic play to earn a PVP 3d fantasy-based game. Again the Metablaze token kind of forms the heart of this. If we take a look at some features of the Metablaze token at a high level, it’s deflationary. It’s got passive distribution.

 Metablaze and BUSD, AIA-driven price stabilization. They’re going to have the blaze vault, the blaze chain, blaze rewards and the blaze application as well. You can see a little bit of the token comic allocation right there and on top of that. These guys have a massive white paper too, so there’s a really detailed white paper. A very high-quality white paper put a lot of effort into this white paper just through reading it 49 pages long, so definitely check this out, so definitely have a read through this.

But it’s important to know. There are reflections, there is funding that goes to liquidity marketing, the development of the crypto, and also reflections back to holders. If you’re bullish on this crypto project in the long run the more transactions that go through the more reflections back to holders. There’s a breakdown of some of the distributions on the taxes important to note that there is a big team behind this crypto project. You can see some of the members here and a lot of them do have LinkedIn accounts which is great to see. If we jump over to LinkedIn, we can see a little bit of background about this team. So, you got Mr. Bean right here, the founder CMO marketing director at Metablaze limited blockchain gaming company. You got Michelle coming out of Michigan the USA and she’s got a lot of business experience as well. You also have toggle right there and he’s got some good experience too. So good to see the team behind this crypto project and on top of that because it’s a serious crypto project. They are getting a certain audit completed 85 currently. Also, they’ll do a certificate KYC in the future. That is what I’ve been advised about this crypto project.  But, overall, very nice signals to see the team and the certic audit coming along right here.

The big news for this is they are dropping the Metagoblin NFT collection today as in the 8th of May and 10 000 Metagoblin NFTS will be released. These are very interesting because they do have passive rewards associated with the entire ecosystem and they are very high-quality NFTS as well. You can see the artwork right here and it says right here 10 of all secondary sales of q3 will be distributed to Metagoblin NFT owners. Metagoblin owners can stake Metablaze tokens to enter the Blazeverse a simple strategy game where you can put your NFT creatures to work and earn rewards. Think of it as performance-based staking. That is pretty cool and you can see some of the artwork behind this. I do have some up close pictures of this and again. It is very high-quality NFTS right here and the artwork behind this is very hot, top-notch and they actually do have a YouTube channel. That I was looking at when I was reviewing this project and they go into some detail into how they actually designed this. There’s a lot of skill, a lot of software a lot of artistic merit that does go into these. So, I’d kind of separate this one as a high-quality NFT project because of all the effort that it’s kind of going into the animation behind these ones. The idea behind this is the NFTS do work for the owners as well. You can see the animation which is pretty cool.

So, they’re generating the Metablaze tokens and I do like the animation here on Twitter. Some important information as well about these big NFTS that is dropping soon. Every time an NFT is resold the Metagoblin NFT owners get paid automatically which is a cool feature made possible by Metablazers app known as the Blaze app. The Blaze app also boasts several other use cases acting as the central hub to Metablazers. Overall, the ecosystem you can learn more about the Blaze app in their white paper and also on their website. So, they have a big website with lots of information and you can see the blaze app here. Although the Metagoblin NFTS are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Royalty earnings will be distributed to Metagoblin NFT owners in the BNB coin and that is to avoid the transaction fees. Keep the fees low by using the Binance smart chain right there. NFT owners also gain access to the Blazeverse which is a simple strategy game composed of 50 levels accessible in the blazed app. In the Blaze verse players can interact in a performance-based staking game where yields fluctuate based on the volume of users, kind of like how AXI infinity works. Again the more people who use this ecosystem the more transactions that go on the higher the potential for rewards in this NFT project. As players progress through the 50 levels in the Blazeverse the reward earnings also increase and can unlock reward boosters and acquire ecosystem-specific NFTS that are only accessible within the Blazeverse on top of that. The NFTS also have the opportunity to be rented as well. So, there’s flexibility in how you can utilize the NFT and for non-game players not only could you passively earn through the royalties mentioned earlier. But, also you could act as a landlord renting your NFT to other gamers. If you happen to have a rare Metagoblin. So, you would then generate higher earnings. Therefore, it could be rented at top dollar in comparison to a less rare Metagoblin. There’s going to be rarities with these NFTS and again the more rare one you get, the more valuable it’s going to be. This NFT project will also give you a lot of exclusive access as well to a variety of content and experiences within the Blaze verse. So, early access to new features and special virtual and in-person events and overall the NFT drop is looking to be a very professional one.

This is kind of on par with some of the other professional ones out there like bought at yacht clubs, crypto punks moon birds in the way. They’re kind of organizing this, they’re also looking to reward the community and make it a long-term sustainable project. These are playing the game for the long run; they do have that big play to earn the game coming out in the future. Overall, it’s a very interesting project with lots of information. There is a huge road map on the website as well. If you’re interested in this definitely take a look at the roadmap because it has lots of details coming up in the future. It’s not on Pancake Swap yet and we’re just at the stage of the Metagoblin launch. So that is happening today and a lot of other things happening in the future with this cryptocurrency. You can see the collection of elves coming up in the future which is a pretty cool bridge to Ethereum announcing upcoming game orcs as well, coming up in the future alpha test of PC game in 2023. Blockchain blaze chain happening in the future NFT collection is well for community votes and it’s a very extensive road map, to say the least. I’d rate this one as a highly professional cryptocurrency with a really good quality NFT drop. Lots of work is going into these NFTs and you can see the animations behind me.

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