We’re checking out an exciting new cryptocurrency project to earn a cricket NFT game. That is coming up on the radar. What we’re going to do is check out this project, check out some of the NFTS. What is this cryptocurrency project all about? What is the community behind it and some other important things? The cricket NFT plays to earn money and lets kick it off by learning a little bit more about this one.

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So, this one is jump trade and it’s launched the world’s first-ever play to earn cricket game and sign collectible. If you don’t know what cricket is, it’s a very famous game, it’s very popular in a lot of countries: India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and England as well. There’s a huge community behind cricket and these are basically launching an NFT game. This jump trade it’s a brand of Guardian link as well. So, it has some good backing with Guardian link and you can see Guardian link right there and also right off the bat. I want to share with you the Guardian link team and also the team backing this project. You can see them: Kaiyua, Patel, Ramkumar right here, Arjun right here, Charwin and Sandrina right there. They do have some good advisors on the team as well. So, it’ll rate this one as a pretty high-quality team project and you can see some of the backgrounds of the team. So, they have experience in business development in incubating different projects as well which is really good to see. So, the identifiable team behind this crypto project. There’s multiple aspects to this metaverse crypto project. 

We’ve got the NFTS and although the game is expected to be launched only by the end of May. The NFTS for the cricket game have already been dropped and have been quite successful. They’ve had a really successful NFT drop for this one. That these were launched on the jump trade marketplace, so you can see the marketplace right here is a very big marketplace. They dropped about 55 000 of these NFTS to the community out there. These ones sold out in under nine minutes and now that’s a good signal. So, a massive sellout for this NFT drop when it happens and NFT is all about building up that community. The more demands, the more community, the healthier it is for the NFC project and the NFTS. They will form part of the game, so you can see them at the top here. ML’S MCL game coming soon and it is a really good signal that the NFT drop did get sold out as well. So, not all crypto projects NFT projects do get sold out and again.

 It’s another reflection of the crypto community behind this and criket, the game does have a big audience out there so if you guys are fans of cricket, you’ll know that uh approximately, 180 countries 2.5 billion people tune in to watch cricket. Sometimes when they have the big events on and that is good to see. So, what can you do with these NFTS. These NFTS do have utility behind them. So, I’ve been advised every criket. NFC hot will be able to play the game that is coming out and in return. We’ll be able to earn rewards in USDT, they can also rent out these NFTS for their fellow gamers to play. So, opportunities to make money, so play to earn gaming with this crypto NFT project. So, this crypto project does have a big roadmap, so you can check out the roadmap on their website. You can see right here some of the big things on the roadmap. It is a very expansive roadmap as well. There is a lot of things to happen in the future for this project and one of the big things coming up on the roadmap is going to be the token allocation which will be provided to the early NFT holders during the time of the native token launch. IT is expected to be in q4 2022, they also have some other exciting utilities coming up on the roadmap as well. So, you can see metaverse elements web 3 with cricket legends collaborations with holders and also real estate tournaments and other community events coming up as well. So, lots of utility happening on the road map of this NFT project. The marketplace for the NFTS is actually live right now.

You can see some of the trades going through on some of these different NFTS and you can see some of the ultra-rare ones and some of the immortal ones as well. For this NFT crypto ecosystem, so again this is going to morph into a game in the future, and if we do check out some other exciting things for this crypto project. You can see there are lots of exciting tweets happening over on Twitter. 

They have also been giving away some awards in their community Telegram right here. So, if you’re interested in this one definitely check out their Telegram, so potentially some giveaways are happening in the Telegram and on top of that. You can actually see some endorsements from some real cricket stars out there so you can see Badrinath right here he’s got 286 000 followers over on Twitter and uh he’s an ex-cricketer. You can see him talking about this NFT project, so some real endorsements from some real cricket stars as well and they also have lots of other exciting tweets coming out as well in addition to that you can check out their discord as well. So, they’ve started a discord guardian link jump in there are some questions about the project and they’ve also got Instagram as well, to check out as well, so all the socials are growing for uh jump trade right here and the marketplace is looking good. If you are interested in participating in this ecosystem or joining this community, you can sign up with the link right here that will take you to a sign up page where you can create an account. Then you can participate and check out some of these NFTS on their marketplace right there so overall it’s a pretty exciting marketplace. I do like what they are building out and I do think the cricket game does sound pretty cool in the future, so one to watch out for in the future. As always make sure to do your own research and make your own decisions in the crypto space.

This article is a transcription of a video made by Jamie Tree

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