We’re checking out an exciting new cryptocurrency project. It’s called Shield Coin. So, what I’ll do is run through this crypto project, what are they bringing out to the market, what is the utility behind the project? We’re also going to talk about their big NFT release that is happening on Saturday the 30th April, the NFTs will be dropping for this cryptocurrency. So, we’re going to run through the crypto project. What is the utility? we’ll have a look at these NFTs as well and give you my opinion of this one.

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This one is called Shield Coin and it says right here Shield Coin is the first and only token in the world to offer investors insurance protection on their crypto investments. So, that is what they’re saying right there before. We get into too many details about this cryptocurrency. I want to point out the team behind this project. You can see here Mr Yeshua nettles. He is the founder of the crypto project. You’ve also got Mr Chris gin right there and that is the team behind the crypto project. I did have a look at the team’s LinkedIn accounts and there’s some really nice experience right here. 

You can see Yeshua has a background in insurance in the real world and he’s a business owner and he’s also had some real estate background as well. He’s also worked for the US Department of state U.S Marine Corps as well. He’s got an MBA as well. So, some really nice background behind the person leading and founding this crypto project. You also got Chris Gin who is connected to the meta BUSD with his development of the crypto right off the bat there. I do like the team’s background right here and on top of that they have also had an audit completed by Interfy network. You can see the report right here and you can see the orders verdict and it says low-risk severity actively owned contract. That is a nice security signal of this crypto project and if we take a little bit more of a look at what these are bringing out to the market. 

There is a lot of utility behind crypto education, reducing risk, reducing scams, rug pools which I think are highly valuable for people out there in the market. It says right here the mission statement of the crypto is Shield Coin`s mission. It is to help legitimize the crypto space by adding a layer of protection for Shield Coin holders. So, we seek to draw funds into the crypto space traditionally reserved for the stock market and other assets. So, that is really cool – they have some good values for commitment , ownership , transparency and integrity. You can see the ecosystem they are building out here.

So, there’s a lot of things going on in this crypto. So, they have crypto assurance and it says right here. Crypto insurance is the only insurance available to crypto holders to protect against scams crypto assurance is a risk-sharing agreement between Shield Coin projects. Our Shield Coin holders hold the minimum Shield Coin 250 and invest in a low or medium-risk project as specified in the current CRR publication. We’ll have a look at that publication as well. If we do quickly jump into the coin risk rating this is a running rating sheet of my understanding of some crypto projects out there so you can see some of the lower risk crypto projects they have rated so pancake swap right there. They’ve also got medium risk projects in there as well. Venus safe moon, Evergrow, Metabusd, and Everdome as well. They also have high-risk projects and they kind of go through why the ratings are, what they are? There’s some nice analysis kind of looking at the risk ratings and that does tie into the insurance utility. They are in the ecosystem and on top of that they have wallet protection. So, this is tied to the NFTS that we’ll talk about soon and it says right here the purpose of the Shield Coin wallet protection. NFT is to provide investors with a blanket protection on all cryptocurrency assets that have not been reviewed by the Shield Coin team.

So, holders of the NFT will enjoy blank coverage of 1 000 BUSD on all non-coin risk-rated assets. So that is really cool. We’ll have a chat about that soon and on top of that. They have a shield media as well, which is really nice. So, they’ve got a website up and it says right here profits from this will be allocated to the vault and the strategic buyback and burn fund and the team wallet, some potential profit generation right there, which is nice on top of that, they also have something called shield trace. So, shield trace is Shield Coins investigation division powered by some of the world’s leading blockchain analytics companies. We use this software to conduct a deeper analysis of projects, assist with tracking stolen funds and conduct a thorough investigation into crypto-insurance claims. So that is really cool and I think potentially if shield trace can generate revenue in the crypto space and help support the sustainability of that project. That is really nice if they do have some good analytical skills that are highly valued in the crypto market and they also have something called hold vesting as well. 

So, hold vesting is a two-phased process: first the project uses the team’s wallets reflections to acquire large sums of Bitcoin and Ethereum and with the goal of getting up to five-million-dollar market cap, which is pretty cool to hit that insurance capitalization. That is nice so some acquisition of Bitcoin and Ethereum and on top of that they’re also going to be buying up real-world assets as well. That’s going to benefit holders through the buyback and burn. So that is really good to see as well. If we do take a look at the tokenomics behind this crypto project, you can see the total supply right here. There is a 9% tax, and 7% rewards in BUSD and they have funds going to the vault liquidity which is really good as well. You can see some team wallet allocations right there that are so important. They’ve got project development funds, operation funds, buybacks, team salaries and marketing, which is important corporate social responsibility. That is some nice allocation for some good sustainability right there and if we do take a look at the roadmap of this crypto project, you can see this one is a very new one so my understanding it’s only been on the market for a bit over a month.

They basically have a lot of development happening for this cryptocurrency. So, a lot of development is happening with this crypto. Overall, I do like the ecosystem, these are building out. They’re building out a lot of things in the ecosystem and a lot of it does have some good purpose behind it so. It’s a really good education and always remember your crypto is risky. You have to understand the elements of risk so do like how these are talking about risk and mitigating risk with some of their insurance utility services right here.

Some really big news for these is that the inaugural NFT will be released this Saturday, April the 30th at 12 p.m time/4 p.m utc time. So, they’re going to have 10 000 one-time gold NFTS to provide blanket protection on all crypto assets in your wallet, see attached for additional details and information. So, this is not just going to be like an empty NFT. This is going to have some utility behind it, which is great to see you can have a maximum of three NFTS stacked per wallet in order for the coverage to remain effective. The NFT must be purchased or renewed every 30 days by purchasing a minimum of 10 Shield Coins right there, so increasing the volume maintains that volume for these NFTS and there are some other terms and conditions associated with that.

But that is really exciting, so that NFC launch is happening very soon. It’s my understanding you’ll be able to purchase these NFTS through this link on their website right here. If you’re interested in this crypto project, I definitely recommend checking out their Twitter. So, they are putting out lots of exciting tweets right there all the time. In addition, these guys also have a Telegram account right here. So, they’re running amas which are really exciting. So, anytime you’re interested in a crypto project I definitely recommend jumping into the telegram. They’re also hosting Twitter spaces too so you can ask questions to the team about this crypto project and learn a little bit more about it and if you do want to buy some Shield Coin the way you can buy it is through their website. So, they do have a buying guide right here and basically, you know what you import the contract into Pancake Swap and that is the contract address right there. But they do have some instructions as always in crypto. 

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