MY 10 BEST CRYPTO COINS That Will make me a Multi Millionaire

Today we are going to be going through my top 10 long-term holds. These are cryptos that I personally hold in my portfolio that I have invested directly into on the spot market. None of these cryptos I got in early on an IDO platform or in the private investment rounds. I do love to bring you early gems, small cap gems, these hundred potential coins, but today we’re going to be discussing the larger part of my portfolio. These small cap 100x gems only take up a small part of my portfolio, whereas my longer term holds take up the majority. I want to dollar cost average into these coins over the next few years and hold them for the long term because I believe that they will help me on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire.

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Let’s jump on to my number one hold now. This is Terra USD. This is a stable coin based on the Terra Luna ecosystem and I hold a lot of my stable coins over on Anchor protocol. Of course, this return is not guaranteed in the long run, which is something I kind of assume. It will slowly, gradually come down and at a certain point, I can then decide to move my money somewhere else, but for now, I have a lot of my portfolio in Terra USD in order to be ready to buy the dip, so both when I’m waiting, I’m generating that passive income and I’m also preparing myself for any opportunities in the market.

Next up, of course, we have Bitcoin. This is my number one hold when it comes to an actual volatile cryptocurrency. Today, very nice but Bitcoin I have been involved in since early 2017. I think that this currency will genuinely change the world and the way we transact with each other.

Second of all, is of course, is Ethereum. I’m sure you guys all know what it is but one of the biggest layer one solutions with so many projects building on it. I really think that it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Third of all, we have Cronos. As you know, I’ve brought this onto the channel. We made some monumental gains. I took profits at around 85 cents. I sold around 40% of my holdings and I am still holding the rest of that bag right now because I genuinely think that this platform will absolutely smash it. It is one of the exchanges I personally use and that’s why I’m okay with holding the coin as well as the exchange. They also have the CRO or the Cronos chain ecosystem. I want ecosystems and I want to be involved in those ecosystems as early as possible. So that’s why I still hold my CRO.

Next of all, we have the EFI token, or Enfinity token. This is a token that I’ve recently added to my portfolio. I think it’s got a lot of upside potential. This token plans to decentralize the Metaverse. It’s built on Polkadot, Enfinity will serve as an infrastructure for the decentralized cross-chain Metaverse. I think there is so much potential in this coin currently sitting at an $80 million market cap and an all-time high of $2.2 right now sitting at 50 cents, so we have about a 4x to get to the old all-time high, which I personally think is very much possible. So I’ll be holding this coin for as long as I can.

Next up we have XRP and I’m not going to get into the politics around XRP. The reason I hold XRP is because I think that if the case turns around against them, they will absolutely explode with the community behind them. I think this coin will absolutely soar if it doesn’t, I’m okay with having the loss. If it does, I will be taking profits when that happens, so do take that into consideration now.

Next up we have JOE. This is the coin from Trader Joe’s a decentralized exchange on the Avax ecosystem. I use trader joe myself whenever I make any trade on Avax, so that’s why I like it. Also, on top of that, you can stake JOE on the platform to get massive rewards, so that’s always what I’m looking for. Generating passive income from coins I’m going to be holding anyway is definitely something that I want to be doing.

Next up we have Polkadot. I’ve been buying Polkadot for a while. At this point, I do think that they’ve got a lot of room to grow. What they’re trying to do is incredible. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already. I’ve been buying this coin for a while. My position is down as we speak, but I have been dollar cost averaging over the last few months in this bear trend or correction that we’ve been in and this is just an opportunity for me. At the end of the day, I’m going be around in crypto for as long as I possibly can and if I can get projects like this when I consider them cheap, that’s just a plus for me.

Now, moving on to one of the most hated coins on the internet. Solana’s had a lot of flack recently because the ecosystem itself has had a lot of problems. There have been hacks, there have been crashes, there’s been downtime. These are the kinds of things that you don’t want to see, but the kinds of things that I expect in a project that’s pretty much new. A year ago, everyone thought it was going to be the Ethereum killer. It just wasn’t ready for that. It might very well still get to that level, but it needs time and it needs to go through its teething problems. A lot of my favorite games that I talk about all the time, the ones that I’m most bullish on are built on the Solana ecosystem because it’s the perfect ecosystem for them to flourish.

Then lastly, we have the infamous Dogecoin. I’ve only recently started to invest in Dogecoin as a complete gamble play because there is so much upside potential if we do get back to where we used to be around those highs of 70 cents, just for the pure meme value, the community, the amount of celebrities that talk about it and endorse it all the time like Elon Musk. I actually do think it will potentially get to a dollar one day, but again, this is a massively high-risk play right here. I am okay, if this goes to absolutely zero.

This is a small part of my portfolio but something I’m quite comfortable holding. The amount of times that we’ve actually seen pumps in the price of Dogecoin, even the big ones, all the little ones, kind of shows me that there is a lot of opportunity but definitely one of the highest risk coins that I currently hold in my portfolio. Hopefully, I provided you with some value today. This is just an insight into what I hold personally. If you do want to learn about what I’m trading, what I’m holding, all of that sort of good stuff.

[This article is a transcription of a video made by Conor Kenny]

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