Monday push up or down!

Monday push up or down!

Dear traders,
Today US stock market is not open and there will be no bigger push from the stock market. But crypto
newer sleep and BTC is ready for the next move.

TOP Trader


BTC still consolidating under 25k and it making way for next turn. 25.200$ act as strong resistance
and push above could send us to 28k range. More rejection could push back to 21k range of BTC.
Next big swing is loading. Stay safe trade with small leverage.


ETH holds above 1700$ and aiming for next leg up. Support at 1650$ needs to hold for the next push-up.
ETH starts to show strength for next push.


XRP shows no strength and falling down under 0.4$. Need strong buy push from the market to push up.
Still, big sell off XRP is still on.


LINK makes a push above 7.7$ and shows strength now at 8$ with a big target of 9$. If 9$ is pushed we could
see big rally up with huge swings. LINK finally shows strength and it is good for next push up.


SOL show strength and pushes into resistance of 27$. If the push continues it could hit 30$ long target on
next push.


DXY still at support at 103.8 and accumulating before next leg up on daily to 104.8. If 103.8 don’t
hold we could see lower low.

Crypto/stock daily news:

The best part about a filed SEC complaint is all the juicy bits that fall out.
Like a big ole tender cheeseburger, cooked medium rare, when you bite right into it.

Ohhhhhh yeeeeeeeahhhhhh.

This time, it’s the SEC’s charges against none other than our fav Waldo, Do Kwon. The agency
officially charged him and his company—Terraform Labs—with fraud over misleading investors in
its algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD.
Turns out, it wasn’t all that stable. Despite Kwon’s tall tales about it increasing in value over time,
the coin crashed and set off a contagion in crypto.
Here are all the juicy (alleged) details layed out, Whopper-style:
The bun → Kwon’s charged with selling unregistered securities & unregistered security-based
swaps, among other claims
The lettuce → The scheme amounts to losses worth ~$40B
The tomato → Kwon/Terraform worked with an unnamed US trading firm which bought massive
amounts of the stablecoin when its peg fell 10 cents in May 2021 The Block reported that the
firm is Jump, which pocketed ~$1.28M from the pact
Tha cheeze → Terraform/Kwon brazenly lied that a Korean payments app called Chai was using
Terraform’s blockchain to settle payments (it wasn’t) and “deceptively replicated” the app’s
transactions onto its blockchain to make it look like its tech had that kind of adoption. Wowza
And THE MEAT → Kwon transferred 10,000 Bitcoin from Terraform to a cold wallet and slowly
moved funds from it to a Swiss bank starting in May 2022. From June of that year to now, over
$100M in fiat has been withdrawn from that bank
And before you ask, no, not even the SEC knows where Kwon is. This guy is playing the best game
of hide-and-seek we’ve seen since the Narnia movies.

Final words:

US stock market not working today so there will be no big moves from stock market to crypto. BTC
is at decisive moves take care of your trades big swings are coming.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


TOP Trader