Monday next leg up-down!

Monday next leg up-down!

Dear traders,
Monday start with DXY(dollar) pump and pull back crypto/stock market to support line. If dollar
show strength, we could see next leg down and bigger slowing of up trend.


BTC broke uptrend line and fall back to support line of 22.600$ and show no strength for push back.
If support is broken we could see next leg down into support.


ETH show no strength and drop with BTC and if broke uptrend channel we could see retest of 1500$
support. Still no strength for next leg up.


XRP show no strength and drop to resistance 0.398$ if market not bounce today we could see next
leg down to support line. Still no strength for next leg up to 0.45$ range.


LINK fail to break up range and it is push back under 7$. Looking for next leg down if maket don’t


SOL broke support and 23.6$ hold as resistance now. If no break it could be push down to support
line of 20.7$. Trade with small leverage SOL make big % trades.


DXY make great pump and if break 103.5 we could see next leg up and big dump on market as dollar
show strength.

Crypto/stock daily news:

When you’re a pariah state cut off from trading with most of the rest of the world you gotta pay
the bills somehow. And for North Korea, that’s stealing crypto like Milk Man be stealing your girl.
Kim Jong-Un’s army of merry hackers—including Lazarus Group—were responsible for stealing
$1.7B in crypto in 2022, according to a Chainalysis report. That’s nearly half of the $3.8B stolen
globally last year.
To a country like the U.S., $1.7B is chump change. Seriously, I think Uncle Sam has more than that
down the back of the sofa. But for North Korea that’s nearly 1/10 of their entire economy and
enough to fund their nukes program for 3 years.
Don’t expect Pyongyang’s crypto crooks to put down their keyboards anytime soon.

Final words:

Market show slow down in grow and pull back will start today and every leg down is good buying
option for next leg up.

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Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


TOP Trader