Market still chosing direction up or BIG down!

Market still chosing direction up or BIG down!

Dear traders,
Market is still consolidating under resistance and this week we will decide where to go next

TOP Trader


BTC consolidating under 28k and still show no direction on next move. Price target for this week is
30k$ or 25k$. With a big possibility to break down.


ETH consolidating in range 1780 and 1720$ with small price moves. Targets for this weeks are 2000$
or 1500$ with a bigger possibility for breakdown.


XRP is in boolish momentum and hold above 0.45$ could break up 0.5$ what is big resistance for
now. Looking good if market don’t dump this week.


LINK while holding above 7$ is still in play to break 8$ resistance. When LINK break up from this
consolidation it will be a big like XRP push last week. Good spot buy on long term.


SOL still hold above 20$ support and breaking it will launch it back to 15$ target. Good for small long
from 20$ support with tight stop loss.


DXY holds above 103 and looking good for next leg up if holds.

Crypto/stock daily news:


There are two things the crypto space loves:
1. Dunking on Gary Gensler
2. When Bitcoin shows the world who’s boss
And so far this year, that’s exactly what Bitcoin has done. YTD gains have clocked in at ~37% thus
far, which is better than 488 of the publicly-traded giants listed on the S&P 500.
That means Bitcoin is beating the gains of Apple (+19.3%), Amazon (+17.8%), and FedEx (+27.2%).
Only 12 S&P 500 companies are beating Bitcoin’s 37%, including Meta and Tesla.
Check it out:

Bitcoin’s price has gone from ~$20,000 to ~$28,000 so far this year. It’s crazy what a little distrust
in the national banking system will do.


It’s been a tough run for crypto. Collapsed banks, regulatory threats, prices in the tank … Sh*t
hasn’t been great.
But let’s take a break from all that for a sec and talk about how crypto’s fighting cancer.
The World Community Grid is a volunteer research group that studies how genes and health are
related. For example, it’s found 26 new genes that are associated with lung cancer.
But it needs a boatload of power to crunch the data and make these discoveries (we’re talkin’ like
240 years of computational power per day.) That’s where crypto miners come in.
Since 2013, Gridcoin (altcoin) and BOINC (open-source platform) have been paying miners to take
their spare processing power and give it to scientists instead. The miners receive Gridcoin (GRC) in
exchange for their efforts.
It’s like when your next-door neighbor has way stronger WiFi, so they let you sign in during March
Madness, and you mow their lawn for them in exchange.
That means crypto miners directly helped power the computers that scientists used to identify
genes associated with lung cancer. Cool, huh?
And here’s the cooler part: Gridcoin switched from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake in 2015. So all
of its computational power goes to science research since it doesn’t need so much power to
secure the blockchain anymore.
That’s a win in our book.

Final words:

Momentum on market is slowing down, and it is Friday, so no big moves up are not expected
maybe just slow bleeding.

Copy trade GROW 0.1->10k$ in 10 days we got +7% what is great for start.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


TOP Trader