Market numbers today – key resistance breaking today!!!!

Market numbers today – key resistance breaking today!!!!

Dear traders,

Market numbers coming today at 13.30 UTC+0 and they will show dxy strength or weakness and next move on market.

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BTC don’t make any bigger move and waiting for market number today with price target break of 21.500$ and 20.800$ if short. Long target is 22.900$ and short target is 20.100$ – 19.800$. Big moves are expected this week.


ETH try to break 1600$ range few times and gets rejected and holds now at strong resistance. Waiting for next market move.


XRP still consolidating and waiting for market next move only clear break and hold above 0.4$ will show bullish structure.


LINK consolidating for next move still not clear direction but sentiment is bullish but it is losing strength for push. Only hold above 7$ on daily will show next bullish move.


Sol break pattern and support line and show weakness with big target in downtrend. Only bullish market will bring it up.


DXY show bearish retest on 103 and show no strength only good market signs will pump it up over 103. All eyes on DXY wright now.

Crypto/stock daily news:

For the last 10 weeks eternity, FTX has consumed all the headlines. It’s been FTX this…. FTX that….
But yesterday, we finally got a breath of fresh air. And that’s because a new exchange was the talk of the [crypto] town. It’s called….*drumroll*….
GTX is a new exchange that lets customers from bankrupt crypto firms (i.e Voyager, Celsius, FTX, Mt. Gox, etc.) trade their bankruptcy claims.
It looks something like this:
You put your money on FTX —> They lose all of it and give you a bankruptcy claim (aka an IOU) —> GTX comes along and lets you monetize that IOU by selling it to others that expect the claim could be worth more in the future (when the bankruptcy is done).
Basically, it gives people the option to monetize their bankruptcy claim before their hair turns grey.
So, why did Crypto Twitter go wild? Because the GTX founders have led previous crypto companies to bankruptcy.
No, seriously. You might even recognize ‘em…

That’s right. The founders of 3AC are teaming up with the founders of CoinFlex. And although the slide looks good, we all know there’s some key info missing. So, the Milk Man fixed it up for us…
So, the same founders that led a billion dollar crypto company to bankruptcy are now looking to raise $25m to build a new exchange that trades… *wait for it*… crypto bankruptcy claims.

Final words:

Market is at strong resistance and next move will show can we make relief rally or retest of this pump in low targets.

Copy trade TrendRiderV2 and StormRider they will start after market make decision dump or pump.

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Im still bearish in structure only clear hit and hold above 21500$ on btc will show me bullish bias for next realise rally on crypto!!!

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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