Market at support – next leg down loading?

Market at support – next leg down loading?

Dear traders,

Market dropped last week, and this week, we are expecting some bad news regarding the market, which could potentially push the market back down to the significant support level.

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BTC dropped to 27k, and currently, 27.800$ is acting as resistance, while 27.200$ is serving as support before the next leg down. If the daily close is under 27k, we will likely visit 25.200$ soon.
The big support level is at 25.200$, and if it holds, we could see a bigger push-up.

ETH dropped and is currently consolidating at 1850$. If it doesn’t hold, we could see a fast drop to 1700$. To be possible, the price needs to hold and reclaim 1920$ for bullish continuation.

XRP dropped and is now holding the 0.46$ support level. If the market breaks down, we could see a retest of 0.4$ soon. For bullish continuation, XRP needs to break the 0.5$ level.

LINK dropped to the 7$ support level and is currently consolidating. It’s not looking good for the next push-up, and the volume is still weak. However, on a bigger time frame, it is still a good buy option.

SOL is currently trading at 21.5$, and it needs to regain the 22$ resistance level; otherwise, the next support of 20$ is loading. There is still no big buy volume on SOL.

DXY is consolidating at 101.6 and preparing for the next leg up to break the bearish structure.

Crypto/stock daily news:


There’s one creature you should always be watching in crypto.
One whose moves should be eyed like a hawk.
We’re talkin’ bout whales, or investors holding more than 1,000 BTC (~$27.3M.) Specifically OG whales that bought early back in ~2013.
And now, they’re waking up.
That’s right folks, grab your Dramamine – we’re goin’ whale watching.
Whale 1 holds $176M worth of BTC and sent $60M for the first time in 9 years on Thursday.
And Whale 2 sent $7.8M (279 BTC) of its $31.6M for the first time in 10 years on Friday.

Both came into their holdings around 2013 & both sent the funds to brand new addresses.
So what’s going on? Well, there’s a wallet drainer on the loose attacking OG holders, apparently.
Whales could be relocating parts of their holdings as a precaution.
A Twitter user posted about it on Monday.

Here are the Jake-notes:
• Holders with private keys between ~2014 & 2022 are being targeted. People who work in the space, have multiple addresses, etc.
• At least ~5K+ ETH (~$10M) has been stolen since December.
• This isn’t a phishing attack. The attacker likely came into a bunch of old data, including
private keys, that they’re using to extract people’s funds.
There’s of course… another theory behind the whale activity. The internet’s always gonna the internet.
It could be Satoshi AKA Bitcoin’s creator. Whenever sleeping, whales wake up and do something, people think it’s them (they’ve been inactive since 2010.)
Why? Cause Satoshi could own a sh*tton of BTC (like 1M, or ~$27.9B.)
Whatever the reason, do like the whales do, and don’t put all your crypto eggs in one basket (wallet).


Gemini (crypto exchange) is moving its engineering hub & devs to India with so much regulatory confusion in the U.S. *DJ Khaled voice* another one…
Telegram users can now buy, withdraw, and trade BTC. A step toward mass adoption a day keeps Big Banking away.
Binance exec Patrick Hillman tweeted that SBF was constantly spreading rumors about CZ (the company’s CEO.) Get your saucers out – it’s tea time, Bankrupt lender Voyager can officially sell its assets to Binance’s U.S. arm in a $1B deal. Finally…

Final words:

Market slowly bleeding and now closing to crucial support lines for next push up or bigger drop take
you trades with care.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

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Good luck with trades!


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