LuckyBlock Crypto Review and Analysis ($LBLOCK)

LuckyBlock Crypto Review and Analysis ($LBLOCK)

We’re checking out LuckyBlock which is a gaming and giveaways platform for cryptocurrency holders and a blockchain protocol solution to really the modern gambling era, where the house pretty much will always win. So, it’s a really exciting project and I want to look at this today because it’s effectively one of our lower market cap gems which has massive upside potential. So, we’re just taking a look at the website right here. I think the front end looks quite nice.

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About LuckyBlock

I do enjoy the branding and everything and straight off the bat they’re featured in many big articles. They were one of the fastest cryptocurrencies to hit one billion dollar market cap. They’ve also recently minted and launched the NFT platforms where they’ve sold already 2 000 out of 10 000 NFTs which does also show that there is quite a bit of demand and anticipation for what they’re doing. I really like the lucky block platform because the token distribution is not too developer heavy. Basically, they have a road map which should have been followed. So ,recently I don’t know if you’re aware but they launched an android google play app. Since then we’ve seen some real explosive games. A lot of people are enjoying the Luckyblock app. This is still yet to launch on iOS, another great thing. I think a big green flag here is that really we’re seeing a lot of transparency. We’re seeing the CEO Scott Ryder. We’re seeing the people that are behind the project, those smaller cogs in the bigger cogs who are actually responsible for the project.

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Why this is bullish

We’re seeing everyone involved and I think that’s very important. We’ve also got a very big following on twitter and lots of social media activity. This is a real working operating business. It’s got cash flow and they have funds for marketing. They’ve already done lots of campaigns with football teams in London on billboards, buses, and trains. They’ve already done a lot. The project is still so young if we hop over to dex guru. We can see that they’ve got 3.5 million dollars right there in liquidity. Every second we’re getting transactions trading history comes through. It’s a really accessible one that you can buy in pancakes, but with ease within a minute and uh yeah more on that later so just kind of straight off the bat looking at the price.

We have hit the euphoric top of 0.009 now. Anyone can complain about there being a correction in the market. It’s normal seeing these contractions is normal and 80 contractions is normal. It’s a retracement. If we pull the fib retracement, we’re probably going to come below the 0.786. But, we shouldn’t name and shame an individual project because look at every other project, even bitcoin. I’m sure you saw the retracement of 50 look at other flagship blue chip projects like Ave Harmony 1 or Avalanche, or Phantom. I am sure all of these projects have corrected beyond 60 from their market cycle top so instead of looking at this as a negative opportunity we should look at this as a buy zone, a potential great re-accumulation phase of an under valuation within a supply phase.

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We’ve seen the distribution, we saw it with all coins. This gets me bullish when I see 0.0025 for the price of Luckyblock knowing that we’re coming out of this bare phase potentially going to get an impulse soon with a company. That has got big cash flow and influence in the industry behind it with full transparency fully doxxed and audited. This makes me feel rather bullish so I’m going back to the website. They’ve also got the NFTs right here. I think this page is pretty nice. But, I think personally to make the user experience a little bit better the front end development could be nicer. But, you can see here this is the reserve price for the actual NFT. Once you have an NFT,  believe that it also gives you entries and chances to win future giveaways as well. There is a bit of utility behind the energy. You’re not just going to own that particular real estate.

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Historical Data

You’re also going to get unique benefits there. You’re probably asking yourself if this real love is actually real. It’s completely real, we see here Luckyblock. They’ve got their twitter page right here. Massive things going on. So, they’re testing the Beta app and someone already won 10.1 000 just yesterday today. They already sold 1 300 tickets, so this is prior to the IOS launch. This is completely new for crypto and you look at pancreatic swap actually and they did similar things in the sense. That you could buy tickets to potentially win. Once you gave that ticket away to Pancake Swap effectively. You’re burning the supply and it would go away forever. Well, this project is similar in the sense that it’s a giveaway and gaming crypto platform. So, it’s all about crypto games and giveaways rather than being like a lottery system. So, that’s what’s very important another little tweet here platinum rollers club will give you A1 in 10k chance to win a lambo 1 million. This is one of those things on top of that a lifetime entry to NFT draws.

LuckyBlock Crypto Review and Analysis ($LBLOCK) today


There’s a lot of unique benefits here for the holders and especially the people that do actually buy into those NFTs. We can see evidence William Cannon. He has literally been a holder since the pre-sale. We can see here he won the second prize of Luckyblock Las Vegas and he received the prize today. So, he just got that job straight into his wallet 500 USD right there. That’s pretty cool. We all like to dabble in these low-cap gems. I think this is one of them that can give a lot back to its community so having a look at crypto rank IO. We can see the market cap is around 260 million right here. Quite a lot of trading volume, just about half a million in the last 24 hours. We can see the total supply is 100 billion right here. What’s interesting is we did come down from that point zero zero zero ten level. We are sort of in this lull waiting to put through a higher high so far. This year has offered some really strong returns. We see 2022 january february have already been very bullish. The start of april is already ticking green so it’s already a green flag. Q1 Q2 of Luckyblock have been rather promising. So, it does make you think that trend is going to carry forward into the future. Another important thing is to check out the bsc scan. So, we do have 48.1 k unique holders here which isn’t really that many when you think about it on a global scale. The project is very young so when they do continue with their marketing efforts.

I think that’s what really counts. If we look here we can also see these are the top holders. It’s probably to do with the development team holding this wallet or maybe even just the team as well. So, we see this and it’s more of an anti-whale solution you can only buy an x amount. it’s a capped ceiling. Shall I say you can only buy so many lucky block at once to prevent whale accumulation which I think is also quite important on the transfers again? We’re seeing lots of activity here and lots of activity. We’ve had 3 311 000 there just swapped over 42 000 lucky blocks there. So, it’s good to see the amount of activity. That is occurring for this particular project. The white paper or the light paper right here very quick to read you see that one of the partners of the project is Finexio. 

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