Kucoin Trading Strategy

Kucoin Trading Strategy

So, I know I already made my video for the day. But I wanted to show you, we’ll just talk to you a little bit about the Kucoin trading bot and why I don’t think so. It’s a good idea for most people to use. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use at all. My reasoning is this. Let’s go look at the bot I started a few hours ago, maybe like four hours ago or so. So, we have one running. It’s been running for four hours four and a half hours right now. My total profits are done. I should have come back earlier. Let me stop now and convert to USDT all right. So, I saw earlier my profits were a measly 29 cents which was much better than this five cents.

My experience with this strategy

But, hey, at least, I didn’t lose any money but I was on my way now. I left that running for four hours and I was doing it running it against kcs now if we look at it let’s go and look at historical profits all right. So, we saw what my buy price was. I was buying them at 19.25 now. Let’s go and look at let’s go to spot trading. Let’s look at kcs, so it’s 1931 right now but within the last four hours it reached a peak of 1951. So, it reached the peak of 1951 within the last eight hours. Earning from 200% up to 2,000% APY is a great bonus of using Jet-Bot copy trading platform. You don’t need to transfer funds to the platform. You hold your crypto in your own personal Binance account. Check out top traders rating and choose best traders whose deals you would like to copy trade. Binance crypto trading bot is a great way to create a passive income. 

What is it saying now that was eight hours ago hold on hold on, let’s do 30 minute increments here all right so within the last four hours it reached a peak of 19.49 so something like that right. But, I ended up buying it right around here. I bought it around here and it left me at its peak. I saw it at its peak, I didn’t know that was the peak. But I saw it there and it left me with 29 cents.

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50-dollars try

Now let’s do this if I took the same fifty dollars. If I took fifty dollars and I bought something at nineteen twenty five that would have gave me two point five nine seven kcs. Then turned around and sold that at what was it 19 gotta move this and sold this at 19 it was like 1950 and sold it at 1950. That would have given me a profit of 64.99. So, basically 65 cents. Now I know you may be thinking well that’s still no money. It’s a lot more than the 29 cents that I have. It’s a lot more than the 29 cents that the bot did right. It’s just better to just buy and hold and you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of whatever the bots are doing or managing the bot or paying extra fees to kucoin. So, this is why I feel like I said before it would mitigate the loss but it also affects the profits as well. I would have almost tripled my profits. I’d have more than doubled them had I just bought it and then just sold it. When I saw it a few hours later because as I said in the first video that I was just going there. We go real quick to the 24 hour house 1950. But, I said that I was just going to run it for a few hours because that always seemed historically for me to work. The best I made the most money when I just ran them for a few hours, see. This one was two hours and this one this one was 18 days and I still only average profit at 28.96.

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kucoin trading strategy: testing

If I just held it actually this didn’t do bad so look at this. Let me finish what I’m saying so buying long term is a lot less stressful. It’s easier now let’s look at this over the term of 18 days. So, we see my entry price. I bought it at 17.67 and its current price was 15.44. But I had a profit of 28.96. It’s like Chris saying you lost basically two dollars and 22 cents per share on mixing the stock turns up per coin. But, yet you still profit at 28.96 that is because of the way the bot works so long term. We see that even if the bot even the price drops. You can still make some profit and the reason why is due to fluctuation.

So, let’s say it was 17 and it dropped down to 15. But, it went back up to 1540 or whatever the bot is going to do it is going to take losses. But, that’s what it does, it’s going to enter into new positions to cover up the ground and actually here did a fantastic job. So, this is actually good to look at this is why we need honest people to make more videos and run. These bots for long periods of time because right here. We see the benefit and about right here. Honestly, this is very good. Now let’s go look at some of the details. What were the parameters? Did I do this on my own? I think I did it, I don’t think I did. I think I just let it do its own thing and left it at that.

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Spot KCS and its results

It had dropped all the way down I don’t know I don’t know when it dropped. But, let’s see the order history, this was that back in April. I ran it for 18 days and saw that it took some profits here six cents took profits, took profits, took a lot of profits and saw. It did small amounts. Even though I put up 900 it did small amounts, so the losses wouldn’t be so devastating if it did drop. We need a proper video. I need to make a proper video going over and explaining how the bot works. But, as we can see the bot does work quite well now only showing the latest, the last hundred pieces of data which is all from that one day and that day the price fluctuated from 1593 to 1443 to. I thought I saw a 16. cs1607.

Kucoin Trading Bot Strategies today

Those are some wild fluctuations 16-20 and see when you have wild fluctuations like that you can make money, so the bot does work. Bot works great because, honestly, if you just bought and held long term. You would have been at a loss right here. So, the bot works out so you can go ahead and pause the video. If you want to go back and to look at the parameters I have I don’t mind sharing this stuff with you. So, you can go ahead and pause it right now. You can hop in there and buy something.

Kucoin Trading Bot Strategies this month

If you want to do the same thing. I don’t mind and so I’d start off saying. Well, I would say this and I’ll stick to this. Maybe the short term isn’t the way to go. I mean I’ve made money doing all of it but most certainly we see what you don’t want to do look the only two reds I have is in um garbage tokens enq. I lost money there, I lost money there on enq, everything else. It was mostly kcs and I did Doge a couple times and I did this yesterday trying out a theory I would never do this again because this is truly gambling. 

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