Klaus Schwab WEC Sends Message Attacking Bitcoin

Klaus Schwab and his high-powered world economic forum, also known as the WEF, have made some bold claims in their quest to fulfill its mission as an international organization that will change the state of the world.

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The world economic forum is notable for its great reset agenda, in which Klaus boldly claims you will own nothing and be happy. This statement, which many interpreted as an anti-capitalist approach to economics, has sparked outrage and put a very controversial spotlight on the World Economic Forum’s intentions.

Despite their differences, the WEF’s views and agenda are diametrically opposed to what Bitcoin represents, which is the pursuit of financial freedom from any governing body. The world economic forum tweeted out their opinion on how Bitcoin can benefit the world when it comes to energy consumption.

The WEF tweeted out:

A video accompanied the tweet and stated that miners could stake their own Bitcoins to verify transactions. The change in code would mean bitcoin would change from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The energy debate has been a long-standing issue with bitcoin miners.

Some have stated the energy argument is just another fud thrown at the flagship crypto, while others, such as ripple labs co-founder Chris Larson, who started Greenpeace a campaign to get Bitcoin’s code changed so it’ll be friendlier to the environment, the web portal cleanupbitcoin.com states:

The since deleted tweet from the World Economic Forum received backlash immediately after supporters of Bitcoin stated that the World Economic Forum’s talking points had faults in the assumptions underpinning the group’s entire theory.

Adam Back, co-founder and CEO of Block Stream, replied to the tweet:

An individual responded to the tweet Adam:

“I don’t think they’re confused. I think they know exactly what the f they’re doing. It’s a calculated and well orchestrated attack on bitcoin.”

Adam replied:

Michael Saylor took the liberty to express his opinion on the topic as well. Sailor stated:

Plan B chimed in, tweeting that the WEF’s tweet is right on brand with the WEF’s mission of misinformation:

Accompanying Plan B’s text was a photo of the controversial WEF tweet about the great reset, which says:

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