KEY Indicator for Crypto EXPLOSION!! ApeCoin Rumors and Massive SHIBA INU Info

Today we’re going to be going through all of the news that you need to know to be fully up to date on why exactly the market is looking pretty green. Why is ApeCoin going absolutely nuts? We have news about Shiba Inu and a bunch of other stuff, including ways that I think we can make some significant gains even in this current market. So if you are afraid of losing your money, just register at Jet-Bot copy trading platform. Jet-Bot is an official broker of the Binance exchange platform that will bring you a crypto passive income.

So over in the Crypto Bubbles we have a bunch of coins absolutely pumping. Look at that ZRX. I’ve never even heard of that, up 53%. XMR is one of the privacy coins I’ve been talking about on the channel that I believe will do very well, not just that coin, but the privacy space as a whole. I think they will do very well today. We have eight coins down 7%, but we have seen a massive rise in ApeCoin and a bunch of other coins right now, of either pumping, staying the same or just having a little bit of a pullback, which is perfectly fine in the current market.

If we head over to the Bitcoin chart, we can see Bitcoin right now at $41,869 looking very bullish. It does look as though we may have put in that higher high right here. That said, what we do want to see to actually validate this would be for us to climb above around that $48,000 mark. That would be very bullish for the overall market, remember, even though things are looking quite juicy and tasty in the market right now. There are a lot of things going on in the world right now: inflation, the Russian-Ukraine crisis, and a lot of regulation coming into the market. So please keep that in the forefront of your mind before you go too crazy in this market because we can collapse. Bitcoin can very much go down to $20,000 if it wanted to. It could easily do that. It’s possible and it’s happened before, so keep that in your mind.

I’m heading over to the Fear & Greed index today at fear. All week we’ve now been in fear, so we’re heading out of extreme fear. Extreme fear is extreme buying mode for me. I think that’s the best time to buy if you do want to see short-term and long-term gains, but that’s just my specific investment style.

If we check here, of course, like I’ve been saying all week, investing in this extreme fear space, which we’re not currently in right now, but we’ll probably head back there at some point. We have, according to history, always made very decent gains.

The overall market is just trying to get its way back over that two trillion dollar mark. I would say that this is quite a nice place for us to be right now. Bitcoins are looking nice, our larger cap altcoins are looking nice, and we are, of course, seeing more and more of these smaller cap gems absolutely pump out of nowhere. But remember, if you do see a very nice pump, it’s always a good idea to secure some of those profits. That’s what I do anyway. Of course, you guys are going to have to do whatever it is that you want.

And now, on the note of things pumping, we have ApeCoin, and this was because there were rumors of a land sale coming in. ApeCoin soared over 37% in the past day. Of course, it’s coming down a little bit now and I did say yesterday that I wouldn’t be investing in that euphoric stage because it’s just not the time for me. The risk to reward when the market is going crazy over a coin is not there.

I right now see an opportunity in the market with coins like this. When the market is relatively sideways, we’re not seeing parabolic gains in the overall market, we’re seeing random coins pump. For me, this is looking like an opportunity. You can short these coins and you can make quick gains in a small period of time, but that is a very risky strategy. I’m personally testing out this theory. I made a little bit of profit last night. This isn’t the kind of thing that I would be doing often, but when we see an opportunity like a coin with a four billion dollar market cap pumping on a rumor that there lies an opportunity for me, definitely don’t go out and do that because most likely you’ll get liquidated. Personally, I did two trades: one of them failed, and one of them was profitable. I came out just slightly on top and this is a theory and strategy that I’m going to be testing out as the market goes forward, finding coins with a relatively large market cap that are pumping on a rumor. Nothing substantiated was the kind of thing that I would be looking for but just an option there in the market that you guys can see now.

Moving on to the news today, we’ve got Porsche, a relatively large market cap, it’s just another big company accepting bitcoin in Maryland. And on that subject of big companies, we’ve got the biggest disclosed Bitcoin treasury with a MicroStrategy of 125,000 BTC. Tesla, which is doing amazingly well, absolutely smashed their earnings yesterday. Incredible stuff. Congratulations to all the Tesla holders. I sold out of my Tesla position for a significant profit because I bought it, but I should have just held it. There are currently 43,000 BTC in their treasury. We got Terra at 30,000 BTC coming in at number 3. Remember, they have only recently started buying and they are currently in profit from those purchases. This is amazing stuff. We got Marathon Digital, which is a mining company, at 8,000 BTC and Square, also at 8,000 BTC, just slightly lower. This is just the companies that have disclosed Bitcoin.

I think these sorts of things are going to keep growing. This is the start of mass adoption, in my opinion, and as we speak right now, you know, I love to talk about Google trends. Retail interest in crypto is declining right now. We can see that on Google Trends for the search term “bitcoin” declining with those pumps back here. We can also see exactly the same thing playing out with the search term “crypto.”

The reason why I think this is so important because we are still here. We’re still here learning. We’re still researching all of that sort of stuff right now when retail interest is so low. Of course, we’re still retail investors, but we’re here. This could potentially be a very similar time to what we saw way back here in these days between the old all-time high in 2018 and before the new highs. Before we saw these new highs come in, the market was super bored and boring. Trust me, I was there. I was buying small amounts here and there of the coins that I wanted to hold for the long term and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. So this is what I’m seeing. Obviously, it’s not guaranteed, but that’s why I think that the Google trends are a very good thing to see.

If I’m buying in a place where there is very little retail foot traffic, that means there’s so much opportunity if the retail foot traffic comes back in. That’s if the whole world starts to calm down. All of these bad things we have going on kind of settle down and we see some more money flow into the market with interest rates going up and more worry around recession and that sort of thing. And that is why I would never invest money that I personally need for the real world. If you’re only investing, let’s call it “play money,” then you’ll be so unemotional if the market goes down, and I would actually see that as more of an opportunity as long as those are coins that you want to hold for the long term.

So moving on from that, we’ve got Bitwise Asset Management saying the SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF would attract more institutions. We couldn’t agree more. We covered this in yesterday’s video. I think a lot of money will flow into the market if we do see that.

Then if we do head over to a little bit of Shiba news, it is now accepted as a means of payment for a Swiss consulting firm. The reason why I wanted to talk about this is when we see these hype and meme coins, of course, they’re building more on the back end now, but when we see all of the news around ApeCoin, around Shiba, around Doge, this reminds me of the last starting point of the ball run. Right before, when the ball run was just starting again, we saw these sorts of articles come out around these very retail heavy coins, and I think this is a very good sign that we’re still seeing these sorts of news headlines and I’m quite excited about where we’re going go next.

Shiba Inu is down 2% on the day and, like I was saying earlier, an opportunity is potentially finding these points where the market pumps on rumor or news that is not really substantiated yet, and then that could be an opportunity to short the market. I’m not telling you to do that, but this is an idea that I’m going to start putting into play with very small amounts of money and I’ll let you know how this goes as we go along.

Lastly, Animoca brands investing more money into Axie Infinity. You know, here on the channel, I am still long term for Axie Infinity. I have over 80 AXS. I have scholars still playing the game, and I’m simply just letting that churn out continue to generate a very small amount of income and we’ll just have to see where that goes. I think if we go into another bull run for the metaverse coins, the blockchain games, I think AXS will still do very well simply because of that first mover advantage. That’s just my opinion.

 [This article is a transcription of a video made by Conor Kenny]

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