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Note: This article was made by MoneyGuru as a user guide for a live trading on Binance for his subscribers who want to use Jet Bot platform as traders. MoneyGuru is Top Crypto Trader and influencer and he made this video as a overview of trading features of Jet Bot platform.

If you are a trader you can use the platform in the way which is described in the video to trade personally in more effective, profitable way by using jet bot trading automation algorithms and features.

If you are an investor you can use a copy trading feature which allows you to copy top traders of the platform in fully automate way 24/7. Remember that a copy trading feature is completely secure because you don’t need to deposit funds to Jet Bot platform directly.

Funds are stored and traded on your personal Binance account which you need to connect to Jet Bot platform via API keys. Jet Bot platform never has access to withdraw your funds from your Binance account because API access allow only to trade funds on the account without withdrawal privileges. All instructions you can find;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw==

Content to be discussed or shared with the viewers in this video: 

  • How to do live trading on Jet Bot.
  • How trade is setup on Jet Bot and how it connect with Binance and how we can manage to take profit. 
  •  Jet Bot Account with a decent profit has been made. 
  • Live Trading with example on how you can make a descent good profit over Jet Bot Platform.

Disclaimer: If you know the strategy on how bot trading works, you can make a good descent profit on regular basis using it, but bot doesn’t guarantee of making a profit as it’s dependent on several factors like:
Market condition, and your knowledge as bot totally works as per your set instructions.  

The benefit of using a Bot over a human is that it doesn’t care of emotion and don’t ruin your profit because of your personal emotion and your greediness over a trade which is executed by you. 

Let’s get over to a Jet Bot Platform and let me show you how it works: 

First of all I’ll show you how much profit is made by the user using the bot trading:


Total profit made over this account is $7243 which is calculated after paying the trading fee. 

Binance Bot trading Deal History:

Now let us see the Deal History and explain you how it managed to make this big profit.


Here it started with BNB/USDT pair on 24 September with a volume of 128.87 BNB and the Liquidation Price is 32.03 on which he made a profit of $9, similarly on it’s next trade it managed to make a profit of $7 so this is how it made continuous profit of $9,$19, $7,$7 and so on.  

All the profit is calculated after paying the trading fee. 

i.e. what Bot trading means, to execute a trade multiple times over a period of time and take multiple time profit over a trade, this small profit is done multiple times by bot for you. 

The bot can trade for you 24 hour as per the given instruction which is the biggest benefit of using a bot as an person can trade as his own only once or twice a day, a bot is given a small profit trade so that it can execute a small profit target trade multiple times for you. 

Give bot small target and if you use Trailing Stop loss, if our trade goes up on our long trade it will give us a good profit, this is all can bot trading can do.

Let’s move to Jet Bot Dashboard:


Here the user is using BNB bot on which till now he has made the profit of $163. 

Jet Bot dashboard

Let’s get to know what is inside of it and what does each term mean,

Deal Status : Under Deal Status we have 3 things:
1. Current Price
2. Break even Price
3. Take profit

Now, let’s get over to Binance Futures Live Trading

This is my previous Jet Bot account which i showed you previously and now the total profit is $1015. 

Let me show you the deal section where i have done trades and made a decent profit over it. 

I have show you how to set up a bot, just go to the bot section and you can do it, also i have showed you how much the subscription cost under Membership section. 

Note:  You cannot short and long a single trade on a single account over Binance as Binance API doesn’t support it.  For this you need to have multiple account so that you can make do long and short strategy on different accounts.

To support this feature of long and short, Jet Bot has jointly collaborated with Binance under which you can simply go over the Exchange dashboard and create an account with Binance over Jet Bot platform. 

After clicking on it a deposit address will be provided to you, please note you cannot sign in to this account on the platform of Binance. 

Now you can apply Short or Long Strategy to this account.

Spot Trading – Over Spot trading you can do multiple trade in one account.
Future Trading- In this you can use only one bot to perform the trade. 

How to Create a Futures Bot for Binance on Jet Bot platform: 

Step 1: Give a Name to your Binance Bot.
Step 2: Select Pair
Step 3: Select amount with which you want to trade.
Step 4: Select Leverage.
Step 5: Decide Profit at which you want to take profit.
Step 6: Select Trailing Stop loss
Step 7: Select Safety order (to safeguard your investment to average out)
Step 8: Select Price Deviation (not more than 5%)
Step 9:  Select Safety Order (In order to deal with the market volatility)
Step10: Select Stop loss
Step 11: Click On Save

Your Bot is ready to Trade, to see your designed Bot go to Bot Dashboard on left hand side of your screen your designed Bot will be visible to you.
Click on Launch Bot to start and enjoy the Trading. 

Jet bot live trading on Binance - deal details

As I have clicked on Launch Bot my BNB deal is executed and you can see the details in the deal status of my deal, also you can see this deal details on your Binance account as well.
As soon as the bot hit the target the deal will be closed for us, if not the trade will not be closed over your binance account as well.

I hope you will make good profit using the strategies.

Thank You