It’s Over. – Nightly News WrapUp

Mr. Wonderful is set to purchase another Canadian crypto exchange, MetaMask sends a warning to Apple users, and the SEC case against Ripple takes another unexpected turn.

Shark Tank bully Kevin O’Leary is a crypto whale that continues to make headlines time and time again. The thing is, he’s not just another famous whale with deep pockets. He’s become an advocate for the crypto industry. And he’s going by the book to legitimize and secure the future of the space. If you don’t know, he’s a big investor and the public face of a Vancouver-based crypto platform called WonderFi Technologies.

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WonderFI is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in Canada. After their recent $203 million acquisition of the Bitbuy exchange, WonderFi is known to have over 600,000 users. O’Leary and the gang are playing the long game. And their goal is to go toe to toe on the global stage.

WonderFi responded by purchasing another Canadian crypto exchange called Coinberry. $38.5 million purchase is set to hire more staff and onboard another 750k users to the WonderFi user base. You might already know that crypto regulation in Canada can be treacherous waters to navigate, but since O’Leary wants to compete with the likes of Coinbase and Binance, they’re doing it by the books. Mr. Wonderful told The Globe and Mail, “We’re going at it on a regulated basis, unlike those other players. We are 100% operating under the order, and we’re not taking any risks on that.”

If you’re currently a user on Coinberry or Bitbuy, things will remain the same for the time being. Down the road, they will pick and choose fan favorite features off each platform and offer them on WonderFi. Bullish news for Canadian crypto. If you’ve been in the Canadian crypto space for a while, or if you watch the new Netflix documentary, you probably already know that QuadrigaCX was responsible for scamming users out of $851 million. Scams in this space are an unfortunate reality. And as much as regulation pains me, at least less people will be scammed out of their hard-earned money.


Popular crypto wallet MetaMask recently issued a warning to Apple users that their iClouds could be targets of phishing attacks. MetaMask recently implemented Apple Pay to enable users to seamlessly purchase crypto. What they didn’t anticipate is that passwords could get saved in an iCloud backup, and the hackers are targeting those with paper-handed passwords. But don’t panic. MetaMask recently sent a series of tweets to combat the issue. If you’ve used Apple Pay to purchase crypto from MetaMask, don’t get caught with your pants down.

Follow the steps in the tweets to avoid the possibility of being targeted. Alright. Let’s start to Frankie Candles for a market update. Thank you, Ben! Alright, guys. Let’s jump in and do a little market watch here. We got Bitcoin coming in at $40,829. Up about 3% on the day. Ethereum up about 2.2% for the day. Coming in at $3,058. Let’s go ahead and take a quick look at our top movers, guys. GMT is going nuts. Up about 31% on the day, 32% on the week. We’ve got Terra LUNA up about 17% for the day. Zcash up 12% Monero up 10% Loopring up 10% and Moonbeam up 10% Guys, a lot of the privacy coins are pumping. Now, I know Bitcoin is up above $40K at $40,800, but the higher timeframes are still looking bearish. I do think we can come up in the short term, but I just don’t know how long it’s going to last due to the blood diamond being confirmed on the weekly. So be very careful.


In other news, the roller coaster of the SEC vs XRP case has taken another unexpected turn. One thing is clear. The clock is ticking. The SEC is taking punches against the ropes. They’re delaying everything they can so the bell can save them. But it won’t. Dirty Gary Gensler is taking a serious L, and they’re putting the hard truth off to save face. Big news is the SEC has abruptly ended the discovery phase of the case. It’s very bullish for XRP. This means that the exchange of information between the two parties is now over. Friend of the channel and super attorney Jeremy Hogan recently tweeted, “Almost nothing would have surprised me more than this. And yes, this is a very good thing.”

The only remaining areas of delay are the appeal, the Hinman emails, the details of the hearings. “SEC discovery is complete. That’s a big step forward.”

Hogan also tweeted out that the SEC is 100% in the “Hurt Locker” since the SEC has requested more time to file their objection on whether or not the Hinman speech can be used as evidence. Let’s face it. The moves they’re making are desperate. If they were winning this case, they wouldn’t be doing this. Twitter is rumoring reports of a settlement. When that day comes, it will be a big sigh of relief for the XRP Army. The future of our industry. As the official supreme and master commander of the XRP Army, I’m looking forward to putting this case to rest and seeing all of you, the loyal BitSquad members, reap those gains.

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