I’m going to launch sea turnout badgers or basically NFTS for loyal and engaged members. Now, this is going to be an experiment don’t expect any sort of monetary value from this. It’s just a cool way to have more engagement directly with you and also have more sense of community because I think this is what cryptocito stands for? This is also what I personally stand for. I’ve been doing this for five years now. Offline in the real world with events with meetups.

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Now first of all, what are Citonaut badges with? I want to stake c2 delegators. So, you will get po apps that might get you exclusive access to whitelist slots, airdrops, and other cool stuff. The claiming process for these NFTS is coming very soon. It got a lot of engagement, more than 12 000 views and almost 500 likes. However, really important that this is just an experiment. Don’t expect any monetary value from this will be given to active supporters only. By one we’re going to make sure that everybody hears about this because there’s a window of only nine more days and the more of the steps you complete the higher the chance that you can get. A badge registration ends in 10 days. It’s a very easy and simple process to qualify to mint a free citonaut badge. Remember that these badges are free to mint. If anybody reaches out to you on telegram, Twitter or YouTube and tells you – send me five atom. I’m gonna give you a citonaut badge. Don’t fall for this. This is a scam wait for this period to go down. When these NFTS are going to be distributed and what also their utility is going to be right – don’t fall for scams, please. This is super important. Now the first thing you need to do here is you log in here with your email/Facebook/Google or Twitter. I think the easiest would probably be with your Twitter. So, you log in here you give yourself a name then, you put your Omnifix address here. This is super important later to receive the NFT. Then you click on ‘continue’ and it will unlock you three more entries.

The first one is to visit Cryptocito on YouTube, so you have to click here. The second one is to follow Cryptocito on twitter. So, you can either follow or you can connect your Twitter account and do it right away here. The third one is you click here and you join the Telegram group to become a true member of the crypto of the Citonaut family. Then lastly, you can also visit Omniflix to learn more here, but those are the steps that you need to take the worst snapshots taken of the Twitter followers and also of the sixty-two delegators to cross-check. We might have different categories for those that are like supporting me on all ends. They will probably get more rare badges than those that will have only completed. Maybe one of the four steps, we’re still figuring out. 

How to execute on that? But, still right now, this is the registration phase to receive a Сitonaut badge. So, please, you have eight days left, don’t fall for any scams and don’t pay anybody. This is free to men, this is for free – this is absolutely for free. You don’t have to pay anything now what’s the sort of utility that you can expect from this well number one um you probably get more access to whitelist spots for NFT drops. There’s a lot of NFT projects that are going to launch in the near future.

 I’m getting approached by a lot of them. I’m also getting approached by a lot more projects that want to give to me. Personally, but I just don’t have the capacity and I don’t have also the time to go through. All of these things so in the future we could use Сitonaut badges and Сitonaut-members to get access to these whitelist spots to get access also to potential airdrops. We’re going to see how that works but again. Don’t expect any monitor value from this. This is just a cool way to have more engagement and interaction with you and hopefully, i really hope that i can give you guys some value with this um and really appreciate all of you for subscribing following and also delegating to Citonaut.

This article is a transcription of a video made by Cryptoсito

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