Illuvium – The Most Anticipated Crypto Game Of 2022!

Illuvium – The Most Anticipated Crypto Game Of 2022!

What’s going on banter fan welcome into the Monday edition of the game. I am your host hustle and as always we will be diving into the crypto gaming market today. I’m excited because we’re going to be diving into the private beta today from Illuvium,their survival mode which is player versus environment basically battle off. As many waves of enemies as possible aka waves of enemy Illuvials. So, you just try to defeat as many enemy Alluvials as possible. We’ll go through the game, we’ll kind of show you the gameplay and we’ll also show you the in-depth graphics of each of these characters as it really gives me that nostalgia. As each character has unique characteristic attacks, they’re all from different elemental classes, which really gives me nostalgia for the Pokemons of my childhood. So, without further ado let’s get in the game t-minus 15 seconds guidance is internal 12 11 10 9 ignition sequence starts six five four three two one…

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Let’s get right into it and we know we’ve been waiting for Illuvium for a long time at this point it’s probably the most hyped and most anticipated crypto game, I don’t want to say of all time you know potentially of all time at this point because it was it came out basically. You know the hype really built right after Axi infinity but Illuvium has always looked sharper and just always looked more polished and triple. Now we actually have access to the survival mode which is the PVE mode and we know the open-world RPG gameplay that we have seen as well. So, this was the cinematic trailer for both the auto battler which I have the pleasure to have the private beta access to and I’ll show you some of the gameplay today but as we see here this is the cinematic trailer from the auto battler and I’ll get up close and personal with each character and show you the love and care that you know Kieran and the team at Illuvium, has put into each character as the details look absolutely fantastic. But let’s also look at the open world. 

Now this is the future of the game where you’re going to be able to go out and set out and actually capture Illuvials. So, I’m really looking forward to the open-world gameplay but right now. It is in beta stages very early, so any bugs will be worked out but whenever I hopped into the game we’ll kind of show it here right now. Let’s see if I could stretch it all the way to full screen there. We go and as we see here I change the weapon on my character and I kind of move it strategically. so that I make sure that my character has range. They’re shooting from a distance with their spear and then I kind of pick my character here. I use the ram fire because the ram fires graphically. I wanted to show you some of the most graphically appealing characters here. 

So, we have ram fire which is a fire character obviously it’s one of the most expensive characters but I went ahead and picked him first. We could go ahead and show you his abilities absolutely destroy this character and will go forward but I want to make a few points on why this is so bullish for the future of Illuvium and for crypto games and as far as alluvium goes. I absolutely am addicted whenever I hop into this game. I’ve always preached progression-based games and this is exactly that. As we see it’s a survival mode PVE thinks of trying to get to the furthest wave possible. Once you actually set your score then you try to actually set your high score, I came into the stream saying: “Sorry, I’m late. I was actually recording gameplay and I almost set my high score”. 

So that’s literally what I was doing before the stream. I was basically recording gameplay at this level trying to get the graphics on point. I just hit my high score so it’s addicting. It’s something that gets your dopamine going and you’re actually wanting to hop back in and play. So, we’re gonna get up close visuals as well because what’s nailing home here with Illuvium, for me, is that there are these elemental characters. So as you’ll be able to see on the left my kind of synergies are between fire air empath rogue bulwark and fighter with three fights with three fire characters. I’m now inferno, for example. So, you see the ways you can kind of form synergies within your teams as well and you see the fire attack from that character. It’s basically like the Charizard, think of it like a Charizard. If you’re a Pokemon fan this brings me back to that. 

So, as you see each of these characters on the bottom have earth air water nature elements to them and this is exactly what you want from a game. Whenever you’re talking about wanting to latch on to a certain elemental class or a certain character class as you see these abilities up close with the Poison Scorpion and we see the fire attacks here they look absolutely great and it brings you back to wanting to go out in the open world eventually and capture these Illuvials each of your favorite characters and each progression the waves here obviously get harder. So, you have to like to strategize and this character here actually has the ability to spawn behind the team. So, you can actually kind of make strategic moves as you see ram fires able to spawn behind this character and start attacking him immediately. There’s gonna be different environments as you see the water-based environment around the battle board here. As you see, the character from a distance is able to provide damage. We get up close here and we see the celebratory each of them has a celebratory animation which I absolutely love. This is a big step forward if we’re taking a look at the landscape of crypto games, not many games can go out there and say that their games look good with triple graphics between each character. I’m seeing this in the comments, so I’m just going to go ahead and address it. If you’re impressed by this you should stick with your Gamecube B grade games. So when we’re looking at games right now people want the best games, I showed Illuvium an open-world RPG that looks fantastic.

People want more, they say play Illuvium. I played Illuvium and I saw this everywhere on Twitter. People just want immediate gratification. This is a private beta stage game that looks this good. Kieran and the Illuvian team have put in a ton of work to make each of these characters crafted and to make you want to be latched on to each of them. This ram fire is sick. I will do whatever I can to be able to get my hands on that ram fire, for example, the name of this game is Illuvium. People in the crypto gaming space think that you can just build a triple A game tomorrow, they think that everything is going to be released tomorrow. This is a huge step forward in space when you take a look at the landscape of games, the back-and-forth turn-based. This is much more engaging. I can tell you that once you have your hands on this I can tell you will be latched on to it. I’m not a technical auto battler fan, I’m a first-person shooter fan just like you. I want to hop into the world of Warcrafts and the Runescapes but those aren’t here yet.

So, we are actually, you know, in a stage where this is a massive step forward and the graphics and the animations behind each character are absolutely sick. Yes, this is turn-based technically and absolutely but this is player versus environment. You’re just progressively trying to get to the next wave. This is stage one of the game. There will be an open-world environment where you have the ability to go catch each of these Illuvials. I read that this is live. I just read the last question as well. But this is a huge step forward when you take a look at each character’s abilities and each character’s attacks. I absolutely love what the Illuvium team has put forward and when you take a look at the space when you look at the AXI infinities and even the peg axes. It’s very basic, you’re looking at characters’ literal items on a screen racing and you know horses racing. That’s it now, this is much more engaging in my opinion and in my real opinion this is just a much better game much better gameplay loop and from the team Kieran. the Illuvium team are going to make this quality once the open world comes out. 

There’s a lot to look forward to in Illuvium and in the entirety of the space. So, please, whenever it comes to the gaming space, you have to realize where we are. We started a brand new adoption curve and a brand new development curve whenever this space went live, whenever Axi infinity came out. Did you think that games were going to put 10 million dollars, 25 million dollars in a startup game? When crypto games weren’t proven yet? Space needs to prove itself. Do you think halo games get built in a year? Do you think call of duty games get built in a year? They don’t. They actually switch developers. They might come out every single year but the developer switches every single year. They have to take two years or more to build a Call Of Duty game – these first person shooters and these great games. They take time so people need to pump the brakes on this looks trash or that looks trash this looks fantastic, for example. I was absolutely hooked from the first time that I started playing and I can tell you, you will want to beat your high score and as you see, just the graphics up close on each of these characters. They just look absolutely stunning, absolutely phenomenal. We are going to take years to develop in this space. We’re seeing big studios get resisted, major developers flood to the space saying: “They’re interested and they’re being resisted by their own fan”. The typical gamer still thinks an NFT is a scam. We have a long way to go to get this thing to where studios will be fully built out their games with NFTs. There are rumors out there that activision and other studios and riot games, for example, their acquisitions of Microsoft’s Ax division and Microsoft’s Activision acquisition what a tongue twister. On top of the riot games acquisition, those are metaverse plays, riot games has said that they would love to integrate NFTs into their games. There’s so much money spent on these games. 

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