What is going on in the markets today? Why is everything crashing? Cryptocurrency tends to follow a four-year cycle. It’s never perfect, but some of those who stuck around in the last bear market were able to make millions. How did they do that? By buying tiny crypto coins and not bitcoin. They are the most risky, but they also offer the highest returns. How do I find some of these tiny crypto-coins? Keep in mind that the Jet-Bot platform for Binance exchange may allow you to earn a 200% to 2,000% APY. Copy the top traders and automatically follow all of their trades to become one of the best traders. People should rest, robots should earn money.

The market is not looking very pretty. Bitcoin under $30000 starting to recover a little bit. It briefly dropped below $29,000. I think it went all the way as low as $26,000. Is this the lowest? Is it going to get worse? I’m going to be teaching you not only what I think about the current market conditions briefly but also how to find those next tiny cryptocurrency coins to help you through the bear market and potentially be the next crypto millionaire. The reason why I say this is because I’ve done this personally and I know that right now it feels like the sky is falling; it feels like nothing good is ever going to come out of crypto, but this is where the rubber meets the road and this is where the people who stick around. This is where when bitcoin goes all the way parabolic like it did from the low of approximately five to three thousand dollars back in March all the way up to seven hundred thousand dollars. This is where you can make some exponential gains in bitcoin from here like I showed. You outperformed yourself by a factor of ten.

If you didn’t know, bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market work on these four-year cycles. They’re never perfect. For the most part, this has really stayed intact. In fact, back last year around November, that was when we were supposed to be seeing a blow off top. We didn’t go as high as we thought that we did, but we did have some euphoria. We did have some of these coins going absolutely nuts, but this is all caused by the bitcoin has. If you don’t know what the bitcoin halving is, after 210 000 blocks mined or roughly every four years, the block reward given to bitcoin miners for processed transactions is cut in half. This event is referred to as the having because it cuts in half the rate at which new bitcoins are released into circulation. This is bitcoin’s way of enforcing synthetic price inflation until all bitcoins are released.

So here we have the chart and the entire life cycle of bitcoin. You can see we have block tops and they come back down and it just keeps going up and up and to the right up and to the right. We could be coming back down in this area where we are right now for an extended bear market until we eventually make new highs and new highs, and again, the reason why I believe that bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market will continue to do this is because there is a supply and demand issue. Bitcoin only has 21 million that will ever be in circulation. According to CoinGecko, the circulating supply is 19 million. Well, there’s only going to be 21 million ever, and the last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140. That’s literally over a hundred years from today. I don’t think a lot of us are going to be around by then.

Hopefully we are, but my point is that basically all the bitcoin that’s ever going to be out there is pretty much there and it’s going to be even harder to mine in the future. This supply shock is what sends everything into the next crypto bull run. Well, right now we are certainly not in a bull run. We are in a bear market in my opinion, but let’s get into some of these tiny crypto coins.

How do you become the next crypto millionaire? Well, let me show you exactly how it works by using an example Polygon MATIC. Today’s price is significantly lower. Could it go lower? Could it go all the way to 36 cents? It certainly could, but where you wanted to have been buying this cryptocurrency was all the way back, right around a penny, and this is where you wanted to be selling it. All the way up here was two or three dollars. That’s literally 150 times to 200 times your money. That’s where you can make life-changing gains and become a cryptocurrency millionaire. If you had put a simple $10,000 into this cryptocoin all the way back in December of 2020 and sold it near the top, you would have turned ten thousand dollars into over a million. Again, it’s very difficult to time the peaks in the valleys, but the truth is that these opportunities exist. You just need to know where to look now.

And another cryptocurrency coin that went absolutely parabolic was Axie Infinity. It started off at 14 cents and went all the way as high as 150 dollars at its peak. Since then, it’s come all the way crashing back down right around $21. However, what I want to share with you, in just a few examples, is that it is possible to take a very small amount of money and turn it into a lot.

This is where you need to manage your risk. Most people, unfortunately, end up buying up around the peak when everyone’s found out about it. It keeps going up and pumping. They don’t want to miss out on the feast. Unfortunately, they end up selling all the way down, taking massive losses, but if you stick around during the bearish times when everything is in the red, this is where you can do incredibly well for yourself.

But where do we look to find these tiny coins? Incubators and launch pads are excellent places to look for tiny cryptocurrency coins. I’ve shared this with you many times on this channel, but this is where you can find new projects early, and if you can be an early investor, this is where all the money can be made. You don’t need to risk as much money.

You can’t just blindly start investing in things hoping to get lucky. Maybe every once in a while a tiny cryptocurrency coin will time correctly, but if you continue to do this in the long run, it’s most likely not going to work very well for you. You really need to understand what you’re investing in. You also really need to learn how to manage your risk. Cryptocurrency is very risky and it is very volatile. This is why you should never risk more than you can ever afford to lose. If you can be a very early investor, I don’t see any red in any of these. This is where you can do very well, even in a bear market. When things turn back bullish, this is where if you get some of these tiny cryptocurrency coins, they can really do quite well for you. Remember, this is not financial advice, but I’m just sharing with you the exact strategy of how to find these tiny cryptocurrency coins.

From there, you’re going to need to actually click on the coin to understand the research and understand the price per token. It’s going to be listed what the project is all about. There’s a lot that goes into a lot of these.

BSC pad is yet another one that we’ve shared many times on this channel. If you click on the projects tab, this is where you can see a variety of different projects that not only have been incubated but others that are going to be coming very soon. The whole idea here is just to use these incubators and launch pads to do research. From there, you need to understand what you’re getting involved with as these cryptocurrency coins, especially the new ones, are insanely volatile. They have a massive amount of risk. If you can time a couple of these correctly, you can do very, very well.

In fact, many of these cryptocurrency coins have done hundreds of x’s. Q Mall, which just launched literally in the bear market approximately one month ago, is still up right around 10 to 20 times from the pre-sale price even with this dip sitting at 82 cents. The pre-saleers were able to buy this cryptocurrency for around three cents. That’s some insane gains if you were able to get into the pre-sale. Now again, there’s a whole education into getting into these pre-sales.

Right now, is it the best time to be involved in a cryptocurrency pre-sale or ICO? Well, that depends on too many different factors as well as the projects, but this is truly how you find those hidden gems. If you’re an early investor in some of these tiny crypto coins, you can do very well now.

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