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  • Strategy for smart trading 

In this article MoneyGuru showed that how he made 2300% profit during the ALTS SEASON for last 45 days.


These are some strategies which he applied for earning such a decent profit.

  1. Trading in LCC (Low Cap Coins).
  2. Trading with Trend.
  3. Division of Portfolio.
  4. Scalp on Top Gainers.
  5. Future on Sure Calls 3X.
  6. Trading in New Based Coins.

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Let’s refer to each of them one by one.

  1. Trading in LCC (Low Cap Coins):
    Many People refer these coins as shit coins. Although, these coins are not shit coins rather these are ‘less volume coins’.  Ones these coins’ get volume their value will be at peak.   

Here, at “CoinGecko” the Total Market Capital is about 1.4 Trillion Dollars and around 60% falls under “BTC(BITCOIN)” and rest 40% comes under “ALTS COIN” that have never before.

Hence, ALTS coin/LCC (Low Cap Coins) are investable but they are also very risky. Though he is not suggesting you to invest on them but there are few coins which are exceptions. A good ALTS coin can shoot up very high. 


               Few exceptional coins at which he invested were,

                At SKY, he made a really amazing profit. 

Figure 2.1

               NAV/BTC, BRD/BTC – Most Traded by the User; RDN/BTC, RCN/BTC, VIA/BTC, OAX/BTC, CELR/BTC- It went up to 40 ‘Satoshi (Currently the smallest currency of Bitcoin)’; CDT/BTC & CRV/BTC ETC. 

  1. Trading with Trend:

According to him, investment should always go along with trend simultaneously. 

e.g. When two Satoshi trend took place, he immediately picked CELR/BTC 24 Satoshi and it went up to about 40 Satoshi. He made approx. 80% profit from CELR/BTC.    

Here, I’ll show you CELR/BTC Volume Graph.

Figure 2.2

  1. Division of Portfolio:

He divided his mid-term investment on a daily basis. He didn’t care about long-term because they are for long-term investment and doesn’t required daily attention. In Short-term investment many coins were in dip.

  1. Scalp on Top Gainers:

 Investment with Binance’s Top Gainers are very profitable. Whenever I  got the opportunity on top gainers i took dip and earned profit many times on same entry. Through this strategy i made a decent profit. Doge coin was one of the best trade for me. The entry on Doge was 20 Satoshi and again I entered at 50 Satoshi and left 70 Satoshi and So on.

  1. Future on Sure Calls 3X:

Opening long position on sure short calls with 3X margin, I took long position on SXP, TRON & DOT  Token.  I opened a trade on TRON at 2000 Dollars and movement of one cent generated about $5600 with 3X leverage.

  1. Trading in News Based Coins:

We should find coins which are in news and should get more information on it. Just like what happened with CELR’s case.