How can I get Bitcoins free?

Diving into the muddy yet lucrative waters of cryptocurrency can be done in a variety of ways, many of them allowing the beginner to earn free Bitcoins without investment. The existing remunerative projects are numerous, and you can always kick off with completing miniature tasks and obligating yourself with nothing. You’d be surprised at how much you will learn while establishing a neat portfolio of coins.

Below is our round-up on the fastest methods of earning free crypto. There is a bit to everyone’s liking: learners, explorers, gamers, or industry professionals. Just pick a handful and get that counter going!

#1. Learning the Ropes

Knowledge is power — especially given how it helps expand the crypto industry. CoinMarketCap and Coinbase both put an emphasis on promoting resources, products, and content while allowing the participants to scoop some coins in their purses. Few of those are actually BTCs, so for those determined an exchange or trading channel will be the next stop.

#2. Taking up a Role of Trader in Simulations

A game of prognosis may actually earn you some real bread. For instance, the Spark Profit app, available both on Android and iOS, welcomes users to stack points on predicting BTC prices. You’ll be able to cash out the winnings once you reach a lower threshold of 20K points.

Another great way to simulate Binance trading and trade for real is offered by Jet-Bot. When it comes to building profits, few crypto-trading bots actually pass the reality test; Jet-Bot, however, enjoys an official partnership with Binance via their Broker Program which gives this piece of software quite an edge. It provides the user with tried-and-tested strategies for working the exchange to the maximum possible benefit. For some less involved crypto-enthusiasts, this bot saves a lot of time, as it is becomes possible simply to invest rather than stay on a constant lookout for trading opportunities.

#3. Completing Small Tasks

Is it possible to get a free Bitcoin just in a few clicks? It is — as long as you’re good with competing surveys. is one of those places inviting users to earn micro amounts by completing miniature tasks. Another one called Cointiply, for example, has granted its users over $3 million in BTC since the launch, additionally enabling them with 1% bonus on a daily basis. 

#4. Mining through Special Browsers

Enthusiasts ready to add their computing power into the equation would benefit from a crypto miner browser like CryptoTab. With this one, prepare to put your machine to heavy use. The software works very similar to other browsers and remains available to iOS, Windows, and Android.

#5. Mining through Website Plugins

The WP Monero Miner is a BTC harvesting tool that lets the website owner collect profits from web lurkers. Each time a visitor comes to their URL address, part of their computer power is applied to mine Monero. You’ll need access to the website’s backend to start extracting coins.

#6. Hard Fork Participation

Forks are a popular occurrence on crypto projects. Instruments like FindMyCoins and Forkdrop will help you keep tabs on the fresh and upcoming hard forks, where the nimblest users can snatch quite a few morsels for themselves. Just make sure you hold a hefty amount of the proper coins before a planned forking — the newly born chain will then leave you with a decent share of tokens completely for free.

#7. Through Mining Free-Access Clouds

Minting in clouds rewards the users through bonuses or gifts without obligating them with deposits. For BTC hunters, Bitland (now merged with Inwara) is a first-priority go-to where a newly registered user gets the 2000 Gh/s incentive ($1) supplemented with hourly bonuses and an accrual of 0,5% daily.

#8. Benefiting from Airdrops

When a new project begins, its creators normally offer free tokens a.k.a. airdrops for promotion purposes. This is how projects can skyrocket in popularity, hence the profits for everyone. Look for actual token distributions at, CoinMarketCap, and Icomarks. Be prepared to assist with social media publicity, e.g. sharing posts and links.

#9. Using Tipping Bots

Many crypto enthusiasts praise SpicesBot on Telegram as one of most sharing. Other options include Reddit- and Twitter-based Tippr bot and also Reddit-based TipJar bot. From those three, you’ll be offered Spices (BTC-convertable), Bitcoin, and Ethereum, respectively.

#10. Free Coins Through Faucets

BTC faucets are known to grant you some free dough after you view a bunch of online ads or complete a captcha. Those eager to fight some captchas in exchange for coins should visit the prominent security researchers The earnings can be withdrawn from your wallet.

#11. Referral Websites and Affiliates

The affiliate programs rich in crypto giveaways are counted by thousands. This option is most lucrative for website owners able to generate significant amounts of traffic. With that, you simply share the link and enter the affiliate market., for example, grants you free Bitcoins for novices brought to the exchange.

#12. Apps and Services Testing

More than a plethora of products, games, and resources require test-drives on an hourly basis — and places like Storm Play invite you to be among their first pilots. You’ll be submitting those apps to vigorous experiments as well as doing some test shopping, P2P freelancing, quality assessments, machine-learning activities etc. You get paid for your troubles in Ethereum, Storm or BTC.

#13. Bounty Hunting

If you got any skills in the coding area (and even if you don’t), making reports of flawed features can get you pretty far earning-wise. Programmers and anyone who at least has heard about IT can collect bounties for checking web instruments in development. Bounty0x is one of those homes for crypto hunters, and it pays in various tokens, including Bitcoin.

#14. Playing Games

As you know, cryptos are awesomely grounded in gaming, and we’re talking not just blockchain-based games. A lot of vidya today offer players rewards or loot items that carry some worth in BTC. Spells of Genesis, for instance, invites you to a world of orb collection, trading, and fighting opponents, all in hot pursuit of those shiny crypto coins. Alternatively, you might want to check out Super Satoshi, Abundance, Alien Run, or CryptoWorld which are known for having given out over a thousand BTCs since 2014.

#15. Watching Vids

If you ever wondered how to get free Bitcoins from home, sticking with binge-watching might not be a bad idea. Go visit those free Bitcoin apps, such as BTC Safari available on Android where they pay you for video views.

#16. By Watching Ads plus Social Media Activity

Pretty similar to vids if a bit more annoying are the paying ads, including There, you can interact with a timer and a spinning reel to win some cash. Or just grab a few of your friends/contacts and invite them to do the same for a referral bonus. The points earned are BTC-convertable.

#17. Exercising IRL with Apps

No, IRL is not a misspelled URL, and it actually involves physical activity outdoors in attempt to snatch cryptos. By now, a lot of heavy app users have grown familiar with location tag games, but did you know some of them pay in BTCs? Try out that Coin Hunt World where you have to navigate the digital map — yes, by reaching checkpoints on foot.

#18. Playing Casino

You don’t need to be desperate to try online casinos — some of us just love those pokies or spinnies, especially when earnings are Bitcoins. It’s a whole parallel reality of signing-up for bonuses, trying to make the most of welcome gifts, staying for loyalty programs, and squeezing the drops of deposit benefits. All this is not for the faint of heart, and that is why it comes last on our list.


So, we’ve put together quite a variety of methods how to get free Bitcoins per day. Taken individually, the sums perhaps won’t impress you very much, but the trick is to combine efforts and rake constantly rather than hope for a golden lottery ticket.

All-in-all, the cryptocurrency market is only just blooming, so many bigger and smaller coins all have a chance to end up whales some day. It’s patience that wins, so we wish you happy hunting and many rewarding experiences in the blockchain world!