Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! The people’s channel Home of the BitSquad The largest and greatest crypto community in all of the Interwebs Today, we got a special treat for you, guys, where we’re going to be actually talking to some BitSquad members who were really able to do something special in the last bull run. They were able to turn $300 into a million-dollar business. I can’t wait for you guys to hear their story. Check it out. Good evening! My name is Enrique Dent. And I am Joslyn Dent. And we are Dent Tires. A lot of people have asked, how did we start a tire company with cryptocurrency? So let me kind of elaborate. I actually got into crypto around 2017. And back in 2017, I discovered Ben and BitBoy Crypto.


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At that time, it was, you know, a smaller YouTube channel and, you know, but he, you know, he was giving out good content. Throughout the stream, I started to learn a little bit of– just a little bit of TA, I started to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, just different things. But he mentioned passing a coin, so I took a chance and I bought that coin. From what Ben recommended, I ended up keeping the coin for a couple of years actually. And it took a while. And then that $300 investment skyrocketed to $10,000. And with that $10,000, we were able to put down on her new Honda CRV, we were able to build a deck on the back of our house, a brand new deck, – and we were able to– – Buy our son a laptop. Buy our son a laptop! For school. As well as that, we were able to buy the first eight tires for Dent Tires. And that was the start of Dent Tires.


We also have continued the journey of building our portfolio. And, you know, because, actually, Ben gave me so much advice that we were able to parlay a lot of that information. I know it wasn’t financial advice, but we were able to take some of that information and become debt-free. And we just kept growing Dent Tires. And every year, we’ve been growing about 160% every year. And crypto has helped us get over the edge. Now, we didn’t have any financial help in the beginning. No loans, no government assistance, no anything. Just hard work and crypto.


Well, I want to say as well. Ben helped me because, at first, I didn’t know anything about Ben. And I would always come home. My husband will be sitting up watching Ben, BitBoy Crypto. I’m like, “Who is BitBoy Crypto?”. So I just decided to sit down on the sofa and just watch it with him. And I’m like, “This guy is really cool!” He’s funny. He’s real. You know, he’s not pretentious at all. What he says is what he means, and what you see is what you’re going to get with Ben. And that’s what I adore about him. And he’s given me so much advice that I took my 401(k), and I dumped it all into crypto. 


– She gave it to me, and I was like this.

– Yeah. I took the money. I was like, “Oh, my God, if I lose this one, I may be divorced!” Right. Because I was looking at him saying, “You better do right with my money. This is all I got.” And that is how we were able to become financially free. We were able to 6X it. So we built a balanced portfolio of, you know, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano.


And I’m going to tell you now. Ever since we got into crypto, our personal life has been fantastic. You know, we’re full-time entrepreneurs. Crypto has allowed us to start a business, leave corporate America, and I started from the bottom. I was just down in the dumps. And Ben was actually my solace. He was the thing that– or the person that I watched every day during my downtime. And I was like, “Man, I wish I could do what they’re doing.” So I looked at this as our second opportunity. Cryptocurrency, selling tires, and having a successful marriage. But we’ve been really blessed. We’ve been blessed and fortunate. But make no mistake. It wasn’t given to us. – We worked hard for it. – We worked very hard.

– No one gave us handouts.

– No. You know, we started from the grassroots. Like literally putting seeds in the ground and hoping that the environment that you put those seeds in will grow. We’ve had to nurture our careers. For years, we’ve had setbacks. We’ve had letdowns. We’ve had past relationships, and business relationships, that have not been the best.

– But we made the best out of it. – Yeah. And we figured out the secret sauce is Team Dent.

– The BitSquad is phenomenal, you know.

– Yes. I kind of consider us part of the BitSquad – because, you know.

– Yeah, I consider myself part of the squad, too.

– Yeah. We’re part of the squad!

– Yeah.

– So you know, you know.

– Uh-huh. We’re Team Dent, but we’re Team BitSquad, you know?

– Yeah. So, with BitBoy Crypto, you know, we’re part of the whole, you know, and all, everybody online, Ben is kind of– he’s part of the family. You know, we learned that this is a long-term investment, long-term mindset.


There’s no get rich quick. You have to change your mind. You have to change your thoughts. You have to change your actions. You’ve got to change the people around. You have to change everything if you want to be successful. Work hard. Study. Be diligent in what you’re doing. And take your time with it. There are going to be moments where you’re going to feel like, “You know what? Why? Why did I even do this?”.

 You have to approach it differently. You have to change your entire mindset when you’re dealing with investing into crypto. And you have to change the way that you look at life, period. Because everything around you affects crypto. Don’t listen to the FUD. You have to listen to the right people because that will give you the best advice possible. But take your time and be gentle with yourself. That’s what I would say. And I will say, I’m Enrique Dent. And I am Joslyn Dent.

– We are Team Dent.

– Team Dent.

– Dent Tires.

– And we are Dent Tires. Oh, yeah, and enjoy the journey.

– Enjoy the journey.

– Yes. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by BitBoy Crypto 

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